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  1. Sachi was new to the earth kingdom. Very new. however she was there
    for the same purpose as most. Running. she was a fugitive. One who
    knew her past wouldn’t think her to want to run however.

    She was in the marketplace her long red curly hair pulled into a bun
    with a few loose curls falling down to frame her face. She was around
    5'4 and pretty. She had curves that suited her petite body and her
    eyes were a bright almost glowing blue. She was often mistaken
    for fire-nation from her appearance. Wait...What was she thinking? She
    was half fire nation. However she didn’t want to be.

    Her father constantly chased her due to his crazy beliefs that she
    could bend both elements. She was strict against the idea however. She
    refused to believe such. It was impossible right? Something only the
    Avatar was capable of.

    She stopped around a merchants stand looking at one of his items. "How
    much for-" She was cut off by the man. He spoke loud enough so the
    nearby Di Lee would hear. "Sorry but I don’t sell to Fire nation!" She
    stepped back a bit as the Di Lee perked up a bit. "Im not fire
    nation..." "Sorry you foolish fire nation spy, but I will do you no
    service." The Di Lee nodded to each other approaching her.

    Why was it always her? She didn’t do anything! Why was it always her
    who was criticized on appearance? Why couldn’t they give her the
    benefit of the doubt? However at the moment it kinda looked like there
    was no time to think of this. She needed a way away from the Di Lee.
    After all they’d already talked with her once. And they warned her to watch her step.
  2. Hearing the exchange, Jing turned to the Di Lee. "Hey, if she says she's not a fire nation spy, then I believe her. I know I'm not a very good person to vouch for her, but I will." He said, stepping forward. He had seen the redhead a couple time during their stay in the city, knew that people thought her a spy, but he didn't think so. Don't judge a book by its cover, right? At least, that was how he had taught himself.

    During his years on the street, you needed friends, and while a bunch of his were thieves and worse, they were really good people, and he wouldn't regret meeting them. They had taught him the laws of the streets, how to survive, and how to live honestly, even if they couldn't. So, that was his philosophy. Everyone has some shred of good in them.

    "Besides." Jing said, "I have a rather large sum of money for the first person to...to...to buy me leechi nut juice! You've got five minutes!" When the men didn't leave, he said, "Okay. Take the money, leave her alone for the rest of the week." Turning to her after paying off the men with a few coins, he said, "Jing. I think that saving deserves the knowledge of your name?" He asked, smiling. She was cute, her eyes in such great contrast to her hair. Jing didn't think himself anything special, typical Earth Nation orphan. There were so many these days, thanks to the Fire Nation.

    "So, how about it, your name?"
  3. Sachi jumped hearing the voice. She looked to the boy and rose a brow. She wasn't exactly sure why he was so willing to help her, but alas, she didn't question. She offered a smile as the men stalked off and she looked to him. "Sachi, thank you, i'll pay you back I swear..." She said. Her voice was soft spoken and quiet. She seemed to be a bit on the shy side. He was cute. That was a given.
  4. Kai was running. Again. She got into mischievous things. As she was running on the rooftops, she didn't know why, but something told her, go let. She did. Allowing instinct to sink in. She saw a stand ahead, down below. It was one she recognized. Di Lee's. He was a a bully.

    Kai realized the gap ahead between the rooftops was too wide to jump. Just so happens that the stand was an easy way to get down. She lifted hee staff, jumped and felt the earth. Pulling it towards her and the stand to bring her safely down. As, of coarse with a smile, let the earth and destroyed stand down, she saw a red head and the neighborhood thief, Jing.

    "Hey there sweety. What are you doing with Jing? I hope you could defend against thieves." Though, she felt how string the red head was, she didn't want anything to happen. With that Di decided to yell over the broken cart, and the other guys chasing her caught up. "Well guys, y'all know how to bend?" Asking Jing and the fair haired girl.
  5. ((The Di Lee is a group of earthbenders in Ba Sing Se....))

    Sachi blinked as she saw the girl appear out of nowhere. She appeared to be running. "I um well...." She stammered shyly at her first few phrases. After a moment though she saw a mob coming behind her. "Uhhh...." Then she heard Kai's question. "Y-yes?" She said though it seemed more of a questigon. What had she just drug herself into?
  6. "You don't need to pay me back." Jing says, smiling. Sure, he was kind of a womanizer, but he wasn't with anyone at the moment. "Kai." He said, nodding in her direction. "In trouble again? We'll have to skip town again." Laughing it away, he took a strong stance, ready to fight. "S'your fight, Kai." He said, breaking his stance and grabbing Sachi's wrist, making a move to run in the direction of camp. "C'mon," He told her as they ran, "I'll take you back to camp, get you something to eat."
  7. Sachi looked between the two. She then felt herself get grabbed by Jing. "W-where are we going?" She asked as she was dragged off by him. Once she heard they were going to a camp, she knew she was too deep in this to get out now. She simply complied and followed along.
  8. Kai followed. Knowing it was the only safe place, even if it was full of thieves. With a quick twisting of her ankle, she made a barrier that would slow them down. And as if she hadn't twisted her ankle, she fell back into step with the red head and Jing. "What's your name sweety? I'm Kai. And I see your acquainted with the neighborhood thief Jing." She smiled warmly. With a quick movement, she sprung herself in the air with her staff, then sent a shower of rocks towards some men that was behind them. And gracefully landed next to the others, falling back in step and still wasn't breathing hard.
  9. Sachi watched her seeing her bending skills were far more than her own. She spoke. "I-I um...I'm Sachi." She said to her and kept running. She wasn't entirely sure this was the correct time for all this.
  10. "Well aren't you just a shy little fella. Stick with us sweety and you'll be fine. Now, Jing, which way? I haven't been there in forever." She smiled again at the girl named Sachi. Hopefully a reassuring one.
  11. A hooded figure stood at a food stand in the market place, too hungry and too bored to stay at camp any longer. He was going to go insane if he stayed hidden, and besides, a few hours away from "safety" wouldn't hurt anyone right? Tori's mouth was watering as the smells of cooked meats wafted around him, his footsteps bringing him over to a specific stand. "Oh~ These look delicious." He cooed, a smile on his lips. The stand owner began to talk amicably about how these cooked rabbits were the finest in the city, but was dutifully ignored as the young man heard a small commotion happening over in the next street. Reason said that he should be discreet and stay as far away from what was happening as possible. But he couldn't just walk away from this, his curiosity demanded that it be investigated.

    He took off at a quick run, his staff held tight in his hand as he rounded the corner, finding that, whatever the commotion had been, it was over now, the Di Lee sent on their way. A small frown touched his lips. Dang, he'd missed all the fun? Well, there would be other times. He was about to leave Jing to it, when Kai suddenly appeared, being chased apparently. Tori sighed, running forward and using his air bending to jump over the men, coming to her side. "Up to no good again?" He asked, giving her a slightly disapproving look, though it was tinged with amusement. He followed after Kai as she ran, sending a blast of wind to knock over a few stands to make it harder for them to be chased. "So, Sachi was it? Nice to meet you." He greeted, giving a lopsided grin.


    There was nothing for it, he just couldn't get this right. The push and pull of the water... It seemed so easy in concept. And yet, it seemed anytime he tried to use water bending, it fell flat. Useless. A soft growl left the red head's lips, throwing his hands down in defeat, the ball of water he had been trying to turn into a weapon dropping. "This is stupid.." He muttered, sitting down. He'd been at this for the last hour, and he wasn't getting any better. "It's official, I am the worst water bender in the world." With a huff, the boy laid back, a soft groan forcing its way out. Golden eyes stared up into the blue of the sky, a small frown on his lips. "I wonder when the other's will get back.."
  12. "Tori, glad you could join the party." She enjoyed tori's company. In the distance, she could see the trees getting thicker, separating the city from forest. And soon, a camp.
  13. Jericho just got back to camp. He looker around and notice he was the first one back. He usually was, he tried staying out of trouble and it seems like most the others attracted trouble. "How did you even stuck with guys. He sighed to himslef. He liked them but they still caused to much more commotion than he liked. Especially since he was from the fire nation he made him pretty much a criminal here. So he went into town by himself knowing what would happen if had went with his friends. He heard splashing and instantly knew who it was. "Lyth." he said out allowed. He headed to the river which wasn't far from where they was camped at. And sure enough there he was. Lyth laying on his back staring into the sky. "Well I don't know about the rest of the idiots." He said jokingly. " But I'm back." He sat next to him and looked over at him and could see that was something was bothering him. He knew what the problem was but he still asked. "Something wrong?"
  14. Sachi was utterly confused by this point. Where did all these people keep coming from? Who were they? and what group were they a part of? She looked up as they crossed into a treeline, and she saw two men on the ground. One laying and the other sitting beside him who looked like her....Only the eyes were different.
  15. "Hello!" Called Jing playfully. "The great heroes have returned! With a friend this time!" Jing led Sachi into camp, Jericho and Lyth messing about by the water. It wasn't much, but it was home until they decided to pick up camp and leave again. "What an exciting day!" Exclaims Jing, only halfway sarcastic. Sitting down next to Jericho, he motions for Sachi to do the same. Jing didn't entirely trust Jericho, being Fire Nation, but he wasn't so mean that he wouldn't at least test the waters. "How's that waterbending thing going, Lyth?" He asked, making conversation.
  16. As Kai and the others arrived, she noticed Jericho and lyth sitting by the stream. Kai sat next to lyth. Though she was mischievous, she had a heart. "What's wrong hun? You doin ok?" She said wrapping her arms around lyth.
  17. Aria walked along the river side, close to the water so that she could defend herself easily if something would happen. She played a bit with the water as she walked, just easy stuff though. It wasn't that easy to bend it at the same time as walking but she could do a bit. In difference to the others Aria didn't want to go close to the town, too many earth bender, too little water. She didn't feel safe without water around herself. Especially if a fire bender would appear.

    She turned and walked back towards the camp, it was a bit of a shock when she saw a new face among them. How many were they going to pick up on their journey? Well, as long as they didn't become a problem for her then she wouldn't care. But a big group of people are easier for enemies to spot so if they get to many then they could get killed because of that. But she could just leave if she thought it were too risky.

    "What's going on?" She asked when she got to the others and gave a fast look at the person that had come in to their camp.


    Zara bowed respectfully down to her father, the fire lord. It was just temporarily, one day the position as the fire lord would be hers.
    "I won't disappoint you father." She said and walked away. She were going to capture the avatar. Since they got to know that the avatar had survived no one had been able to capture him so far. The fire lord started to loose his patience. They couldn't let the avatar spoil their plans no matter what.
  18. "Name's Sachi. The Di Lee were harassing her near me, and you know me. Gotta save everyone." Jing says, only half joking. "She seems like a good person." Then, switching to a sarcastic voice, he said, "Oh, please, mother, let me keep her!" Rolling his eyes, he smiled, "'Sides," He continues, moving to his normal voice, "she doesn't have to stay with us forever. Unless she wants to."
  19. Sachi blushes. She wasn't used to being around so many people all of a sudden. She stayed close to Jing the one she'd actually gotten tot alk to a bit. She smiled sheepishly at the rest and remained quiet. She usually didn't speak unless it was neccessity.
  20. Tori felt a smile pull his lips wider, the camp coming into view as they had lost the Di Lee in the forest. It was no wonder, with all the armor they wore they were terribly slow. The air bender laid his staff against a nearby tree, stretching his arms above his head. "Ahh, that felt good. I needed a run." He mumbled, bringing his arms down. "So, Sachi, what happened to get you into so much trouble with the Di Lee?" he asked the new girl, his tone simply curious, with an undertow of mirth.


    Lyth looked up as his friends began to return to camp, offering up a weak smile to Jericho, though it was short lived as Kai came and wrapped her arms around him, making him uncomfortable, a light blush on his cheeks. "Gah, get off of me you cling on." He spoke, though the insult was said in a joking, friendly manner. The red head sat up, throwing a withering stare at Jing. "The water bending is still as pathetic as ever." He mumbled, bringing up a ball of liquid out of the river and tried to throw it at the man. It fell with a thud back into the water, as if to prove his point of how incompetent he was. A frown pulled at his face. "...If anything, it's gotten worse."
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