Avengers 2 Age of Ultron (Spoilers) & Upcoming movie Civil War

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  1. So, I don't think we've had a thread to really just sit back and talk about how much we enjoyed Avengers.
    Let's do that now, while also getting hyped for Civil War. :)

    I liked the Avengers 2, it wasn't as great as the first but it still had a ton of great moments.
    Though I'm not sure why they felt the need to kill Quicksilver.

    Also, with Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and the coming up Deadpool we now got three X-Men characters in the Avenger's series, even though the X-Men license is under someone else at the moment. Any idea what that's about? And any idea if this might mean getting even more X-Men involved in Civil War?
  2. Probably killed quicksilver for the same reason they left him behind In future past

    Cuz he'd break the game

    I am curious if a new Avengers lineup means we may see a third Avengers iteration in the era after infinity war
  3. Ultron was a sickass villain, definitely my favorite villain! I agree not better then the first but it was a great movie.

    I can't wait for the other two infinity gems to be shown! I think one will be in Doctor Strange and one in Infinity Wars part one.

    I really hope they put Daredevil in Civil War, also i saw the first casting has been announced, i can't believe General Ross is back!!!
  4. The new Deadpool film will not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the proper umbrella term for that group of films), it's part of the X-men film series.

    The reason Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch can be used in the MCU is because in comics they've been part of the Avengers before, so they're fair game. Fox holds the rights to X-Men, so that means anything exclusively X-Men can't be used in any other Marvel movies without their approval. In the comics the brother and sister duo are Magneto's children and are mutants in the X-Men fashion, but for Age of Ultron they were given a totally new backstory that included their parents dying and they're never referred to as mutants (they're called "enhanced" instead, which you can hear something, I think Captain America, say during the battle scene when they first show up).

    Odds of getting more X-Men in Civil War or in the Infinity Wars stuff is slim. Fox wants their movies to succeed, so giving their direct rivals free use of the hype X-Men characters would be a bad move because that would dilute their brand. If there are X-Men other than Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch that have been established in other groups then it's possible for them to be used, but there's no real way to predict whether or not that'll be done.

    The above information is presented to you by Google, which made all the facts readily available to me through two simple searches. :cheeky:
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  5. Damn. :/
    Here I was hoping for a Deadpool appearance in Civil War.
    That was more meant to be a conversation starter than anything else.
    Plus it was information I had been told by comic book enthusiasts, so I had assumed they had better insight into the works of Marvel than me.
  6. I think I liked Age of Ultron more than the first Avengers movie for the simple reason of no Loki. I understand sooooo maaaaaany people have raging fanboner for Tom Hiddleston, and really, he did a job well done as Loki, but I never liked Loki at all, not even in the comics. He didn't really have a real physical threatening presence on screen at all. I don't think Ronan the Accuser is a better developed character, not really, but he was definitely more physically imposing than Loki was.

    Plus, Ultron has always been one of my favourite villains. Avengers will have a special place in my heart for that epic reveal of Thanos at the end. I just prefer Age of Ultron.
  7. Not that the Marvel movies follow the comics all that closely, but I do have the Civil War comic book and Deadpool doesn't appear at all. I think a part of that has to do with it's a pretty serious and dark story and some of that would be lost with Deadpool (although, I should note that there's some pretty profound serious Deadpool moments. Check out the Cable & Deadpool anthology, it's fantastic).
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  8. I am saddened that Robert Downy Jr. Is stepping down as Iron Man. Honestly, there will be no other actor who can play Iron Man as amazing as he Did. He was made for that role.
  9. Wait what!? O_O

    Where did you hear this from?
  10. Wait what!? He was already confirmed for Captain america civil war and infinity war parts 1 and 2!

    Or do you mean after those movies?
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  11. He decided to not accept any more Iron Man title movies, as he doesn't want to be the sole main character anymore. But if its among a bigger cast then he is not opposed, such as Captain America or Avengers, according to what I understood.

    (Though he did get the film studio to give him a slightly bigger role than what he was given in the original script of Captain America: Civil War, which may indicate that he is not done with the character just yet.)
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  12. From what I heard, RDJ was originally intending that Age of Ultron would be his last appearance as Iron Man, so that ending probably was meant to able to count as him retiring in-universe. After his intent to stop being Iron Man was announced, he had some talks with Marvel Studios and ended up agreeing to do Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War (which is going to be 2 movies).
  13. Oh, he's just not continuing solo movies.

    *Phew* That's a relief. :3
  14. I can't really blame the guy for wanting to move on. He's been forced into that for a pretty long time now.
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  15. HE gets paid a hella lot money to be Iron Man tho. He deserves every penny tho omo
  16. When you're stupidly rich and famous, I'm pretty sure that you aren't taking roles just for a pay cheque. I don't doubt RDJ loves playing Tony Stark, but he's an actor with a diverse range of roles and I'm sure he would rather get to taking on different roles instead of doing the same one for years and years. Think of it this way, imagine being a popular streamer on YouTube or Twitch and being forced to sign a contract that says that you have to play the same franchise of games every day for the next 5-10 years, and everything else came second. You'd probably get sick of it after a while, even if a company was sponsoring you. When you're stuck in a contract that forces you to make a bunch of movies for a company for the next several years, there's a very real possibility you have to turn down playing other roles that are very appealing to you because of scheduling conflict. It's very confining, and honestly Marvel's movie scheduling and production is insanity. I think I remember reading about how Chris Evans commented on being pretty resentful of the contracts he was forced to sign for Marvel and knowing that you're obligated to basically be their property until the contract expires.
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  17. From what I gathered from sources and interviews is that Marvel want to do something similar to the Bond movies in which they have an actor do so much, and then bring in another actor to put their spin on it, or continue the character, or something. So then we probably won't see a reboot/remake for a loooooong time.
  18. Kind of, it's what they currently plan to do.
    But it wasn't an idea they had until Robert approached them and expressed his desires to stop being Iron Man.
  19. Yeah, because RDJ pretty much started the whole thing lol.

    Still, I think it's a great idea. RDJ isn't the only perfect one for Tony Stark :p
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