Avengers' Children

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    Liam walks down into the bunker underneath his house with a water bottle. The bunker, instead of its purpose being to protect whoever is inside from an occurrence on the outside, was instead to keep whatever was down there, down there. This was simply in case either his father or himself 'went Hulk' and couldn't control themselves. Luckily the bunker has not needed to be used seriously (except for him when he was younger and still trying to cope with his new responsibility of remaining calm) so his father and he transformed it into a gym of sorts. It had punching bags, weights and all the other things they might need to help control their anger. He seemed to come down there quite often and it was his sanctuary.

    He left the doors open so that there would be a breeze as he worked out then set his water and down and walked over to one of the many punching bags. This was an almost daily routine he set. He would come back from school and release all the tension he had to remain calm and pound on one of the bags for hours. His father may have mastered his anger but he was still working on his.

    He had his iPod playing as loud as it can and his earphones in so he could just forget the world. He would come down here and do this anytime he either had a stressful day, had to let out some anger or had to work out a problem.
  2. Jon, the son of the one and only Tony Stark, was walking to an address that he had just been given. Jon had the same idea of his father, to mess with people and get into there heads, but when given a task, his carefree attitude seemingly vanished as he went into his serious mode. Jon looked down at his watch, and it instantly switched from time to notes, and he said aloud in a loud simple tone.

    "Saturday appointments"

    Almost instantly the watch came up with a large list, and flicked through a calender and zoomed in and the watch responded with

    "3:30 Meeting at Bruce Banners Bunker"

    Jon sat for a second contemplating why he was going there, but, his father must have some reason. Tony had just retired from his work to go off and do more private inventing, and he left his company and fame to his son. Tony was still famous yes, but his works now were mostly for himself. Carrying on the Stark line, Jon was also a genetic genius, but also augmented at birth to be able to do even more than Tony.

    "Auto-polite engage." Jon said in the same tone as before.

    After muttering those words his sport shoes began to thunder, and he looked down to his watch. Thrusters from his shoes lifted him off, and with out even looking where he was going, he flew up in the air, as his shoes transformed into metal boots. He flew straight towards his destination as he looked occupied messing with his watch, playing a game of Star Craft. About 5 minutes later he automatically landed atop of his destination, and in front of an open door. There he looked inside, without even knocking, he saw a boy punching a bag. Using Jon's deductive skills it was easy to identify that this was Bruce's offspring. A smirk went across Jon's face as he lifted his left hand and snapped his fingers. A small tiny laser shoot from his watch and hit the chain holding the bag up, and with another snap, both the bag was on the ground in front of the boy, and his ear buds were smoking.

    "Hey, you ugly's son?" Jon said in a sarcastic tone
  3. Liam freezes for a brief moment so he won't punch the empty air where his bag once hung. He growled, assuming the bag simply broke since the metal sometimes wears out and breaks from constant use.

    He then hears a stranger's voice behind him and his instincts take over, causing him to quickly turn around to see who this person is.

    He scans over the boy who stood in front of him and subconsciously relaxes a little with the knowledge that whoever this was, he posed no serious threat it seemed. All this occurred in less than a couple seconds.

    He crosses his arms and tries not to be too angered by the boy's words. "What did you say?" His voice seemed calm but his internal anger seeped into his voice a bit.

    He was used to others insulting his father and it used to infuriate him. Over the years he was able to control this fury so he doesn't get too bad, luckily.
  4. "Well, well, well, It seems like you are" Jon said as he began to see how much the looked alike.

    He holds up his watch, and a large screen pops up in front of him. After touching a few things he flips through a few panels a giant hologram of a computer screen, all from a tiny thing like a watch.

    "Haha, here it is" Jon said with an amused look on his face.

    He hold the watch up and it makes a small line shoot out at Liam, and it runs around his body and then goes away.

    "It seems like you have his same level headed-ness as well, and it shows here the same amount of 'power' so i know I'm right here."

    Jon walks in looking at everything in the room with a critical face as he finds out how this bunker worked. Jon was saddened in the lack of technology that he is used to. Though he is outstanded by the size of this gym area. Jon makes his way over to the Hulks son, and reaches out for a hand shake.

    "Names Jon Stark, i'm sure you know my works? " He says then adds "I'll have that bag fixed in a second."

    Small little nanobots fly out from Jon's shirt, bound to be about a million of them, swarming like tiny bee's, as this happons it shows that his shirt is actually mostly metal, and more of armor than a hoodie. The nanobots make their way over, these micro sized robots picked up the bag, and welded it back to the chain, and flew back into Jon's shoulders.
  5. Liam simply watched Jon curiously as he did all this. He was very confused about this whole situation, what was this stranger doing here, at his house and why does he know his father? The boy seemed kind of familiar but couldn't pin point exactly where he had seen him before.

    Once he heard the boy's name however, it all made more sense. This was the infamous Jon Stark, heir to Stark Industries. Liam nods, "Um, yes, I have heard of you." He shakes his hand. "I'm Liam Banner." He watches the nano bots with interest asthey fly off Jon's hoodie. He then look back at the boy, "So why are you here?"
  6. I back up and go back to looking around this place, being very invasive, on purpose. I was hoping to strike a nerve just to see how much he adds up to his faher, but, he seems to be under control. Must be why i haven't heard of him. I start to pick things up, and looking at them in depth. Nothing out of the normal.

    I turned and looked at him "No idea, my father sent me here, i was hoping you would know."
  7. Liam takes a deep breath to try and remain calm. Jon may be as smart as his father but apparently he was also just as annoying, he had heard about Tony from his father and from what he heard, he had an knack for annoying that matched his knack for technology. The way he was walking around and inspecting all of his gear... It was not appreciated to say the least. No matter how he felt he still remained calm and kept his tone polite. "Well can you ask him why? I don't know of any reason for your father to send you here... My father isn't home right now, he had to go back to India for a little while so you can't be here to talk with him."
  8. As the two boys were sizing each other up, something strange began to happen. Barely noticeable at first, there was a stirring in the atmosphere inside the bunker. Gradually, the stirring grew into a full blown gust of wind that swept around the room, disturbing any light object that was not tied down. A wastebasket situated in one of the rooms corners turned over, spilling various scraps of paper and other garbage which were then caught by the wind, raised into the air, and finally scattered across the room. A faint buzzing could be heard, followed by a series of crackling noises. The overhead lights flickered, and then one by one the light bulbs in the hanging lamps flared brightly before bursting, sending showers of tiny glass shards raining down all over the room. The hairs on the backs of the boys' necks stood on end, charged with static electricity.

    Suddenly, a flash of lightning came down through the ceiling and struck the floor in the middle of the large room. The wind, which by now was considerably stronger, swirled around the spot where the shaft of electric energy fell, briefly obscuring its view with a miniature whirlwind of dust. Then, all at once, the wind and lightning subsided. In the place where they had previously been concentrated now stood the form of a blonde teenaged girl, fully clad in armor with a large hammer in one hand raised high over her head.

    The girl blinked for a few moments, looking around the room as if she was somehow confused by the scenery. Her eyes eventually settled on the two boys, and an expression of surprise mingled with elation came to her face. Walking over to the two young men, she immediately seized Liam in a bearhug, squeezing him tightly in her arms and even lifting him a few inches of the ground. Setting him down, she then turned to Jon and repeated the process, then, taking a step back, she eyed the boys, staring them up an down. She grinned widely, standing with her hands on her hips.

    "By the Nine Realms, 'tis true! There are others here, just as they said. But who mightest the two of thee be, perchance? Twas said that this strange place would be the home of the Hulkson, but neither of thee appeareth unto me like a green-skinned Jotun..." She looked the boys over once more, this time as if she was slightly disappointed. "Ah, no matter. 'Tis glad tidings indeed to be greeted by anyone upon my first visit to Midgard."

    The girl now began looking around the bunker once more, searching perhaps for something new to examine up close. She walked over to the training area and stood near a large set of weights set on a bar. Stooping to see them closer, she reached out and grabbed the bar in one hand. In a single graceful movement, she hoisted the weights high above her head, then turned to face the boys once again.

    "And what be this metal object? A child's plaything, perhaps?" Looking toward the boys as if awaiting an answer, she began to idly twirl the weights between her fingers as if they weighed no more than a pencil.
  9. Liam stayed where he was, stunned by this new girl's sudden appearance. His jaw clenched as she walked around the room, much like Jon had just been doing. "What is with you people and messing with my stuff?" He finally snapped at them both. His clenched his fists and glared at the girl then walked over and took the bar from her then set it back down where she had picked it up. He turned back around, still frustrated. "Who are you anyway and what are you doing here?"

    He then realized he had just snapped and forced himself to calm down. He rubbed his hand over his face. "Sorry, sorry... I-I didn't mean to snap like that..." He took a deep breath and looked back at them both, slightly embarrassed/ ashamed.
  10. Jon barley even noticed the girl and her large entrance, he payed no mind at all, he was more interested in messing with Liam's stuff. With out even looking at her, he heard he ask who was the mightiest or something along those lines. It was hard to pay attention when Jon was busy messing with these new electronics. He turned still looking at an old ipod he found, and he raised his hand not even making eye contact.

    "For one, this tech seems ancient Laim, get with the times dude. Also, to you Mrs. Juliet that would be me"

    He barley even noticed that she was playing with weights like a play thing. One thing that made him look up was when Liam finally snapped. Jon's watch started to beep loudly as his rage increased, but then he was able to calm himself again. Jon begins to clap in a sarcastic way.

    "Good show, good show."
  11. Liam's hands were still clenched as he was trying to fully regain his self-control. It always took him a while to get fully settled back, at the moment he could be angered by a lot more than usual and he needed to calm back down fully, soon. He looked at Jon curiously and greatly annoyed by him. "What are you going on about now?" This guy just never seemed to stop being annoying. It was all he seemed to be this whole time. Liam wondered how this guy could be a 'technological revolutionary' like the magazines always say.
  12. "Oh me?" Jon asked Liam in an odd off setting tone. "I was just saying that i was the best one here, and you need to get an upgrade!"

    Jon pull out Liam's ipod he found on the table, assuming it was an extra due to him having earbuds when he walked in. Jon threw it on the ground, and smashed held his metal boot above it, and smashed it.

    "I'll pay off any expenses" Jon said in a ruder tone than normal.

    Jon then looked back at his watch, still paying the girl no attention, and started to text his dad about why he was here. A few moments later, he got a response and he looked up at the 2 others in the room. His face went from a smirk to a large frown.

    "Guess i'm stuck with you two for a bit" Jon said depressingly, also sighing.
  13. Liam's hands/arms start to shake slightly with the how tense he is become and the force at which he is keeping his fists clenched, his knuckles turning white. He takes deep breaths, his nostrils flaring, one of the signs he was becoming very angry. Somehow he managed to get angrier in less than an hour than people have gotten him to be in a much longer amount of time. He openly glared at Jon once he smashed his father's iPod. He had managed to forget it down here, he never was quite good at remembering where he left his things.

    "What is your problem? Ever since you got here all you've been is annoying!" Liam did not move from where he stood because he knew that if he did it would only result in him punching Jon and that would definitely not end well.
  14. Jon smirks as he watching Liam get angry. he then stands back a bit, and then holds his arm out in a "Stop" sign.

    "Hold on big feela, i'm just testing you" Jon said this time not sarcastically "Word from my dad is we are a 'team' for a day, so i wanted to see how far i could push you. I've heard story's of your father, i wanted to see how well you manage."

    Jon thinks to himself putting his hand on his chin, then he bends over and picks up the shattered ipod. He then lifts it to his face, and looks at it deeply, and then he let go of it, and instead of it falling, it stayed in mid air in front of Jon. Then he starts to move his fingers in an odd manner after about 30 seconds, Jon grabs the floating ipod, and throws it to Liam.

    "Should be fixed, and better than ever, its got a working back light now, and a small laser, my personal touch." Jon smiles, looking at his work, and his timing.
  15. Liam growls at him. So apparently this was just a test? He truly did take after his father. Liam's dad told him about the time he met Tony Stark and all he wanted was to see him go Hulk... Well Liam would not allow that to happen. He may be easier to anger but he will never go Hulk, not after the last time...

    Liam grabs the iPod when it reaches him and has to be careful he doesn't break the small device in his death grip from moments ago. He was still filled with anger but he tried to at least seem calmer. He raises an eyebrow at Jon's words, however. "What do you mean, 'we're a team for the day'?" He was hoping it didn't mean he would need to spend the day with this guy the whole day... it has been less that an hour and he almost pummeled him.
  16. "What sick of me already?" Jon asks sarcastically again. He pulls up the message from his dad, and it also pop'ed up of the ipod in Liam's hands.

    "Son, this is a test, and you know as well as i do, that you need friends, even if you hold party's just like your old man. I sent you to Bruce's house, in hopes that you'll get along with his son. Honestly, it was more of his idea than mine, i knew this wasn't a good idea."
  17. Liam rolls his eyes then read the message that came onto the screen of the iPod he was holding. After reading the message he looks up from the iPod with an amused look on his face. "So... you're here just to make friends?" He laughs. "Well you're doing a terrible job at it!" All of his previous anger is now seemingly gone, faster than it came. Another thing he got from his father; fast changes in personality, it was just yet another side-effect of their... condition.
  18. Jon rolls his own eyes in response, and nods in agreement, he knew that he was terrible at that kind of thing, getting along with people and not showing off was a hard point for Jon.

    "Well what about Mrs. Old York Times? what is that about?" Jon said confused.
  19. Liam opens his mouth to reply and looks over at the girl who was stil standing over by his weights, "I have no idea..." He looks back at Jon confusedly. He had never seen the girl before in his life and from how she acted she hasn't seen... anything in her life. "She is definitely not a normal human." Anyone could tell that from the way she acted and the way she lifted his weights as if they were nothing. No one except for he or his father could even lift them a little bit.
  20. "Heh. Well, now you've seen two," Alleah strode into the room and leaned against the door jam. She had a tight-fitting black tracksuit on and her brown hair up in a ponytail. A bow and arrow were slung across her back and she looks almost bored, but still on alert. "So. Avengers Initiative 2.0? Not quite sure how I feel about it, but Hawks and B-dubs are on opposite sides of the world, so I have nowhere else to be."