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    In many places, especially online, the image that you choose as your avatar is how people start to think of you. It's how you present yourself to the online world. As such, for a lot of people, there's a lot of thought that goes into it. Some people find a single image that they think fits them just perfect and they almost never change it. Some people change their avatar weekly.

    What are your avatar habits, as in, how often do you change avatar?

    What kind of thought goes into picking these avatars, for you? Do you go for a theme?
  2. I was actually thinking about this very thing earlier today!

    I don't change my avatars often. I usually need a very good reason to because I spend so much time looking through pictures to find one I'm happy with. I pick avatars that both convey what kind of overall mood I am in at the time as well as being from something I am currently engrossed in. They obviously won't fit my mood every day or anything like that. No, I wouldn't be human if my emotions didn't change along with the events of my life.

    Still, it takes a significant change or urge for me to want to alter my avatar. It's a sign, in a way, that something major may have happened or I have moved past the initial thing that made me pick the previous picture.
  3. When it comes to avatars, there are few things I take into consideration.

    So, ever since I came Iwaku I've used Yorick Mori from League of Legends as my avatar. Why? I love everything about the character from the lore to the in game abilities. Really, I've grown to like the character despite me not playing him the times that I do play. It also shows that I enjoy playing video games, even if it not everyone plays the same ones as me. Honestly, I feel like most people can recognize and find me easily because they know what to look for.

    Other than video game avatars, I try to find avatars that would best show what describes me and my personality. I try to avoid images with too much going on in it and would cause people to think too much about deciphering the meaning. Something that's basic and right to the point.

    As for changing my avatar..I try not to change it often. I feel as though it causes some confusion sometimes if people can't recognize your picture.
  4. An excellent question. 8D

    I used to change my avatar ALL the time. A few years ago. D:

    But now I usually just stick with a favorite few.

    I have a problem where I WANT to have beautiful, mysterious and elegant avatars. ....But I am a goofy weirdo person and always love the silly ones more. XD So I end up with silly avatars 90% of the time and then occasionally give in to my desire to be EPIC ELEGANT LADY and then do a pretty one now and then.
  5. My avatars usually reflect the expressions I make when I read your posts.
  6. Well when it is on a social website I usually just put a picture about myself. Very classic. But the reason why I changed that image is either because: 1) I am bored of looking at it or 2) I took a new one that I like

    As for Iwaku, well, I like pretty interesting stuff, so, hence my kind of new avatar picture. But when it is about sci-fi or fantasy or whatever month, I like to go with the theme but still have a pretty exotic picture :3
  7. Ocha has had about 90% of her avvies for the last ten years made by Diana. Sometimes I pic the picture, sometimes she's found the perfect picture and sometimes we work together to find the image to use. I think. Steal all her elegant pictures. I don't change my avatar unless I've had it a long time, or if I'm going for a temporary theme like holidays and now festivals. I adore the pretty pretty pictures and I suppose I do try to be a lady her in the community.
  8. I try not to change too much, I like to be remembered by my avatar. I'll change for festivals and once in a while just for the hell of it.

    I like this one I have now. It's the one Dianers used for my 'Meet the staff' picture, and it actually looks like me a little when my hair is short. Coolness.
  9. I'm fucking foxy.

    I like foxes... usually my avatars have to do with them....

    I change it up sometimes... but I change my name on here more than my avatar.
  10. I choose my avatar based on whatever is amusing me or interesting to me at the moment.
  11. This one is so people get the joke.
  12. I change my avies for different themes on here, like Halloween, or Sci-Fi month.~
    I have stuck with this avie for a long time. :3
    < this one.
    I like it a lot, found it randomly one day, and decided it represents my personality well, and what my personality would look like, if it was anime-fied.~
    o wo so yeah.

  13. I generally use an avatar that fits my personality and will only ever really change it if I manage to find a different picture that seems to fit my personality better or it is some kind of special event or holiday.
  14. My avatars are usually images of things I'm passionate about. In other words, things I nerdgasm over... And those things I love are often times dark and maniacal, because that's the type of person I am. :p Often times, I have something Darth Vader related; I'm a Star Wars nerd and absolutely love Vader. If not him, then it's a comic book villain or somethin'.

    If it ain't that, it's something involving a gas mask. People who know me well enough, know why. x]
  15. I rarely change my avatars. The only time I've changed this one since returning to Iwaku has been to fit in during the October costume thing. I make my own sets based off of images I want to make a set with. Or, I would, except I haven't made a set since I made this one... a bunch of years ago now. It's an in-joke with people I haven't talked two in years, but it's the thought that counts, and I still like the creepy clown doll.
  16. I tend to get picky wit my avi's in truth or
    it depends on my mood. I tend to look for a while
    for a image, sometimes doing random searches on
    images with key words and if I find one I like, do a little editing
    to make it feel more like me then I use it.

    I might change my avi maybe once a month
    depending on my mood or what images
    I find!
  17. I pick my Avatar to the current image I have on myself. Like in Sci-Fi month, I don't smoke, but if I was a kick ass space girl with a kick ass space gun I would, so Obi Waniana looked different than the regular Iliana.

    This month Rory has forced me asked me to be Skie Videlin and with much fuss and a black eye later I finally agreed.

    Before this, My avi was the chick with the glasses and the cute hair do. That's usually how I look when I reply and stuff. Glasses. Up hairy do thing.

    Im sorta like October. I like people to remember me by someone. This is only with Iwaku, strangly. Skype, I do that on my feelings. Angry. Sad. Tsundere. Happy. Lost. Things like that.