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  1. Omashu was craved on the stone of the mountain itself. It could be one of the most impresing views, if i hadn't seen Omashu as a work.
    Inside the smithy, Temujin was modeling steel and iron just like clay between his fingers. In his hands, metal bended to turn into hammers, forks, knives, swords, shields, plates of armor, and a looong etc.
    Toph, outside, was sleeping her ass off, and the only thing one could see of her was a little fur mountain.
    Over the door, a wooden flyer said "Gohson Metal"
  2. Azora went over to get Kazza. She finally found him out where they did training. "Hey!" She waved. Kazza dropped what he was working on and turned. "Hi." Azora went over to Kazza and smiled. Kazza smiled back. "So what's the plan for the day? With no training were basically free." "Yeah...Hmm..." Azora put her right hand to her chin and her left hand on her shoulder. He grinned. "Well you did interrupt me." He then moved his right hand up bending water. "Ha" Azora said jumping back and moved her hands to stop the water from hitting her. "Good try. So practice then?" He grinned "Sure." She smiled and then got in her ready stance. "Call when your ready." Kazza then stood in his as well. "Go" They both began throwing water, ice and snow at one another sometimes begin hit and sometimes able to doge or block.
  3. The heat of the sun soothed Lyuzen's skin as he slept on the side of his most faithful companion Impah. It was a cool and calm day until a cart that was attacked by bandits came by. The loud screams and slashing of wood woke Lyuzen up, startling him at first. "Impah, wake up girl! We got a bit of trouble." he said getting to his feet. Lyuzen rushed over to help the cart drivers in need, hopping off Impah as she sped by and kicking the first guy he saw. "That's enough!" he yelled driving his fist into the other bandits face. A third and final bandit snuck up behind Lyuzen and tried to catch him off guard, but Impah smashed her head into his side and knocked him out. The cart driver was wobbling under a pile of wood, still screaming for help. "Hold on, I'm coming! Yeesh..." Lyuzen said taking his sweet time to help the man. As the man thanked him, he offered Lyuzen compensation for his help. The man then reached for some coins but, Lyuzen interrupted his gesture. "Woah, woah. No need for the money, I was just happy to help is all. " he said with a simple smile to follow behind. The cart driver suggested that he repay Lyuzen's bravery and kindness, and that's when Lyuzen pulled out a balled up map and asked the cart driver about a specific location. "You can read this, right? Do you know where... Omashu is?" The cart driver laughed and complied that he was heading that way himself. Lyuzen gathered his things and placed them in the back with Impah. He hopped in and gave the cart driver the okay to set off to the Earth Kingdom City of Omashu. "Well girl, seems like we got ourselves a free trip to Omashu after all. Told you asking for directions wasn't so bad, hehe!" Lyuzen set back and let the sun put him back into a settling nap as the cart drove off.
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  4. As day advanced, the gates of the city continued welcoming new people, as well as leaving them go.
    By the end of the day, Temujin got some things to do at the gates, that where nearly closing for the night. As they did, Lyuzen and the merchant arrived through the bridge.
    Well, kid, make yourself useful. Get a run and ask them not to close the gates at my nose, would you? Asked the Merchant.
    By that time, temujin was delivering some spare parts for the guards, so he saw the last cart of the day approach.
    Hey, don't be asses, let the guy enter. asked the guards that payed little attention to the monster.
  5. Lyuzen still fast asleep in the back of the cart could hear the voice of the cart driver calling him, but he refused to wake up. He continued to snore and sleep as he pleased, but Impah awoke to the site of the gates of Omashu. Her little heart shrunk at the mere sight of them. She brushed her head against Lyuzen to wake him quickly, knowing that they've finally arrived. "Wha.. what is it girl?" Lyuzen asked rubbing his eyes. When his sight came to, he saw a massive open gate and a great wall surrounding the entire city. "Woah... it's sort of breathe taking, ya' know?" he asked Impah rhetorically. Lyuzen strapped his things to himself and hopped out the cart. "Thanks for the ride by the way." he said making his way to one of the guards at the gate. One guard stopped him and asked what was his business in the city. Lyuzen pulled out a piece of paper with a name and address on it then asked "Do you know this person here, I heard I could find 'em in Omashu?" The guard read the paper and looked at his comrade guarding the gate along side him. Then the guards laughed and one placed a hand on Lyuzen's shoulder reassuring him that the person he's looking for does not live in Omashu. This made Lyuzen a bit frustrated being that his long trip here could be in vein. "That can't be right. This is reliable information that the Avatar lives here. He has too..." Lyuzen argued dropping his head in utter disappointment. He placed a hand on Impah's head, petting her then sighed.
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  6. Sorry kid, but no, the avatar hasnt reincarnated. If he had, someone would know where he is don't you think? The guard asked.
    You seem to be from the Fire Nation, don't you thing, Cao? ASked the second one.
    Certainly, Wu. And here in Omashu we don't like firese people. Go back from where you came. the guy pushed you with his enormus battle hammer.

    In the meantime, Temujin saw this and got down the wall. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait! Let the boy pass!
  7. Azora and Kazza finally decided ton call it a draw. Azora once she finally got her breath looked at Kazza smiling. "Maybe next time one of us will be the winner. But I have something important to tell you." Kazza looked at Azora "Yeah what is it?" "Well I was thinking about thaking a tripe to Omashu. You know the great Earth Kingdom." "Yeah. Who's going with you?" "Well as far as I know it's just me. And I'm suppose to head soon." Azora looked out toward the sea. "I was wondering if you'd like to come to send me off." Kazza looked at Azora. "Sure and when you come back bring me back something nice." Azora laughed. "Sure unless you end up going one day before I come back. Who knows who I might meet or what I'll find." "Yeah."

    Azora grabbed her friends hand. "Now come on or I'll be late." "Wait you got to go now?" "yeah I said soon didn't I?" "Yeah but..." Azora cut Kazza off pulling him toward the ships heading off for Omashu. Once there she meet her parents and they handed her a bag with supplies and money. "Here's to get you started. Were not sure but depending on how long you decided to stay you might have to get a job." "Okay thanks guys." Azora hugged them and then hugged Kazza. "Well I'll be off. See you later." "Um... Okay come back safely...Wait here." Kazza handed Azora his father's water tribe bracelet. "Take this so you don't forget me. Okay?" Azora smiled. "Okay." She took Kazza's bracelet and put it on. "Well I got to go before they leave me." And with that she went on the ship and waited for them to be off.

    Finally they were off and she was on her way to Omashu it would be her first time on her own to take such a great adventure. 'I can't wait. I wonder who I will meet. And who my new friends might be.'
  8. The water tribe people though of all in terms of sea and rivers. Something a lot more accurate in the poles than in the earth kingdom where, even with all their mighty rivers, the major transport was ostrichhorse. So, when she actually landed on the earth kingdom, she had a terrible 4 days journey to Omashu.
    However, that delay and dissapointment led our heroin to reach Omashu in her ostrichhorse in the same moment a fire nation's boy and a bored merchant were trying to go through the gates.
  9. Lyuzen was nearly at his limit to how much ignorance he could take. Right before he punched this guard in the face, a voice called out to stop him. The owner of that voice allowed Lyuzen to pass through the gates safely. As Lyuzen and Impah walked thorugh, they turned their heads back and stuck their tongues out at the guards laughing on their way to the person that granted them entry. "Hey, thanks for the help. Impah and I are grateful, but... seems there's no point in me being here since the Avatar isn't here." Lyuzen said his face shifting from a smile to a frown. Lyuzen dropped down and sat on the ground resting on Impah's side. "What do I do now if there's no Avatar? All this hard work for nothing, ya' know?" Lyuzen looked back up at the person from before and changed his expresison quickly. "Oh, where are my manners. I'm Lyuzen and this is Impah." he said gratefully holding out a hand to shake the man's.
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  10. Well, hello there, little one. I'm Temujin, master smith. So, you're a FireBender, aren't you? The over 2 meters tall man. I'd love to have a FireBender in the smithy. So, what do you say? Want a job, learn metalcraft and a warm bed to spend the night? He hoped it was a tempting offer.
    The door didn't close because Temujin locked the hinge of the door. As the guards knew him, they didn't stopped him, but where a lot tless than happy.
    Then, a little water tribe girl advanced in front of the cart, so Temujin didn't close the door.
  11. Azora looked at the man and smiled seeing that he had held the door. "Thank you sir." She walked through the gate before hopefully so the guards couldn't complain farther. She looked at the fire bender and the blacksmith.
  12. Thanks to you for bringing your beauty to this city, MiLady. Temujin has always liked Water tribe's girls.
    As he said that, the cart finnally got inside the city, and Temujin let the doors be closed.
    So, what'cha say, Laddie?
  13. Azora blushed at the man's words. "About what?" She had payed little attention to what the man might had asked for she had been worried that the guards were going to close the gate before she could enter the city.
  14. Sorry sweetie, i was talking to this young men here.
  15. "Hmm..." Lyuzen pondered on the man's offer. He thought about what could he gain from working in the city of Omashu, and what would he possibly sacrifice. His goal was to find the truth of his past, and to get it he needed the Avatar. However the guardsmen from earlier said the Avatar hasn't been resurrected in this day and age. Giving up on his goal was not an option but traveling aimlessly wasn't going to be any help either, besides Lyuzen was flat broke too. "I only have one question Mr. Temujin, do you accept pets?" he asked getting to his feet. After dusting himself off, Lyuzen finally noticed the other person that also entered the city. It was a girl, water tribe girl to be specific. She was beautiful, and one of the only girls Lyuzen's been this close to for a very long time. "Ah.. h-hi ma'am... I apologize, I didn't notice you there. I'm Lyuzen! Hehe~" he said blushing at the sight of her and nervously laughing off as he gave his name and hand out to shake hers.
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  16. Sure do, kid. Just don't let your friend bother my sensei or it will probably get kicked out of town. She's not so nice. So, then, let's go, you two. And patted both backs, leading the way.
  17. Azora smiled at Lyuzen. "I'm Azora" She said as she began to move with the two. She wasn't sure yet where she might stay so she decided that making friends with these two would be a good start.
  18. Have you ever seen a Mole badger? My sensei is one, and she lives with me. I'm sure she'll love to have someone else to punch. I said Lively as we walked the lovely and well maintained streets of Omashu.
  19. "You're teacher's a giant badger mole??? Tell me, are they really blind???" Lyuzen said excitedly. Stories of larger creatures like moles, bison, lion turtles and even dragons were told to Lyuzen as he grew up in the forest, but he's never really met either one of them. Lyuzen was fascinated with the creatures of this world, and as a hobby he really wanted to see them all. "This is gonna be way more fun than I expected!" he said smiling happily. Lyuzen looked over to the water tribe girl and blushed again, then asked curiously "So, what's a water tribe girl like yourself doing all the way in Omashu? If you don't mind me asking."
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  20. Nope. They see... it's just thatthey don't do it with their eyes. They see by the earth. Hard to explain, she has to show you. I was interested in the girl too, so i shushed to hear what she had to say.
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