Avengers' Children

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  1. Plot:
    All of the Avengers each had children and they are finally being able to meet each other after all these years when their parents send them all to the same school. Their parents don't tell them specifically about the others but the kids know a general idea about each other and what to look for to find the other supers' kids. They meet, greet and who knows? Anything could happen when you put a bunch of superheros' kids together...

    Lately HYDRA is not the only group that's starting to rise up. There have just been small attacks as they finish gaining strength, nothing big enough to gain much attention but they've been gradually growing larger and more extreme. They must be stopped but the original Avenger's are getting older and need to start easing their kids into being heros like they were.
    The attacks are small now but soon, they will get much bigger and villains don't tell you when they'll attack next... or how.

    Power(s) [be reasonable, optional]:
    Talent(s) [be reasonable]:
    Position [optional]:

    Natasha Romanov (Black Widow) and Clint Barton (Hawkeye)'s child: Sugarplum PattyPixie
    Thor's child: Phazaeke
    Tony Stark (Iron Man)'s child: Soul-Kun
    Bruce Banner (Hulk)'s child: KrystalAida
    Steve Rogers (Captain America)'s child:
    Simon Williams (Wonder Man) and Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel)'s child: Energy Slinger
    Steve Rogers (Captain America)'s child: Hiita

    There could be more like from the original team so just tell me if you want to be one of them and I'll add them on.
    Also, there could also be more kids per hero.
  2. Name: Liam Banner
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Power(s): 'going Hulk' (Turns green and gets really big and becomes Hulk), strength
    Talent(s): very smart (mostly in science), athletic
    Personality: kind, calm, protective, kind of easily angered but won't 'go Hulk' unless he gets super angry, tough, tries to remain calm at all times but sometimes it doesn't work
    Position: Bruce Banner (Hulk)'s child, the muscle/ scientist of an operation
    Other: He tries to stay away from others or at least not get too close with people. Being close means that they can affect your emotions so he is friendly but doesn't get very close with many people easily.

    He is also big for his age and seems to tower over just about everyone.

    Name: Talia
    Age: 12
    Gender: female
    Power(s) [be reasonable, optional]: unknown
    Talent(s) [be reasonable]: very fast, loves learning
    Personality: sweet, optimistic, kind
    Position [optional]: Hulk's daughter
    Other: she has yet to 'go Hulk' for the first time

    She only has one arm due to an accident
  3. Name: Jon Stark



    Power(s) [be reasonable, optional]:
    An optimal sense for technology, but when Jon was born, Tony had imprinted in his brain with some of his "charm". This gave Jon as a child the sake life system that Tony had. Powers that came along with this genetic enhancement, or augmentation i should say is the power to move small bits and pieces of metal around and manipulate them, making it easier for him to build and create stuff on the go. So he has a small bit of telekinesis over metal.

    Talent(s) [be reasonable]:
    Inventing, optimal senses, lock-picking, and a higher understanding of anything made through technology.

    Unlike his father, Jon is a rather straight forward individual, with a set path, and doesn't like to stray from his goals. Although, the drinking and partying still are a big factor in his life.

    Position [optional]:
    He is the head of Stark International as his father had just retired.
    Somewhat of a hot headed one when someone attempts to derail his works. He doesn't trust anyone other than himself.

  4. FYI their is a cartoon movie show with this concept :P
  5. Dunno if I fully want to join, but would it be at all possible to feature Miss Marvel and Wonder Man? They have previously been members of the avengers, though not in the movie.

    Granted, my OC would be toned down compared to those character's actual levels of power.


    (Wonder Man, AKA Simon Williams, uses red text. Ms. Marvel, AKA Carol Danvers, uses the gold text.)


    "His name is Ryan. Ryan Williams."

    "Picked it out myself. He definitely looks like a Ryan to me."

    "Why couldn't we use my name?"

    "Simon. JUNIOR. J-U-N-I-O-R. That's humiliation for life, right there, dear. He already wants to call himself 'Young Wonderman.'"


    "I never thought my little baby would grow up to be sixteen, but he's there. Driver's License and all."


    "He was like this little duplicate of me. Here he was: It was like looking at my mom's scrapbook all over again."


    "I had Ionic Energy powers in my day."

    "And I sapped a bit of power from my alien friend, Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree Empire. Gave me cosmic energy control."

    Energy Manipulation: All of Ryan's Energy comes from a kind of cosmic energy he can control, often appearing in light blue energy. Besides the powers listed below, he mostly uses it in the immediate form of energy blasts.

    Ionic/Kree Constitution: Ryan's physiology has been altered 60/40 by the Ionic forces of his father and the cosmic powers of the Kree species his mother had gained, the ionic forces dominant. His body is primarily enhanced by these ions, giving him various abilities, though not nearly as powerful as his parents, but balanced out.

    Superhuman Strength: Ryan possesses a degree of extra strength. His upper limits aren't exactly known, nor probably as impressive as his parents or the hulk, but combat wise, his father has been able to stand toe to toe on even ground against the striking power of an Uru Hammer, like that of Thor's Mjolnir.

    Superhuman Speed/Flight: Ryan can move fast. Mostly during flight though, at which he can use supersonic speeds. He once used this ability as a child to fly from New York to London within two hours tops, his father (who became an actor/stuntman after he gained his powers to pay the bills), having been apart of a british action film, having to leave his family alone for a week or two and causing his son to dearly miss him enough to fly all the way there to hug him.

    Limited Durability: Ryan is a pretty tough kid. He's just about tanked one tank shell casually. Four more pretty much knocked him off his feet though. I mean, his ions are still developing, you know.

    Energy Blasts: Pretty much the only external thing he really does with his powers. He can fire concussive blasts of pure, wholesome force that would be great with any criminal's nutritious breakfast, or a heat based laser for burning or cutting things.


    "Ryan has always been a great student in most of his subjects. A bit above average, and knows a thing or two about science, mostly from the fact I taught him some of my engineering and old research on physics and stuff. I also gave him some basic hand to hand training, mostly basic kickboxing and some wrestling."

    "I personally taught him a thing or two about flying, Simon. He knows how to deal with aircraft and all that other air force lingo. He also loves sci-fi because of all the stories I told him about when he was little, during my stint with S.W.O.R.D. He knows his atoms from his klingons."


    Ionic Distortion:

    Ryan's body, being comprised of unstable, developing ions and chunks of cosmic energy can be interfered with if He is attacked by some other form of energy, like perhaps, a repulsor blast, or magic, which could seriously scramble his energy.

    High Level Math:

    "Poor Ryan would get mixed up here and there sometimes with subjects like Algebra. I mean, he's great at everything else, like, A or B level, but there's something about math that seems to really mess him up."


    "He's the sweetest boy you'll ever meet. He's always held on to good ideals, like Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Some call him a goody two shoes for that, but I think he's off to a great start!"

    "But at the same time Carol, Sweetie, you have to consider how arrogant he can get. He's still a hotshot deep down, loves to show off, and does whatever he damn well pleases to get the job done."

    "That just means he'll do what he feels is right, no matter what other people say about him, or do to him. Besides, doesn't that bit about being a hotshot sound like a certain someone?…someone I fell madly in love with, and have somehow remained married to all this time?"


    Position [optional]: Ryan's father currently teaches him both some science and stuff on acting, directing, and other such things. He otherwise doesn't really do much else that's really that much to speak of. Occasionally there's gossip about him, being the son of a well known actor (let alone two superheroes)

    Appearance: He dresses in a modified version of his father's original outfit that comes with detachable sleeves and gloves, as well as a pair of sunglasses.

    His regular attire is very casual. Always a T-shirt and pants, with some sneakers. Almost never any shorts, and sometimes a collared shirt, with his 'hipster glasses' (as quoted by his mother)

  6. Name: Aleah Barton (They gave her her dad's last name because of her mother's history)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Talent(s) [be reasonable]: Learned a lot of archery from her father and flexibility/ martial arts from her mother. She was trained to be the ideal assassin. Her mother also decided to give her some gun training, even though her father disapproved greatly.
    Personality: She was raised to trust no one outside the Avengers and even then, she is a little skiddish. She never made a lot of friends due to her never being in the same place for more than a couple weeks. To people she doesn't trust, she is very cold and can be taken as standoffish at times. Once she knows you're an ally, she's the sweetest, and most loyal friend.
    Position [optional]: She prefers to keep her distance from a battle but will gladly scout out buildings, secure locations, or look out for possible ambushes.

  7. As a suggestion, we could use other avengers, such as the originals, like Vision (Even though he is a robot)
  8. Name: Sigrun Thorsdottir

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Power(s): Flight, enhanced strength and durability, and the ability to channel lightning, all derived from her mystical hammer

    Talent(s): Armed combat, knowledge of many legends and epic poems

    Personality: Boisterous, loud, tomboyish, rough, and somewhat bloodthirsty

    Position: Daughter of Thor and Lady Sif

    Other: Her hammer, Thrudr, is crafted from mystical Uru metal and the golden hairs of her mother that were recovered from Loki by her father.

  9. [MENTION=1082]Hunter Claus[/MENTION] - Really? And here I was thinking I was being original-ish...
    [MENTION=1670]Energy Slinger[/MENTION] - Yeah, that's fine. I only put up the heroes from the movie but was expecting there to be people who would want to be a child of the original Avengers
    [MENTION=219]Sugarplum PattyPixie[/MENTION] - You got it
    [MENTION=3405]Soul-Kun[/MENTION] - Yeah, like I said before, you can be any of the Avengers' kids from any version of the team
    [MENTION=3359]Phazaeke[/MENTION] - Your picture isn't showing up, can you re-put it on or something?
  10. I can honestly say i haven't heard of this, i know they had one for DC, but not marvel.
  11. Is this roleplay still up for sign-ups? If it is, I might wanna take the spot of Steve Roger's daughter. :D
  12. Name: Alice Rogers
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Power(s): Increased attributes, such as speed and strength.
    Talent(s): Survival skills, sword and shield wielding
    Personality: Alice is a very level and hard headed girl, though she is very introverted. She doesn't like big crowds too much. She will protect those she cares about, but she'll still save those she doesn't know. She can be very quiet, almost shy, so the fastest way to get her to be comfortable is through sweets such as cake. She is the type to be your best friend or you worst enemy.
    Position: Alice doesn't have much known about her because she was raised in a small town and didn't really do anything to catch the attention of the world.
    Other: Alice has heterochromia and is very self-conscious about it.

    Book Girl.png
  13. Yes! People are always welcome so long as they have a character that fits this rp :)
  14. So, is my Captain America child accepted? :D
  15. Sure! I was waiting for some more people!
  16. [MENTION=2764]Hiita[/MENTION] Yes, of course! Please just jump in whenever you want to (but preferably soon please)
  17. Hey, sorry I haven't been posting. Just been kinda crazy with Finals. I promise I'll get some in before the weekend is over.
  18. Name: Annastasia Romanov (named after the Russian princess) likes to be called Anna
    Age: 17
    Power(s) [be reasonable, optional]: same as her mother's.
    Talent(s) [be reasonable]: knows to use most weapons, and great with hand to hand combat
    Personality: sarcastic but kind. She loves practicing in the gym and helping her mother on missions when she's allowed to. Very intelligent. Brave as well doesnt shy away from most things or saying whats on her mind.
    Position: Black widow's child
    Other: Has a slight Russian accent since her mom sent her live in Russian to train when she was younger.

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