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  1. After the battle with the dark elves Thor left Asgard and headed back to earth to start a life for himself, he followed his heart despite his duties as future king. Odin had no choice but to let his oldest son go, after all it was what his mother would want. Loki wished his brother farewell and that he would come and visit him soon.

    Two years later Loki decided to give his older brother a visit, he made his way to earth to see him. When he arrived there he went in search of his brother, he walked down the city streets heading towards Avenger's tower, formally Stark tower where his brother would be. When Loki arrived at the tower he appeared on the security camera, prompting Tony to investigate. "There is a random stranger at our door step," he told the others.

    "It's my brother Loki," Thor responded. "Let him up," Thor asked. Tony nodded allowing Loki to come up to the main floor.

    "Loki!" Thor smiled walking up to him hugging him, "what brings you here?"

    "Well I haven't seen you in a while so I came here, so hey." Loki smiled.

    Thor looked at everyone, "everyone this is my baby brother Loki." He told them.
  2. Dalila sat on one of the many couches in the main room, watching a baseball game with Captain America. She barely understood the sport, but she loved spending time with the other Avengers. She got to learn and watch from the best. Dalila was still new to the whole superpowers thing and one of the newest members of the team, so she looked up to them. When Stark mentioned a stranger at the door, she turned her attention to him and slowly raised her guard. She listened to Stark and Thor speak, tilting her head to the side. When the doors opened, she stood up, watching the brothers interact. "Hello Loki." Her voice rang out softly. She smiled as the next words left her mouth. "I'm Dalila."

    ((Dalila. I'm still working on her history and whatnot, but it should be done by tonight.))
  3. Loki was never too happy when Thor referred to him as his baby brother but he never really said anything there was no denying the truth, "it is really good to meet you all." He smiled lightly, he then turned to Dalila. "Nice to meet you too," he spoke before following Thor into the room and sitting down on the couch.

    Tony looked at Loki, "so Loki I have to ask you and I think the others want to know as well, what was it like growing up with Thor?" He asked sitting down with a drink in his hand.

    "Uh well it was good I suppose, Thor was always there for me, he is very competitive as I am sure you all know." Loki responded.
  4. Dalila sat back down, returning her attention to the game before Steve turned it off. "Aww, Capt! I was watching that." She pouted.
    "We have a guest." He spoke sternly to her. She sighed and turned her attention back to Loki with the others. It seemed like an awkward conversation and she didn't feel like joining in on something like that. She let out a soft giggle and nodded.
    "I think Thor and Steve have secret competition every time they train or fight." She looked between the two with a small smirk. Steve lightly pushed her over, causing her to fall onto the empty seat of the couch. "Hey! No fair." She giggled a bit more. "Would you like anything to drink, or eat, Loki?" She offered as she sat up.
  5. "Well there is nothing wrong with a little competition, it is good for the soul." Thor grinned, "and Rogers will never beat me. Nobody will," Thor responded.

    "Except me, remember Thor I've beaten you many times before." Loki told him, he then looked at Dalila. "I'm okay for now but thank you for the offer."

    "I could use another drink," Tony responded standing up and walking to the bar. "So Loki you can do like magic or something, what did you go to Hogwarts?"

    "Yes I can do magic," Loki told them.
  6. Dalila rolled her eyes at Thor's comment. "Well we can try Thor." She smirked with a small laugh. She nodded and stood up, walking to the kitchen. She quickly made a small fruit salad for herself, nibbling on different fruits. She stood up and walked back to the living room with her fruit and a fork in hand. "What kind of magic do you do Loki?" She asked as she sat back down.
  7. "All kinds, illusions, offensive, defensive. Shape shifting," Loki explained. "I'm one of the most skilled magic users back home, well next to my mother she was the one that taught me everything. So what is it that you can all do? I mean Thor told me that you each have your individual skills but he didn't go into detail."

    "Well I am a genius inventor," Tony explained. "See all of this, I built everything. Plus all my suits, built my first one in a cave." He smiled.

    "As you can see Loki Stark is the humble one of the group," Thor smirked.
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