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  1. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the The Pro Bending circuit! Today we have a real Treat for you! On the Blue team we have, The Platypusbears! and on the red team we have! The Leopardfrogs! Tonight we will have a real show as the Leopardfrogs have a reputation for recruiting hard hitters! and on the newest team the Platypusbears, they have an interesting member! Keep an eye out for this one Kye the one armed earthbender! . . ."

    I began to ignore the announcer as i realized they were now talking about me. The last thing i needed was fame or to be the primary target. I looked at my team mates, they were clearly new to the idea of pro bending as was I. Just trying to get famous i suppose. That didn't matter though as long as they could hold there own i was fine. As i walked into the ring i could here the crowd cheering and screaming and all the while i could feel there eyes on my missing arm. I had torn away the left arm to my armor because it was nothing more then a waste and so where there would be an arm there was now simply torn cloth. As the announcer counted down for the beginning of the Match i sighed and simply stood there waiting for the match to start.
  2. Shiro sat at the front of the arena getting a good view up the contestants. He wasn't tecnically supposed to be were he was but he had plently of skill sneaking in and hiding away, When the anouncers called the first team he looked directly at the female known as one armed kye. He knew they would easially mistake her for weak but their was something about her look, her stance that made him pretty sure she had fought many times before.

    He glanced over at the gaurds that were looking around for any trouble makers and anybody that looked out of place. He shifted lower in his seat and quietly reached in the pocket of the person next to him grabing the small bag of money and card before fitting it in his pocket. He kept his eyes on the girl and then at her teammates who didn't look as skilled but was pretty sure they'd win the fight. Tapping his finger on the bar he waited for the match to start.
  3. Ty Lee entered the arena and walked to the fron of, she pushed some people getting to the froont of the arena and sat there, she was careful not beeing seen from the guards. When the first team came out she looked at the girl that had only one arm, she heared a lot about her, they were praising her to be the best earth bender around and Ty Lee wanted to see what could she really do. She wasnt a bender she was different, a chi blocker, beeing the best in her country in maybe 100 years, her great grand mother was the first chi blocker to be known and past her skills to her family, her family was the best chi blockers they were known in the entier world for their chi blocking and Ty Lee was the one that had the potential in becoming the next great chi blocker.

    Ty Lee looked around she was sitting next to a boy, he looked like a fire bender, she had the skill knowing the bending of peoples sometimes and he was definatly a fire bender. She saw that the boy robbed the person that was sitting next to him. Even Ty Lee robbed sometimes when she had no money so she could see a robbery from miles. She quietly whispered in his ear "I saw what you did" Smiling a little she continued "I want 50% or Ill tell the guards what you did" She said to him with a serious tone and moved her red hair from her eyes looking at the boy.
  4. Airi walked up to the arena wide-eyed. "Woah...I wonder what's in there..." She tugged on her backpack and began walking up to the arena. She saw guards and shot out of sight quickly. She didn't have much money to spend but she was determined to get in. Guess I'm going to have to get in one way or the other. She picked up a rock before pressing herself against the wall. Airi threw the rock diverting the guards' attention. As their heads turned in the direction where the rock had been thrown Airi silently slid past them. She did the same with the next guards and soon she was in.

    The she had missed the first words of the announcer but she caught on real quick. Her eyes flashed to the one armed earth bender. She could tell her stance was strong. Maybe she did have a chance against the others. Airi walked along the seats and found an empty one in the back. It wasn't the best view but it would do. She had never seen anything like this before. She took in all the exciting sights and sounds. It was a bit too much but she kept her cool. She kept her eyes on the earth bender wondering how she would bend. Airi wasn't a bender herself but she knew it would take a lot more skill to learn to bend with only one arm.
  5. The announcers voice booming throughout the building brought Sho's head around for a peek at the newly arriving contestants. He sneered, not even one of these amateurs had potential.... or maybe not.. His sneer turned to a grin as he got a good look at this, one armed wonder. Her stance was strong and sure. Maybe worth a watch, after all hed already spotted his target, it would take little more than a moment for him to glide through the crowds and take his prize. Therefore, Sho plopped himself down to watch the growing spectacle, his target held firmly at the edge of his gaze. This might be an interesting distraction.
  6. As the enemy team took up it's positions the enemy firebender took up his position in the center right in front of Kye. Kye had no interest in the clearly cocky man who was making all sorts of intimidating gestures, none of which fazed me. I simply stood my ground and awaited the start of round of one. Meanwhile my newbie team mates were busy exiting the crowd standing on thee ropes and waving to the crowd getting them to chant there names.

    After a few minutes of bullshitting they finally took up there positions the water bender to my left right across from the enemy earth bender and the fire bender to right, right across from the water bender. They clearly had no idea what they were doing.The announcer chimed in once again . . . "Ladies and Gentlemen Let's get this carnage a going! I hope none of you placed your bets on the Platypusbears because they clearly have no idea what there doing! Ready! Set! Begin!"

    As soon as the match started the enemy water and earth bender took out my team mates a full frontal assault sending them hurdling off the arena and down into the water leaving me to contend with all three of them. As the enemy firebender sent an enormous fire bolt hurdling straight for me i thrusted my hand forward like a spear splitting it in half as it grazed me splitting into two separate fir balls as they evaporated into the air outside of the arena. I quickly leaped of of my feat into a sideways spin kicking my feet furiously sending a multitude of disks hurtling from there ejectors in all manor of trajectory at the firebender.

    The firebender thrusted his fists out word in punching motions as he took out most of the disks until one of them slammed into his chest knocking him off his feet and sending him into the second sector, meanwhile the earth and water bending began there assault as the earth bender launched two disks at me he water bender sent a high speed stream of water straight for me. I quickly hopped off of the ground bringing the bottoms of my feat into the two disks and using earth bending to keep them stuck to my feet used there momentum to bring my feet around as the water stream shot under me, before switching into a spinning kick sending the disks hurdling back at the water and earth bender.

    The earth bender simply slammed his fist into the disk causing it to explode into dust while the water bender took the disk to his left shoulder knocking him to the ground twisting and rolling in pain as the hit dislocated his shoulder.The earth bender quickly leaped to the center of his sector right across from me and slammed his right foot to the ground causing 8 disks to eject from the ejectors and began a flurry of quick jabs that sent all the disks hurtling at me. I quickly brought my left foot up and used the momentum to bring myself into a spin level with the ground allowing the disks to hurdle over and under me before grabbing the eighth disk and using it's momentum i brought myself back to my feet before sending it hurdling back at the man as he punched it yet again causing it to explode into dust.

    "Ladies and gentle men things are off to an amazing start as both the water and firebender for the platypusbears team were taken out at the very beginning leaving nothing but there one armed team mate to fend fore herself. This is just stunning she is displaying an amazing array of acrobatics and bending capabilities for someone with one arm!"
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