Avengers: Assemble Against Farrengrin

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  1. Diana walked down the streets of New York. She had been sent by Loki to go get things from the store. Diana had been working for Loki for a while now, and she thought that Loki had liked her. Truth be told, Diana liked him too, but Loki had some other plans.

    Before Diana working for Loki, Diana was at Asgard watching Loki in the cage. Overtime, Loki had persuaded Diana to break him out by using ...charm. Diana thinks that Loki "loves" her, but Loki is just using that idea to save himself and attempt to make the world bow down to him, Diana included.

    Diana was exiting the store now. She then began to look about. "...Wouldn't be smart to call a taxi, wouldn't it..."
  2. Farrengrin concealed himself in the shadows, watching carefully. It was what he was best at, and he felt most at home in the dark. At the moment his dark eyes were on a woman. A woman who was, apparently, very close with someone he was interested in finding out about. After all, he and Loki went far back. How rude of him if he didn't stop in and say hi? After getting to know his latest little girlfriend, of course. Farrengrin stepped forward just as Diana exited the store.

    "Excuse me, miss, do you need a ride?"
  3. Diana turned behind her to see a dark shadow over Farrengrin.

    "...Um? Do I know you?" she asked with a blink. Her eyes blinked at him. She didn't need a bystander knowing whom she was working for, not knowing that the stranger in front of her had long ties to her master.
  4. Farrengrin grinned widely at the girl. His face seemed to be layered in shadow, even though he was standing in the daylight. His beetle eyes glittered and his dark hair hung over his shoulders.

    "No, my dear, but I believe we have a shared... Acquaintance who goes by the name Loki," Farrengrin responded. His voice was silky, like that of a snake and he let out a soft chuckle.

    "It has been a while since I have seen Loki."
  5. Diana's eyes went wide. "Oh! You're a friend of Loki? That's good...I thought I was going to have to go stealth at the moment," she said with a light-hearted chuckle. A friend of Loki's was a friend of Diana's. She looked up at Farrengrin. "What's your name?"
  6. Farrengrin watched with a smirk as Diana's eyes went wide. It seemed she was a rather innocent girl. Just as he should've expected from Loki. After all, the innocent were so much easier to dupe and trick into believing whatever you said. Just as Diana was exclaiming now, not even thinking that he might lie to her in order to get closer to her powerful companion.

    "Oh, that would not have been good," Farrengrin replied with a soft smirk before adding, "You may call me Farrengrin."
  7. "Ok, Farrengrin..." she said with a smile. "My name is Diana! I work for Loki," Diana introduced herself with a polite nod. "Do you happen to work for him as well?"
  8. "How lovely it is to meet you, Diana. I've heard so much," Farrengrin purred happily. He reached out and took her hand, then bent over it to give it a soft kiss. He took a step back and smirked at her. If Loki could reel this girl in with his charms, then so could he. She seemed like the sweet, innocent, gullible type. Perfect for manipulation. No doubt why Loki had chosen her, although she probably though he loved her or something ridiculous like that.

    "Ah, no, I do not, in fact work for Loki. I'm more of an... old friend," Farrengrin corrected the girl.
  9. "It's nice to--Oh!" Diana blushed with a bit of embarrassment. She knew that Loki had done the same to get her into working for him; so she tried to not seem swayed, as a way of being loyal to Loki. "I-It's nice to meet you too!" she said nervously. Just as Farrengrin predicted, Diana thought that Loki did love her, so she was determined to be loyal to him.

    "Oh, I see!" she nodded.
  10. Farrengrin watched as Diana blushed and hid a smirk with a cough. Loki had chosen well with this one. So innocent and naive. It would be fun, trying to lead her away from him. Not that he had any need for Diana, but it would still be very enjoyable.

    "Yes, and I've been trying to find him to keep in touch," Farrengrin explained smoothly.
  11. Diana nodded. "Ah, I see!" she then looked off a bit, and then seemed to have an idea. "Hey! Do you want to come back with me? Loki should still be there!"
  12. Farrengrin watched a tad impatiently as Diana nodded. Such an idiot! How did Loki stand her long enough to manipulate her? Farrengrin could see the cogs working in that slow brain of hers, chugging to figure out the idea he had planted there. Did she not see his impatience? True he was keeping the polite smile facade up, but Farrengrin was sure that anyone must've been able to spot the disgust boiling below the surface. Of course, she was such an idiot she probably didn't even notice. Finally Diana spoke once more.

    "That would be lovely, my dear. I don't know how I could ever thank you."
  13. Diana merely smiled a naive smile. "All right then!" she stretched and then walked on. "Follow me?" she asked as she was walking backwards. Obviously a sort of goofy girl.
  14. Farrengrin returned the girl's smile with a broad one of his own. Of course she believed him. This was all turning out to be too easy. He swept a gallant bow as she offered to let him follow.

    "Lead on, my beautiful rose," Farrengrin purred. He smiled once more and followed Diana, who was walling backwards. An airhead, goofy type. Why was he not surprised?
  15. Diana blushed a little bit again and smiled. She turned around and continued to walk on. While she may have been the goofy airhead, she was the perfect stereotype of a "leader" in a magical girl's T.V. show for kids. Seemed dumb, goofed around, wouldn't be suited for any hero work. But the one thing that would save her from all that was loyalty.
  16. Farrengrin caught up with Diana and held out his elbow gentlemanly. He turned his head to smile at her once more before looking ahead.

    "So, where is Loki nowadays?" Farrengrin asked casually.
  17. Diana looked to Farrengrin and looked a bit ...scared?

    Oh! He held out his elbow to me!! H-He's not being a flirt is he!?--Wait! I know how to solve this...

    Diana grabbed onto Farrengrin's elbow...and locked elbows with him in a sort of childish yet friendly manner.

    "Oh, Loki? He's planning how to take over the world, the usual."
  18. Farrengrin noticed the fear on the girls face. Was she that innocent? Or was Loki just that mean to her? Either one would make sense as she locked elbows with him like a child. Not that he minded too much, but Diana was an opening to Loki. Even if it was a very small one.

    "Ah yes, he never stops, does he? However I meant, my darling, where is his location?"
  19. "Mhm...Oh?" Diana blinked and then looked away a bit, as if pondering something. "A place disguised by an abandoned subway...It has all sorts of twists and turns that can get you right back to the beginning if your not careful."
  20. A maze? Well, that certainly seemed to be Loki's style. Twists and turns. Farrengrin couldn't help but wonder if Loki had supplied his latest toy with a map. Although he wouldn't put it past the other man to simply not care if Diana ended up getting lost. Farrengrin noticed the faraway look in Diana's eyes and smirked slightly.

    "So, gorgeous, what has so taken up your thoughts?" Farrengrin asked.