Avatars and Personalities!

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  1. Rory and I were chatting the other day about how avatars can be a clue in to a person's personalities. If we wanted to get all smarty-pants about it, you could say that certain personality types will most often pick specific "types" of avatars. (For example, avatars expressing love, or avatars that have emo statements, or sexy avatars.)

    Look at some fellow member avatars. What do you think their personality is like based on their avatar?

    What do you think YOUR Avatar expresses to the world?
  2. Mine is captioned in bright red =/
  3. We all know Diana is loco, and her avatar proves it. Vay's avatar just looks like a geometry lesson gone seriously wrong in the early 1900s which expresses his archietectual personality combined with the 'think outside the box' instincts.
  4. My current avatar is a pirate skeleton thing wearing headphones, listening to metal, and typing RP posts....much like myself, mwahahahaha. Seriously though, I mostly picked it cause It's original and I like the colors.
  5. My avatar is the eye of a creepy clown doll that one of my friends from another forum found and became an in-joke with that group of friends after I wrote a short piece about it.

    I have no idea what this says about my personality. Original here.
  6. My avatar is an old one from before. It was made by Gibs, I believe. Or at least, he took the credit for it. I suppose it says a bit about me, being diabolical or something. I do have a friend name William; unfortunately, he is not a pyromaniac.

  7. I say it connects with you because there's a butterfly in it. That's aaallll I have to say about that. >>;

    Karsikat's avatar is amazing and cute, just like he is. *giggle* It's also got a commanding sort of look to it. He is called a "Grandmaster" after all.

    As for mine, um... Marvin the Martian is my favourite Looney Toon character. I like that he wears a Spartan looking helmet and wants to destroy the Earth, but no one can take him seriously because he's cute, silly and walks funny. (Justlikeme. .__.;) He has all these weapons of mass destruction, too!! >D
  8. Diana made mine XD It's a kitty that's a ninja. It says I'm Ninja Kitty.
  9. I think all of you are missing the point, or at least the depth of the point.

    Diana likes to be silly, yet a little scary at the same time. She withes to maintain creative control of the forum while not being able to take serself seriously.

    Mine stems from the belief that all form of human thought apart from logic stem from madness. Creativity is the process of directing the madness to create something unique.

    Ocha's displays a woman tangled in her own hair which is near indistinguishable from the background. She feels trapped by her own doings and background noise.

    October's displays dark colours and life after death which is similar to our living lives mixed with our fantasies. He believes in heaven.

    Spammy's is a faded clown, perhaps he feels the colour and humor has been drained from his life with age.

    Peters has him misleading his otherwise non-pyromaniac frind to commit acts of pyromania. He wishes to use pawns to destroy while maintaining the facade of an innocent butterfly.

    GMK's shown a feline in the armor of the God Emperor. It represents even the purest pinnacle of man has animalistic tendencies beyond our control.

    Fluffy is perhaps the only one who touched on her real representation. She feels like no one takes her seriously and this brings her to feel alienated and like destroying the world.

    NK's has a ninja looking right at a camera. This obvious failure most likely carries over to feelings of insufficiency for the task at hand.
  10. It's my number one favorite Morning Musume member, Aika Mitsui. That's pretty much it. I don't know why it's all tilted.
  11. Zyph's general profile stuff pretty much screams "I likes me some J-Pop".

    Tell us something we don't know, Grumpy.