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  1. So, recently today, I watched the first two episodes of the new Avatar series online, and I thought, what if there were four Avatar living in the same time? I thought about it some more and figured, they could be identical quadruplets, or some spirit world flux happened, or an alignment of the stars caused there to be four benders who could bend all four elements. It's sort of set in a parallel universe, Korra was never born, or if she was, she wasn't the Avatar. Instead of the Equalists doing crazy shit, its the top of the Fire Nation, using espionage and intrigue to move around secretly and basically 'Hitler-ize' the world of non-Fire Nation. It doesn't have to be the Fire Nation if people doing the plot don't want it to be. It's based in Republic City, whether you were born there or traveled there, everyone should end up there. The time is set in ASC (After Sozin's Comet) and will be used when referenceing years.

    The four Avatars include three other people who apply, first come, first served. They all have a dominant bending power, or one they are better at then the others. To roleplay in this thread, please have at least a basic understanding of the world of The Legend of Korra. If you have specific questions, pm me, or refer to:


    Character Sheet:

    Place of Birth:
    Dominant Bending Skill:
    Prominent Features:
    Appearance (Please put in a spoiler tag if a picture):

    The first 3 people to sign up get to be one of the four Avatar if they so choose, No exceptions!
  2. Im interested! Hold one spot for me
  3. Name: tetsu masu
    Gender: male
    Age: 17
    Place of Birth: Earth kingdom(Love that place haha)
    Birthday: 11-23- What year is this based in?
    Dominant Bending Skill: Earth
    Prominent Features: Has no shoes and feet are very black
    Appearance: brown colored skin, wears raggy cloths, hair is very short but you are still able to tug on it with your fingers.
    Personality: He is never gives up on a situation, he is childish, a very optimistic person.
  4. Character Sheet

    Name: Tsukasa Nakashima
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Place of Birth: Republic City
    Birthday: August 2, 53 ASC
    Dominant Bending Skill: Fire
    Prominent Features: Fake eyepatch over left eye, always wears knitted hat.
    Appearance (Please put in a spoiler tag if a picture): Black hair tied up in a ponytail, white skin. Scrawny, but not anorexic thin. Light freckles dot his cheeks and nose. He has heterochemia, which means his eyes are two different colors. His eyepatched eye is brown while the right one is blue.
    Tsukasa is a troublemaker, and causes Lin Bei Fong much stress. His presence is commonly found in the Republic City Jails, but he always escapes, so much so that Captain Bei Fong lets him go half the time. He lives with only his father, who doesn't seem to relate to him much.
  5. Its based in 70 ASC ^^ Glad someone's interested~!
  6. Im glad i could help, ive also seen the videos to the new avatar and i cant wait
  7. Now, all we need are two more people. Any ideas?
  8. for people?
    I Might have a few people
  9. I'm interested, hold a place please, post the cs when I have time

    (P.S. The film sucked)
  10. The film did suck. F*cking MNightShaymalan screwing around with things he knows nothing about. He needs to stick with suspense movies.
    Any yes, I will hold a space for you~
  11. Name: Faroh Eache

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Place of Birth: Eastern Air Temple.

    Birthday: 18th - November - 54 ASC

    Dominant Bending Skill: Air

    Prominent Features: Strikingly deep, black eyes.

    Appearance: 5'9" tall, medium-sized build, though well toned muscle. His skin is very pale, and he often hold his hair up, spiked.

    Personality: Faroh is generally a serious person, though when with his friends does like to joke around. He is courageous, however wil often make rash decisions if his friends are in danger.

  12. Pianorage, i kinda agree with you more on that....he made the movie way too serious
  13. So, since it doesn't seem anyone else is interested, you two just wanna go ahead and post? If we do, I've got a couple requests.

    1.) Your characters do not meet eachother until at least the second post.
    2.) Your characters do something that sort of 'embodies' who they are in the first post.
    3.) Your characters use some form of their dominant bending skill for whatever reason, be it self defense, fighting, etc.
  14. I got a question.....how would we meet?
    the capital city?(old earth kingdom?)
    Could i join that bending game they have?
  15. Yeah, they'd meet at Republic City, and yes you can join the bending game they have ^^
  16. I'll join. Just a moment as I make my character.
  17. What happened to Ed? :<
  18. Name: </SPAN></SPAN>Tallulah Minami</SPAN>
    Gender: </SPAN>Female</SPAN>
    Age: </SPAN>17</SPAN>
    Place of Birth: </SPAN>Southern Water Tribe</SPAN>
    Birthday: </SPAN>21 December- 53 ASC</SPAN>
    Dominant Bending Skill: </SPAN>Water (although an Avatar)</SPAN>
    Prominent Features: </SPAN>Her beautiful blue eyes are like the water themselves, almost appearing as if they are swirling. Her hair is as white as the ice, truly an incarnation of her element.</SPAN>
    Appearance (Please put in a spoiler tag if a picture):
    Tallulah (open)

    Personality: </SPAN>She is usually a kind person, lending a hand, but only if she believes you need it. She enjoys anything intellectual, and savors victory if it has anything to do with wit. She sometimes finds over the top antics simply sweat-drop worthy, although she must admit she has done a few in her past. Do not get in her way though, or you will be water-whipped to the next continent.</SPAN></SPAN>