Avengers 2: Age of Ultron (no spoilers)

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  1. I just got back from seeing this movie in theaters and it was a whole lot of fun. It wasn't a perfect movie by any measure but it was definitely worth my money and time. If you've not seen it, take some time and go see it in theaters, it's definitely going to shine on the silver screen far brighter than it will at home or on a computer. Who else has seen the movie? Who else is planning on going? If you saw it, what did you think? Let's try and keep this spoiler free!
  2. I ordered the tickets before hand so i could see it a day before it initially comes out (April 30th) I loved it, not as good as the first and had a few flaws but it was a great movie. Surprisingly Hawkeye stole the show for me!
  3. Surprisingly? You have a sig catering to your love of Hawkeye so how is that a surprise?

    As for me though, I'll probably see it sometime later this month but unlike you guys, I'z going to be watching it for free!! That's what happens when you have those connections ya'know what I'm saying? XD
  4. The movie was great, whatcha talking about it not being perfect? The pews and the booms and whooshes were great

    Yes. I am a marvel fanboy.

    Sucks the earth just turned out to be a green skittle in the movie.
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  5. I just got back from watching it. I liked it better than the first one, largely because it skipped the always tedious backstory and giving the characters motivation steps of the superhero formula. Plenty of interesting character development for previously lesser known characters. I like that it was a new enemy only loosely linked to the old ones instead of pulling a villain from one of the solo hero movies like they did with Loki. Also plenty of great humor throughout.

    So yeah, overall better than the first one in my opinion. Sure it's not perfect, but perfection < entertainment value, and I was thoroughly entertained.
  6. It was great, definitely on my to buy list when it comes out. Ultron is actually a great villain with a personality and a sense of humour and a clear motivation, unlike most Marvel movie villains which seem to fall under the "I am angry and want to be all powerful" category for bland and uninspired villains.
  7. Yep, I enjoyed it. ^^ I liked it better than the first movie, actually. The villain is entirely new (but I still love Loki), and he's... Interesting, with a wicked sense of humor? xD And there was a lot of interesting new revelations about the lesser known characters, and even new characters, etc etc. And some of the other more outspoken characters were shown to have hidden depths... x3 I liked it.
  8. My mom's a comic nut, so I might take her to see it Mother's Day.
  9. i cant wait to see it! ive already seen and loved the trailer!

    No? not the right one?
  10. I may very well go see it again :)
  11. well i was always a huge fan of Hawkeye in the comics and EMH, but in the original Avengers i was mad that they didn't give the character justice, SO in AAOU they made his character way better dialogue and better action, so they did give him justice in this one which was a totally happy surprise for me.
  12. Saw the movie last night.

    It was fun, but Avengers 1 was superior.

    Partly I think thats because Avengers 1 was groundbreaking -- a super team up movie NEVER happened before, so the hype was real.

    So obviously its a tough act to follow.

    Like Avengers 1, Avengers 2 didnt have the opportunity to flesh out their characters, especially Pietro and WAnda. UNLIKE Avengers 1, Avengers 2 NEEDED TO DO THAT. The Maximoffs didnt get a bunch of prior movies like Cap, Tony, and Thor did to get char development out of the way.

    Avengers 2 felt more choppy, with too much going on, and not enough logical segues, making it hard for me to follow what was happening sometimes. A mark down!

    On the plus side, witty Joss Whedon banter, a VERY SURPRISING MOMENT that had the Avengers (and the audience) in stunned silence (with good reason), and Ultron had some awesome lines and was overall a fun villain. That's a really important point, too. Loki had 2 movies to become a fan favorite. Ultron only needed one.
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