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  1. It has been many, many years since the last Avatar was born, yet no one is quite certain why. The cycle ended with fire, when an Avatar by the name of Osamu died very young and under mysterious circumstances. For nearly a hundred years the world fell out of balance, but eventually it became an ordinary world once again. The Legend of the Avatars live on, despite it being only that: a legend. No one believes that the Avatar will ever return. Many think that the time of the Avatar has come and passed.Still, many have not lost hope. They believe that the Avatar will come in time of need.

    However, even benders are dying out. Hundreds of years ago, benders were born everyday. Now, it is rare to find maybe one or two born every year. No one can remember a time when the Avatar was the balance between the world and any born in that time are long gone. It is a world that people have begun to adjust to and the world is at peace.

    Or, so it seems. Below the surface of this seemingly peaceful world, a great evil is brewing. It is worse than anything that the Fire Nation or the Equalists have done. This new evil is not only planning on taking over the world, they are trying to destroy it. The only ones that can stop them? The new Avatar Asha Jin and her new companions.

    Unfortunately, as Asha Jin was about to complete her training in the four elements, they were forced away from the facility. The six companions fled to protect the unprepared Avatar. No matter where she goes though, she is rediscovered. Our story starts here.


    When Avatar Asha Jin was discovered, five bright, orphaned teenagers are chosen to teach the young Avatar. Many other people are also determined to protect the her.

    Asha Jin//Female//Avatar//All
    Hiryu Kage//Male//Companion 1//Water
    Kimura Hana//Female//Companion 2//Earth
    Katsu Shingi//Male//Companion 3//Fire
    Kazefuu Akoli-Mei //Female//Companion 4//Air
    Isamu Tomachi//Male//Companion 5//None
    Chook Sei Li//Female//Earth King's Daughter//Earth
    Won//Male//Fire Lord's Son//Fire

    Character Submission
    {Anime Picture of Character}
    Strengths: {What are they good at- at least four}
    Weaknesses: {what are they bad at-as many or more than strengths}

    History: {The more detailed and the lengthier, the better; at least two detailed paragraphs. If you are a companion, include how their parent's died.}

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Asha Jin
    Nicknames: Ashe {used by close friends}; Asha; Jin
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Element: All; she is the Avatar
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    ~Water... Asha Jin is probably most prominent in Waterbending, it was the first one she learned to do and it's the one she uses most often.
    ~Martial Arts... Asha is very skilled in many different forms of martial arts, she can resort to them if needed.
    ~Earth... Asha is a good Earthbender, she is even able to sense activity underground.
    ~Air... Despite being very good at Airbending, Asha does not use it very often; if she does use it, it is normally for self defense instead of an offensive standpoint.
    ~Intelligence... Asha is very smart, using it to her advantage in a fight. However, she sometimes tends to overthink things.

    ~Fire... Like many Avatars before her, Asha has a difficult time controlling one of the four elements. This element for her happens to be fire. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot seem to grasp how to bend fire.
    ~Acrophobia... Asha does not like heights in the least. This makes it difficult for her to glide and ride flying bison.
    ~Metal... Asha does not know how to Metal-bend; she was going to learn it before the facility was attacked.
    ~Cooking... Asha is terrible at cooking; she would help Miki with it, but only did the cutting.
    ~Socializing... Because she grew up away from the rest of the teenagers, Asha is not very good a socializing with others.
    ~The Avatar State... Asha has yet to access the Avatar State.

    Asha Jin is a bit of a complicated girl. She is bright and cheery, but also has a bit of a dark demeanor to her. Asha is very kind and giving, but by no means selfless. She is actually quite selfish as she will do almost anything to keep those she cares about close to her. Because she spent most of her life in a compound, Asha really doesn't know that much about the outside world, but she isn't naive. She knows that people can be cruel. Asha's not completely open or trusting. In fact, she's far from it. She only trusts people after they have earned it.

    However, Asha also values loyalty and honesty above all else. Once you have earned her loyalty, it is difficult to break. If she's loyal to you, she will give you a second chance, but after that it's "goodbye" to you. She is also very honest, sometimes brutally so. She will not hesitate to tell someone off, or admit her own mistakes for that matter. Naturally, Asha is kind to people around her. Sure, she won't trust anyone the first moment she meets them, but she is still nice and at least somewhat polite to them.

    Asha is also temperamental though. She has a short tolerance for arrogance and blatant disrespect. And trust me, Asha on a rampage is not a fun sight. She can be a bit rash if it involves someone she cares about, and she is stubborn. She is not easily persuaded when she sets her mind to something, but she can sometimes understand when people are coming from a logical standpoint. Asha hates being told what to do, having done it her entire life, and will get quite angry when people try to make her do something.

    Despite all of this, Asha is a natural born leader. She tries to make the best choices possible and takes responsibility for her actions. She cares about the people around her and will do anything to protect the people she loves, even if it means risking her own life. She is a good friend because she listens before jumping to conclusions, and she's never afraid to help someone with a problem. Like everyone, she makes mistakes that sometimes get people into trouble, but she won't lie about it or blame it on someone else. It's what makes her human. It's what makes her Asha Jin

    Asha Jin was born to a man and a woman that lived in a non-bending family for centuries. They naturally assumed that Asha was going to be a non-bender too, so they did not give her any training or anything of the sort. When Asha was found bending a small ball of water around her nursery, her parent's were shocked an confused. They were even more confused when Asha started bending earth and air. The took her to the ancient Order of the White Lotus, who had prophesied the next Avatar being born in a time of great need. The parents were surprised to discover that their four year old daughter was indeed the new Avatar.

    Asha was separated from her parents and taken to a training facility in the Earth Kingdom. For many years, she trained alongside five very promising students that would one day be expected to protect the Order and the Avatar. She never really interact with most of them very much, but she knew they were there. She also knew that they were all orphans. Despite not remembering her parents much, Asha Jin only had affectionate feelings when she thought of them. The thought of them dying always pained her.

    However, Asha's life was far from easy going. Her training was rigorous, always pushing her to her limits. The Order knew that if she was alive, a great evil must be brewing in the world, and they wanted her to be as prepared as possible.When they discovered that she could not bend fire, they began teaching her other things to ensure her survival. They taught her how to use weapons, how to fight without using bending, how to cook and hunt. Sometimes, they would leave her in the desert or the middle of a forest for days at time. Eventually, the kindhearted girl had started to resent some of the Order's members.

    There was one old man that she cared for deeply. He and his wife had become surrogate parents for the young Avatar. Their names were Daruka and Miki. While other members of the Order were making her train on her birthday, they were giving her a small party with cake and presents. One of these treasured gifts is the ribbon she now wears in her hair. Asha Jin came to love Daruka and Miki, and they in turn loved her. She would eat dinner at their house and sometimes even spend the night because she felt lonely in her room. She and Miki would cook and clean together, while Daruka would teach her some of his special Earthbending techniques. She felt very loved by the two of them.

    At this point in her life, Asha didn't know anyone her age, but the five other teenagers living in the facility. She was rarely allowed to talk to them though, so she didn't know them well. She would train away from them, learn away from them, and even eat in different rooms than them.

    It is uncertain where the cycle has started with Asha because she has the blue eyes of the Water Tribe, but she also has the black hair of the Earth Kingdom, the pale skin of the Air Nomads, and the slanted eyes of the Fire Nation. Some people believe that she has a mixture of all of the nations, which seems to be the most logical explanation.
  3. I like the plot and I'm a huge fan of this series! Can I reserve a spot for the Earth King's daughter? Or do I need to make a character sheet first?
  4. @Roxshi You can reserve a spot. ^.^
  5. I'll post the character sheet sometime today.
  6. I'm going to start making a character sheet for the air companion! Can i go ahead and reserve her till i'm done?
  7. I would like to reserve the fire companion.
  8. @Cyline I would like to reserve the Water Companion.
  9. Would It be cool if I Played the fire lords son?
  10. is there any spots left?
  11. wait never mind, theres no more male benders left >.<
  12. Ya there is only the make non bender still left on the list.
  13. Also is the world full of modern technology, while still having the ruling classes in each nation?
  14. (I guess i'll be a none bender)
    Anime 9.jpg
    Name: Isamu Tomachi
    Gender: Male
    Element: None
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Strengths: Isamu is very agile and smart, he is a good fighter and amazing with the Katana's, good tracker.
    Weaknesses: His emotions get the better of him sometimes, He won't fight his friends, and is not a bender. He tries to be worthy to his fathers name, so if he fails he feels like he isn't worthy meaning he will be weak.

    Personality: Isamu is really smart, he is a good thinker when on the battle field or tracking somebody. He makes jokes on the battle field against his opponents. He can be a smart mouth or a Jackass when he first meets somebody, but once he is close with you, he won't leave your side and will be a true Allie. He will fight for what he believes is right whether he's by himself or with everyone he sticks for what he believes in. He is kind of irresponsible when playing tricks or being a goof ball. He tries not to get attached to people because of his past, but when he is really close with them then he will protect them with his heart and strength. he is very agile and fast.

    Bio: Isamu was born in a small village, with his mother Sharon, his little brother Cyrus, and his father Marion. Every week a group of raiders came to their village. They stole there food and water, the villagers would have to get a certain amount of food each week by every family. His father was a master at the Katana, so he would practice everyday in the yard while Honor would watch him and was amazed. He convinced his dad to have him train him to use a Katana, he did it everyday for two hours, it was hard but Honor was catching on of how to use the blade.

    But he didn't know why his father always trained with it. The raiders came again, but one family wasn't so lucky. A man was brought out of a house by a man in brown fabric. He brought him to a guy with an axe. "This man kept his food to himself and didn't collect the amount he was supposed to, so he must pay the price" The mans son and his wife were crying while getting held by a big brute. The man brought the ax up over his shoulders. "Stop!" The father came out with his two Katanas. All of the men focused on him.

    "Do you want the same treatment as him sir leave or you will" The man yelled at him. "I have come to regain this village from you raiders" The men laughed and Marion's eyes narrowed. He ran at one of the men giving a kick to his stomach and hitting him with the back of the Katana. Another man ran at him and Marion dodged and gave an uppercut to his chin knocking him out. After defeating the rest the leader of the men dropped the citizen and the guy ran to his family. He ran at the man with the ax and sliced the axe in half and the man fell to the dirt. "Go dad!" Honor yelled. Marion looked at his son giving a hand gesture for him to go inside. But then the man took the sword out of Marion's hand and stabbed through his stomach, Marion fell to the floor.

    "Dad!" The ten year old Honor ran to him and hugged his head. The man was shocked and got up and ran away with the rest of the raiders. Honor begun to cry as his father was in his arms. That day that he died he trained with the Katana everyday not going to any schools. His brother always asked him if he can train him but he always said no. When he was sixteen he told his mother that he needed to find the man who killed his father. His mother knew that he needed to do this. He then packed his things and his Katana's and began travelling the world.

    When he was on the road he had to fend for himself. He learned how to pick pocket and steal food of food stands. He slept in a small cave in a mountain, the mountain was close to a small fire tribe far from his old village. Once he took committed more crimes, the more he was noticed. So took a old jacket with a hood. He wore the jacket to keep himself hidden.

    When he was going after a bread store in the fire village. He sneaked through the back door and found a fresh bag. He went to grab the bag of bread but then, he found that it was a trap. Two fire guards came after him. He jumped over the food counter, and ran to the front door. Two more guards came and he was surrounded. The men from the front ran at him and Isamu took out his blades. He cut the first staff and kicked the guy in the stomach and ran to the doorway. He slid under the other guard and ran out of the store.

    When he got back to his camp. A few men were there. He took out his katana's but realized they were the ancient order of the white lotus. They told him that they have been watching him, ever since his father's death, and his father was close with them. He was sent to a facility and trained in the same room as the avatar. He didn't look impressed with the avatar but pretended she was just another bender.

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  15. @justice hunt Umm... It looks fine, but the name needs to be more Avatar-y, like Asian-like? And he needs as many weaknesses as he has strengths.
    @SgShallow I was think more like fifties technology.
  16. okay just fixed it.
  17. Ok I was just wondering so I dont say my character has a cell phone or anything like that.
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