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  1. I was checking to see if anyone interested in doing an avatar RP with the emergence of energy Bender's
  2. I'm interested, assuming there will be the use of proper grammar and punctuation, and the replies will be easy to work with.
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  3. If this is like Avatar Last Air Bender or Legend of Kora with a twist and not the blue people Avatar totally.

    If the other maybe I'd just probable.

    But first question any info you are willing to share for your idea of a plot? Like does it follow one of the old story lines slightly or a completely new kind of tale?

    And my last question how fast will the prefer set of post be? I'm just wondering cause I can't always be on as much as I use to.

  4. I wouldn't mind an Avatar rp, but like Raven I'd like to know more about the plot.
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  5. The plot is just after avatar korras death with the avatar cycle continues and spirits living side by side with us harmony is still a ways off the chaotic time when. Balance is still trying to be achieved between spirits and Bender's

    All things are open I myself will not play the avatar role but rather an energy bender you can play spirits if you want locations are the same but a few new places with be added and Bender's with specialist bending types will be considered separate from core arts like an evolution of the core art metal Bender's and such or those who specialize in lightning generation
  6. Energy bending techniques will be added soon just so all info is covered if you want to help with this it will be most welcomed I will have a fully functional plot up soon I only had a hazy idea to start with !
  7. Sounds cool! I'd like to help with some of the stuff for sure! Just to clarify: is this energy bending in terms of the canon series, with the crazy bending removal stuff that amon did? Or is it something different?
  8. Hmm then I may be interested depending on the plot for I still would like a bit more of an idea on that. But the time setting helps.

    Will only one character per person or will it be maybe up to two or three at least?

    Just wondering cause I may want two different bender types or a bender and a spirit depending on how things are looking.

  9. What the avatar did with giving or removing the bending arts is something only the Masters of energy bending can do as for what's been shown so far in Canon is part I'm going to expand a bit on it from there
  10. As far as characters go yes more then one character is aloud as for spirits please get creative There are so many to make
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  11. Count me in still.
  12. After avatar korras death the avatar has been reborn the spirits are everywhere now roaming free the worlds balance is precariously descending into chaos a spirit hidden deep within the spirit world is Awakening from a milliena long slumber

    Now this plot can be expanded on one should note one thing the avatar cycle was broken and remade so only korra and the light spirit is there to be tapped but the other avatars still exist and have to be found as individual spirits
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  13. I'd be interested to see where this goes, but first I have a few questions:

    1.So I'm assuming since Korra is dead, you'll be playing the new avatar?​

    2. If not then is the avatar not born yet?​

    3. How would we play as spirits, such as what abilities would we have?​

    4. Also would it be possible to play a non-bender?​

    5. And lastly are we allowed to play a good guy and a bad guy?​

    These are my only question, If I have more I'll be sure to ask.
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