Avatar: The New Age (WARNING: Contains spoilers for Legend of Korra Season 2)

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    Fire. Air. Water. Earth.
    For thousands of years, humans lived in a world where spirits ruled the untamed wilds. Men relied on the great lion turtles for the gift of controlling the elements, which they used to defend themselves from the spirits and venture out from the safety of their cities in search of food. As more and more humans began to leave the cities and clash with the spirits, it seemed a great war would soon break out and threaten the fragile balance between the spiritual and physical realms.​
    Then, just as it seemed the world would slip forever into chaos, Wan, Avatar of Raava, the spirit of light, appeared and changed everything. Using his unique ability to manipulate all four elements, he stopped the fighting and sealed away Raava's counterpart- the evil spirit Vaatu, who had threatened to engulf the world in darkness for 10,000 years. Wan then declared a new era of peace, promising to serve as the bridge between man and the spirits. He dedicated the rest of his life to uniting the people of the world and teaching them to respect nature as well as each other.​
    Sadly, Wan died without ever seeing his goals achieved. Fifteen years have passed since he perished while fighting to stop the different tribes of humans from warring against each other. Most people have given up hope on his dream of a peaceful world, but unknown to anyone the Avatar lives on, reborn into a new mortal form.​
    But who is this new Avatar? And does this person even know or begin to suspect what power they hold, or the burden of the destiny that lies before them?​
    Coming in December...