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  1. MischiefMaker and I had started an Avengers roleplay and we had another player but they left in the middle of the story. So we wanted to start a new Avengers roleplay but we want to keep some of the same elements. Basically Mischief plays Ember and Steve Rogers and I play Callista, Thor, and Loki. Now if someone wants to play Thor you are most welcome but we do need Fury and would like Banner, Logan, Stark, and any other character from the Avengers. This is how the story will start: Loki has escaped from Asgard and is trying to destroy SHIELD so he wont have anything hindering him from ruling Midgard (Earth). Mishief's character Ember is an agent of Loki but has come as a new recruit to SHIELD as an undercover spy. Callista has joined SHIELD several months before because she has ghostly powers and SHIELD has offered to her with her powers. Original characters are welcome and we do need an original male character for Ember.

    Characters that are needed:
    Black Widow
    Any other Marvel character
    Any original character
    If you have any questions about the story or even want to add or change something then feel free to let us know by posting at the bottom. Hope to hear from you soon!

    1.) Have to be 18+
    ~This role play will be in the mature section once it gets started since there will be blood and some sexual themes
    2.) No godmodding/autohitting/metagaming
    3.) No killing other people's characters unless they approve (of course fighting IS approved)
    4.) Listen to the GM's
    5.) No mary sues
    6.) Relationships are approved but make sure that the other person is ok with it first
    7.) No OOC conversation in the IC thread. There will be a seperate OOC thread.
    8.) Limit to 3 characters but can have as many NCPs as needed for the story
    9.) And above all you MUST have fun :-)

    Appearance: (a picture is fine too)

    So far this is who we have
    BarrenThin: the Punisher
    MischiefMonster: Steve Rogers and Ember
    Naois_DragonGirl: Thor, Loki, and Callista
    HelenaSky: unknown?
    Sora1279: Spiderman and OC?
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