Avatar the Last Airbender: The quest to find the Avatar

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  1. Water
    " Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished

    This is the story of the group of 6 who traveled the world, fighting off the fire nations wrath in the quest of locating the avatar.

    I am Leiang Kuzo and i need your help in my quest to locate the avatar, he is the only hope to stop the reign of the firelord. This quest shall not be easy and we will encounter many challenges but if our mission is a success then we will be the saviors of the world, the heroes among the many. The brave ones who took the leap of faith and landed softly in our desired spot. But upon finding the avatar....alive....then and only then will we be able to say that we as a group completed our quest.

    The Soldier (open)

    [​IMG]【CHARACTER NAME - Leiang Kuzo
    Birthday: January 11th
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'0
    Blood Type: O-
    Affiliation: Firebender, Lightning bender
    Occupation:Leader, Former Fire Nation Soldier
    Relatives: A younger Brother

    And this is my group

    The Healer (open)

    【CHARACTER NAME - Sora Ookami 】
    Appearance(picture prefered):[​IMG]
    Birthday: November 3rd
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 140
    Blood Type: A positive
    Affiliation: Water bender/Healer
    Occupation: Currently a traveling healer.
    Relatives: None alive

    The strong Lotus (open)

    CHARACTER NAME -Bihai Sen】
    [​IMG](Ignore the bindi)
    Birthday: June 21st
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 144
    Blood Type: A -
    Affiliation: Earthbender
    Occupation: Jeweler
    Relatives: Mother (deceased)
    Father - Bao Sen (alive)
    Brother - Jin Sen (alive)

    The Sparker (open)

    【CHARACTER NAME - Zada Mai 】
    Appearance(picture prefered):[​IMG]
    Birthday: August 2nd
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4'10"
    Weight: 98 lbs
    Blood Type: A positive
    Affiliation: Firebender-novice lightning bender
    Occupation: N/A
    Relatives: None

    The Nomad (open)

    【CHARACTER NAME - Amihan
    Birthday: Feb15th
    Age: 20
    Gender: female
    Height:170 cm
    Weight: 59 kg
    Blood Type: B-
    Affiliation: Air
    Occupation: Dancer
    Relatives: all deceased

    The Water Warrior (open)


    November 1st








    (I have no idea how to compute a healthy weight)
    Blood Type:


    Trained Water bender Warrior
    Basic healing skills
    Knowledgeable in Animal Breeding and Farming




    Adan Jae Je; an Earth Bender Farmer - Father (deceased)
    Kishana of the Northern Water Tribe - Mother (43)
    Ada Sae Je - Older Sister (25)
    Ira Mae Je - Niece (7)
    Iro Dai Je - Nephew (7)

    The Phoenix (open)

    【CHARACTER NAME - Asha Destrey - Known as The Phoenix

    December 15
    115 lb
    Blood Type
    AB NEG
    Firebending/Lightningbending Master
    Traveler - Wealthy wife of a fallen General
    General Kazumo - Deceased
    She has a Fire Ferret acquired in her earlier years when traveling with her husband - his name is Kizmo. Her firebending is legendary across the world - for she can wield fire enough to create what might appear to be wings on her back, thus marking her as the Phoenix. Also, as said before, she has seen the two dragons of the Sun Warriors, Ran and Shaw, and seen the capability of Fire, thus making her a true Master. Upon realizing what it means to be a bender, she has journeyed far and wide in hopes of finding the Avatar before anyone else...so that she can aid him on his greatest quest. She now rests in Ba Sing Se, where her true journey shall begin.

    The Elegant Pot (open)

    【CHARACTER NAME - Havah Roke
    Birthday: May 19th
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Blood Type: A+
    Affiliation: Earthbender
    Occupation: Potter
    Relatives: Only Hast Crose, her younger brother, still lives. Her parents and her husband Toash were killed in a Fire Nation raid, and she has not seen her brother since then.
    Other: Havah is good friends with Bihai Sen, whose jewelry stall is beside Havah's pottery stall.

    In this group we do not deny skill, we have our own super talent right here!
    Circus Surprise (open)

    [​IMG]CHARACTER NAME -Hast Crose 】
    April 25th
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10
    Blood Type: AB+
    Sword, club, Non-bender
    Occupation: A warrior from the earth nation.
    Relatives: A mother and father died in a fire nation raid.
    Other, After living on the streets as a performer he found out he was well versed in swallowing swords, juggling, and fire breathing without the help of fire-bending he used his skills in a traveling circus to gain money through acts of acrobatic feats.

    This is us, Team Banded together to find and protect the avatar and bring peace to the world...or for short


    Yeaaahh....we'll work on that name
    The bustling noise of Ba Sing Se, Earth-benders Among everyone, Even the School are going on. Its great to see the young boys and girls learning how to use their power for good or to at least help. The subtle scream of a man " MY CABBAGES! " as he sulks to his knees crying as a boulder from a school battle had landed on his cart. Man was it his unlucky day today, but he does not even know what is coming...what is coming to destroy and take what he holds precious and dear, Besides his cabbages of course, But his home even his family. A man wearing a very dark robe and at a very tall height Makes his way through the busy town, Avoiding the running children and the animals that ensue behind them. His mission here was simple, deliver and leave. His feet quick and at times he disappears into the crowd only to reappear a long distance away. This is not the only man wearing black, he seems to be everywhere in every part of the world, Fire nation, Earth Nation, Water Tribes, Air temples. But it seems not to be the same person in the robe. The men in robes leave the letters on the doorstep or directly hand them to the people that must acquire it, Once the letter is handed over the men seemingly disappear into a crowd or forest or water or even thin air. But now focus on a young man leaning back in a chair with his feet on a table, which seems to be inside a tent. His eyes closed, before they ram open and the chair falls back, he lays there on the floor his legs hanging over his head. Before he stands up dusting himself off, This Guy...This kid is Leiang Kuzo, The leader of this new small gathering.

    " OH FIRELORD! THAT HURT! " He smirked at his small pun and walked outside of the tent his hand leading out first as the sun rammed at his eyes trying to make them bleed from its mighty power, He breathed in slowly and he could feel the warm sensation run about his body and through his chakrams. The energy surging and powerfully as he stepped further out into the open were a line of tents sit with names plastered on them " What a beautiful camp ohoho " he said walking towards the end of the camp and stepping out into the open dry land, In the distance a large wall could be seen. The large wall of Ba Sing Se, A magnificent Earth kingdom civilization. He rolled his neck as he made his way forward from the camp still smiling, he was to meet his Quote on Quote Disciple outside of Ba Sing Se, so he better not keep her waiting. He leaned down and touched the earth with his hand and looked forward before breaking out in a blazing run, Literally he has perfect a move in which he projects flames from his heel as he pushed of the ground giving him an extra speed boost, and leaving a cool ass flame trail that disappears afterwards. " Today is a new day! i can feel it! " He said whilst tripping up a bit and rolling forward really fast before doing a handstand flip out of it and continuing running " OW! "​
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  2. Amihan was beyond delighted to see Leiang again. She called aloud but he didn't seem to notice as she was quite far. She took a deep breath, rearranging her hair and the flowers on it and her clothes, the usual dancer garb. It was flashy but she liked it, standing out among the drab browns, reds and greens of most people here.

    Sometimes, she did miss the reds. Reds and oranges.

    She pushed the thought away, breathing in the air of a new adventure as she ran to Leiang. "Lei!" She called louder than earlier. He seemed to be saying something and then-

    He fell. Amihan was alarmed and boosted herself with a high jump to where he was. "Lei! What in the world?! Are you okay?" She tried helping him up.
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  3. It is within the great walls of Ba Sing Se that the Phoenix resides, flowing white hair twisted in braids as a golden and black kimono adorns her sleek, small body. She rests within a small tea shop in the Market District, where she hears the man cry about his cabbages. "That poor man can't catch a break. Perhaps I shall buy one of his cabbages next time to ease his...suffering." A slight snicker to herself as she sips her Jasmine Tea. Since she has moved to Ba Sing Se, she has desired a tea shop of her own...and perhaps one day, she shall get it. But for now, she deals with the flavorless tea they call Jasmine with a pout on her lips. Tea is hard to come by here...it seems no one knows how to make it. Glancing back and forth throughout the building, making sure no one is looking at her, she takes a breath before reheating the cup in her hands.

    It is then that a hand grasps her shoulder. In an instant, the woman is on her feet, in her stance, hands ready to spit fire. The man raises his arms, eyes alarmed beneath the black hood. After realizing he means no harm, Asha smiles and relaxes, knowing she is faster than this man. "Ah, I am sorry I startled you. Old habits. Please, sit...join me for tea...it's surely not the best here, but it's the best you can get in this darned city." A hint of a smile plays on the man's face before he shakes his head, handing her the note and instantly turning to step back outside. Before Asha has a moment to catch the gentleman, he is gone, disappeared into the thick crowd of the streets.

    Opening the note with a raised brow, she reads the writing. Instantly, surprise is on her face. She hasn't heard from Leiang in at least five years. Last time she checked, he had joined the Fire Nation Army in the war against the rest of the world. A sad state for such a grand pupil, she must admit. But if he requires her services, then she shall give them. After all, who better to serve someone so young than an old master? Turning to the owner of the shop, she pulls a few coins from her sleeve, bowing with a smile. "It was a pleasure. Keep working on the Jasmine tea, and I will be back soon enough. Perhaps I might even work for you for a while." A twinkle in her eye as she hands the man the coins to pay for her disreputable tea. He bows back, but by then, she has swept herself into the crowd, on her way out. How to get out...well, that's only for her to know, isn't it?

    An hour or so later, Asha stands on the outsides of the walls, pouting to herself as the sun beats down heavily. On a typical day, when fire comes from her fingers often, this would be a good feeling. But today, she keeps the fire in, making it even hotter for her. She has already changed into something a bit more suitable, and Kizmo sits on her shoulders, his long, narrow body curled around her neck as he sleeps soundly. There, she searches for the young man who requires her services.

    It is only moments when she sees two figures, one of which leaves fire in his wake. That must be Leiang. It is only when he stumbles and goes flying that she sees the other figure...a woman...who can jump at a greater height than should be allowed without fire. Narrowing her eyes, Asha takes a breath before finally letting out the fires within her by projecting herself forward with a blast of blue, green, yellow, and orange flame. In an instant, she is on the two, watching the surviving Airbender with cautious eyes. "You summoned me, child. But who is your friend?"
  4. Some potters used wheels and carving tools. These were usually splattered with some form of mud. Some earthbenders used their skills to fight the fire nation. These hurled boulders, caused earthquakes, and were generally destructive. Some potters poured water over their clay until it was slime. Havah worked with nearly-dry clay. The water just got in the way. She formed her pieces with precise earthbending, and if apiece of dust fell on her dress she bent it off.

    "Bihai," Havah said to the girl in the stall beside hers, "how often does that fellow's cabbage cart get knocked over?" A customer in a dark robe selected a pitcher with a spiraled handle and silently paid and left. "I think he needs a new cart," Havah added as she bent her money pot open and dropped the coins in.

    Havah glanced down at the pot before closing it and was surprised to see a scrap of paper inside. She bent down and retrieved it, then unfolded it. "Leiang Kuzo?" Havah questioned, "I don't know any Leiang-" Oh, yes she did. Before she had settled down in Ba Sing Se, when she was still traveling after the raid, she had met a fellow named Leiang. He had light hair and they had discussed earthbending and the problems with the Fire Nation. But why would he be contacting her? He wanted to meet outside of the city? Havah hadn't been out of the city in months.

    Havah set the note down and absentmindedly sold a small jar. "Bihai," she said, "I think I'll close up early today. Something just came up." She packed up her pottery and completed the short walk home. There she exchanged her wares for a chartreuse hooded cloak and a packed lunch and headed for the Ba Sing Se gate.

    As Havah came upon the camp, she saw some oddly-dressed figures moving about. What sort of person would wear bright pink? "Hello?" Havah called, holding up the note, "I recieved an invitation..."
  5. It was a normal day in Ba Sing Se. People were busy buying and walking through the streets. It wasn't too surprising to see a young girl running through the street away from a strange man in black. He was trying to get the letter to its intended receiver, not this little brat! Her red hair was extremely noticeable in the crowd of black and brown hair. Her black clothes were dirty and ragged. One could say she was a street rat, an orphan. Whatever she was, she had a letter meant for someone else and somehow managed to hide from the man.

    Zada laughed as she gave the man the slip. This was almost as fun as stealing a cabbage from the cabbage man! The young girl quickly tore open the letter, wanting to see what was so important. Once her eyes reached the word 'Avatar', she knew what, or who, the big deal was. She crumpled up the letter and shoved it into her pocket. It was time to go and check this Leiang person. Maybe he would finally have something that might be of use to her.

    So the dirty girl started to run toward where the person said to meet up. Maybe she could steal a meal from him, if anything else. When she came across the camp, she hid. People. She didn't think there would actually be people! And strange looking people too. She felt a bit of panic rise up in her chest. It was a trap, wasn't it? The police finally found her! She was going to be sent to the dungeons of the earth kingdom, or worse, killed in her homeland. Her mother and father would be ashamed to see her dead so soon. She poked her head out from behind her hiding spot, not knowing that even though she 'hid' she had stepped out and just given away her position. How had she survived on the streets again?
  6. Sora was taking a nap in a small ally in the city of Ba Sing Se. She had grown pretty tired from her travels but didnt want to pay for a room just for a nap so she sat against a wall in a empty ally. Her knees slightly bent and her arms resting against them, she had closed her eyes and was out nearly instantly. Sora woke up to a persistent poking in her ribs that wasnt pleasant. She grumbles and opens her eyes squinting in the harsh morning midday light, she looks up seeing a strange man clad in a dark robe, he was holding a long stick that he had been poking her with. Frowning she mutters "Thats not a very polite way to wake somebody you know" He just grins and shakes his head before tossing a letter to her. She catches it looking at the front confused, when she looked back up to ask what it was for the man was gone.

    Hmm that was odd...Shrugging she opened the letter reading it, interesting....It seems somebody by the name of Leiang Kuzo was summoning her. It intrigued her, she slips the letter into her shorts pocket before standing up. She yawns softly and stretches her cramped muscles, readjusting her clothes before setting off too the location listed in the letter.

    When she arrives at the boisterous camp she cant help but smile at the interesting small group standing in the middle of camp. Sora took a guess that they were the right people, walking up to them she waves a greeting with a friendly smile on her lips, her azure eyes bright. "Hello, I received a summon from a Leiang Kuzo?" Her voice is deep and smooth almost seductive.

    ((This is her outfit))

  7. Hast unsheathed two swords and began to throw up one sword then altered the other sword to his hand and the caught the other airborne one then began to juggle the two then he drew another one juggling three swords, then four, he started to sing a little ditty, "One, two three four, swords in the the sky they soar, one two three four they fall back to the earth once more!" and with that he caught two swords in each hand. he put down three of them and he looked to the group of spectators. "Who here thinks it is impossible to swallow a sword?" a small group of kids voted by cheers. "OH IS THAT SO?" he smiled as he took up the blade and slowly began to lower the blade into his mouth and then with moments he had the blade up to its hilt and he held out his hands to show it was no trick. he then carefully removed it and bowed as the crowed approved. He bowed again as people began to trickle away some of them gave him change from their pockets. He thanked them as he moved to his stuff in a pile by the circus tents. he saw a letter by his swords. he lifted it and inspected it. he opened it and it was a location marked on a map. he was weary but he was growing tired of the life he currently lead. ever since the death of his mother, father, and elder sister he was taken in by the wandering circus. he decided why not.

    Approaching the circus master he gotten to know as a dear friend. "I have a feeling its time for me to move on..." he smiled weakly. His friend smiled and nodded. "i had a feeling this would happen on day. Go ahead. but keep in contact, you know our route if you ever in a pinch just ask." he placed his hand on Hast's shoulder. Hast nodded. he left the circus and walked. his steps were confident he didnt know what was in store for him but he was looking forward to it. He walked to the designated meeting area. he simply found a spot by a nearby rock where he could observe what meeting this was. He did not trust this Leiang fellow but he was not a man to turn down opportunity. He placed his four swords across his chest as he sat down crossing his legs.
  8. "He should probably invest in a new trade." Bihai laughed in response to her friend's inquiry. Before she could say more, Havah got up and bid her farewell, saying something about closing early. "Huh--Wait--" But her friend was already gone. Bihai sighed, slumping back against her chair and digging some more gem stones out to polish. After polishing a bright blue gem until it shone, she used her bending to drill a tiny hole into it, and slipped a thick thread into the hole. As she centered the gem in the middle of the thread, a shadow fell across her and she glanced up to see a man clad in a large black cloak.

    "Oh um-- Hello? Are you hear to buy something? I have--" But before she could finish her sentence, the man placed a letter down in front of her and melted back into the crowd. Bihai eyed the letter curiously debating on whether she should open it now or wait until her father or brother came to open it then. After a few minutes of intense staring, she let out a huff and snatched the letter up. "I'm a big girl, I shouldn't have to rely on my daddy for everything." She muttered before carefully tearing the letter open.

    "Leiang Kuzo? Who in the world is that?" She mumbled to herself, but she began to pack up anyway. She had never received a summoning before and she was eager to find out why she had been summoned. She resisted the urge to run home to her father and tell him about it because she knew he would only tell her to stay home while he attended in her place. Sometimes her dad was just too overprotective.

    "Um, Miss Sheng! Please tell my father that I'll be back soon!" Bihai called as she dashed off in the direction of the meeting place, with excitement and dread in her heart. Excitement for what the summoning could possibly be about and dread because she knew her father was going to kill her.

    She skidded to a stop when she reached the meeting place, her eyes widening in surprise. There were quite a few people there already and-- "Havah!" Bihai called out, running over to approach her friend.
  9. Amihan winced in surprise as a woman sped to where they were. She stood between the firebender woman and Leiang and set her people skills to work.

    "My name is Amihan." She said with her signature welcoming smile. She knew the woman could be trouble, but Amihan lives for danger now [and for Leiang]. She bowed as the Earth citizens do, having learned its customs in her years there. "I am companion to this man." Yes, companion. Whatever that implied is up to the woman to figure out, Amihan hadn't really figured out how Leiang saw her either. And no, he was no child, he's a man, an attractive one! How dare this woman call him a child.

    But she set her best smile on her face because this woman was also invited by Leiang after all. She must be pretty reliable and Amihan trusts Leiang's judgement.
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  10. Ama Bae Je walked beside the cart that held all of his Sheeppo cattle. He hummed a small tune and smiled at his Chimpankeet companion as they entered Ba Sing Se. It was offered him something new every time he came over. His odd-colored eye looked around and gave the pitiful Cabbage Merchant an understanding look. His nephew was an earth bender and he ruined many of his good crops back home. He felt his pain.

    His sister gave him an amused smile and he shrugged right back. Just as he turned around, he gave a startled squeak and dropped the Sheeppo cub he was holding. His Chimpankeet flew over his head in a protective manner.

    Really dude, you shouldn't startled people!" he told the person in a black garb and automatically accepted the black envelope that was thrust in his hands. "What's thi---OIE!" he called out as the strange black dude ran into the crowd.

    ...what on..." he stopped his train of thought and opened the letter. Scratching his Chimpankeet slightly as he read it. "Leiang Kuzo?" he voiced out and frowned. "...sounds Fire Nation-ey, doesn't it Chimpy?" he asked his chimp-bird companion. The odd hybrid gave a crooning sound and he smiled at it.

    Ama Bae Je!" a voice called behind him. Turning around, Ama saw his sister's frustrated look. "Oops." he said and handed her the cub that was left. Ada Sae Je rolled her eyes and huffed. Ama looked back at the letter and found himself curious.

    Who was this Fire Dude that spoke of the Avatar so casually? Because really, it sounded so cool. Ama looked at his Chimp...bird and smiled. He ran towards the gates of Ba Sing Se, hoping to get some sort of explanation.

    ...or it could be a trap. A trap meant to capture water benders in search of the Northern Water Tribe. But Ama was confident he could walk in a trap and get out relatively safe...ish. "
    I'll be gone for awhile Ada! If I don't get back by nightfall, go back home on your own!" he called back to his elder sister. "And stop flirting!"

    He continued on without waiting for his response. Though he could sense she rolled her eyes.

    He arrived outside to see a girl jump high to a man that fell and had fire trailing behind him. He slowly approached, his eyes looking around for any signs of reinforcements. He spotted an woman about his mother's age approach them both. Followed by others arriving, one by one...by one by one. Wait, how many people were looking for this dude again?
    He waited for something to happen.

    But they were just...talking.

    "Well that was boring." he told the Chimpankeet on his shoulder. Approaching the party, he waved slightly with an indifferent expression. "Hello~♫" he greeted.
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  11. As Amihan picked him up off the floor he smiled a small blush ran across his cheeks, her beauty was captivating and he couldn't help catch himself just staring at her sometimes but he acts as if he does not notice her while in fact he knows he does. He rubbed the back of his neck stretching and groaning a bit, " I have not perfected that running technique as much as i have the soaring one either " he said turning to look at an old friend coming onto the scene, a smile that had never been seen before came to his face. But amihan stepped infront of him making him smile still, she was so protective, he loved it. He put a hand on Amihan's shoulder and nodded to her before he rushed forward into Asha hugging onto her as if she was his mother " Asha! its been so long, since ive last seen you " he was pretty much hugging her waist, so he was wagging his but as if he had a tail, he finished his moment of remembering the past and stood up straight, cleaning off his jacket. " How is Kizmo? " he rubbed his chin " or at least that's what i thought his name was. But talking about the old days could wait for the moment, he walked over towards Havah with a smile " Yes i invited you, i am Leiang, which you probably already know. But i require your skill and beauty for this mission, if you do not mind joining me and the rest of us here " He smiled as he smiled his eye caught a young girl hiding from the group, he smirked it was perfect he now had a thief among the group to which would come in handy later in the days, Then sora had arrived the healer, He turned and walked over to her smiling " I am Leiang, and yes i have i guess summoned you, i am in need of a healer for my group and i am sure that would be a spot you could fit " His eyes then landing on Hast who sat away from the group, he walked over to him slowly " I enjoy your performances " Leiang said " I am Leiang if you could not tell already, and i require your skills to help me on my mission, if you choose to stay with us, come join the rest of the group if not, i suggest you continue on your way with your group, but i do say it would be sad to see you go " Leiang knew enough about the group due to the fact that the hooded figures had followed the group individually for some while, as leiang had planned to find his group. Which now Bihai has arrived to the scene in a happy mood to see her apparent friend Havah. He nodded and looked over to Ama be Je who arrived on the scene next and last, a smile still on his face as he made his way over " The warrior is here " Leiang said with a smirk " I am Leiang, and i need you adequate skill with swords and water bending to help me, please do say you are going to stay " he nodded as he waved him on to join the rest of the group. But as he walked her turned and bolted towards were Zada hid and just caught her by the waist, lifting her up off the ground and tucking her under his arm " Caught ya, glad i got a thief, come on " he said walking towards the group.
  12. Zada had just been observing when the man picked her up. She wasn't ready for that. "Hey! What are you doing? Put me down!" She squirmed in his hold, starting to kick out. What was he going to do with her? "I'm no thief! Put me down!" She made a bit of fire spark out of her hands, only coming in short enough bursts that it didn't harm anyone. The young girl felt almost useless in the man's arms.
  13. Amihan huffed, but put on her best self. This is a big day for Leiang, therefore she's going to cooperate. "Shall we settle somewhere in the shade first? We all can talk much better where it's a bit cooler." She followed Leiang almost automatically. She smiled at the girl he was holding and patted her head. "Careful with the flames, honey."
  14. Havah's eyes lit up as she saw Bihai arrive. She had not expected her friend to follow her, but it was good to have a familiar face amongst these odd folks. Before she could greet Bihai in return, she was greeted by Leiang. "Yes, I invited you; I am Leiang, which you probably already know. But I require your skill and beauty for this mission, if you do not mind joining me and the rest of us here." Havah raised an eyebrow. Leiang was more exuberant than she remembered. What was the mission he spoke of, and what had it to do with beauty? Before Havah could ask, the host was off welcoming other arrivals.

    Leiang scooped up a small red-haired girl, and she responded with fire. Havah narrowed her eyebrows. Fire-bender. Child or not, Havah wanted nothing to do with her. She turned on her heal to face away from Leiang and the girl, unintentionally turning toward Bihai. "I hope he changes his mind about the thief now that he's seen what she is," Hava confided.
  15. Zada frowned, quickly stopping her firebending. "I'm not a child..." She muttered as Leiang continued to carry her. She was being carried by a man who just saw her using firebending. She felt fear crawl up her spine as she looked back at the group, seeing the disdain and contempt in Havah's expression. They hated her now. She just knew it. It looked like her charade was up.

    "You going to kill me now? Drown me? Throw a rock at me? Something?" She asked, having heard stories from the other kids. Punishments for being a firebender were insane in some of the nations. In Ba Sing Se it was suppose to be being buried alive. She didn't want to be buried alive or dead at all! She wanted to grow up and fix the fire nation! She felt tears prick her eyes as she started to shake.
  16. Ama Bae Je wasn't really expecting that. He expected this "Leiang" to be more...suave and cool. He shrugged it of and walked with them. He smiled lightly, a thief. Huh. What an odd group of people.

    "Why should I trust you?" he called out to the group in general, not once moving from his spot. "How do I know you're not just going to torture me to figure out where our tribes are?"

    He looked them over, one by one. "How do I know these people aren't paid actors?"

    "I mean, the girls are way too pretty to be around you." he threw in with a glance at the girls.
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  17. Bihai frowned at what Havah had said but didn't say anything in return. Sure she disliked firebenders as much as the next girl, but when it was a child it was different somehow. Maybe because Bihai was still a child herself, she couldn't find any hatred to harbor against the firebender girl. Discomfort yes, but no hatred.

    So stepping forward quickly, she planted herself in front of the man--Leiang and snapped, "Put her down! She's obviously uncomfortable with you hauling her around like that! She's a person not a sack of potatoes!" Bihai's heart hammered against her rib cage quickly. She had never confronted anyone other than her brother before, and even then her dad was always there to ease the tension. Now she was alone, and she didn't know what the man would do to her for snapping at him. She felt the familiar tingle in her toes as she summoned a few rocks to her side, just in case.
  18. A smile sliding slowly across his face " Why should you trust me? well " he said setting the girl down giving her a glance before looking over to Ama " If i wanted to find the tribes, i would have already since i have found you, and another water tribe member, see my point?, i have no time to go about killing a tribe for what cause? i only wish for peace in this new chaotic ensued world. " his face dull of emotion, he still has a deep fire nation soldier burning in him but it is suppressed easily " But if you do not trust me, then i suggest you leave now, as trust is something required in this group " he turned his back on him now, and looked down at the child " I was hoping i would get someone older but i guess you will have to do little fire bender " He said crossing his arms " i need your light movement, and small figure anyways, especially when in need of stealing something " he said nodding his head " Now i trust that you will make the right decision here in joining this little party, or be sent to jail for theft " he said smirking. He looked at Bihai who was at the ready for an attack " You defend the girl as if you know her, good that's something i like, but what happens if i didnt pick her up and she went on a path of destruction, burning down the camp and shooting fire at all of us, that would suck " he said rubbing his chin " that would really suck " he then looked at the group once more " but for all you who dont know, well, i am a fire bender " his face stern " a former fire nation soldier to be exact, felt as if you guys should work with me, you should know that " he looked at all of them " i am not here to take what you have or to kill you, i am simply here to try and change the fate of this world " he paused closing his eyes then opening them again " As we speak the fire nation plans on destroying and or taking anything that they want or that stands in their way of taking the world as their own " He felt a heavy load on his chest " Now i will give you all the option right now, Either stay and fight against the fire nation with me, or leave and wait for the death of your families and the enslavement of your people " His hands behind his back he stood tall his odd white hair flickering in the wind that slowly rolled over the dry land
  19. "Hey!" Amihan said sharply, disapproving the verbal attack on Leiang. She stepped between the girls and him. He may not have been that much affected, but her fierce loyalty to him was rooted to his change of heart. She won't just stand as they question his morality. "Okay, listen. All of you. Let's start this again."

    She unpinned her hair and lifted it off her forehead, revealing the tip of a blue arrow, its point a little below the middle of her eyebrows. "I'm an airbender from the East Temple, I trained under Sister Iio, I met the Avatar before...the Great Comet and the attack." She began to rearrange her hair as she continued. "I normally cover my Arrow when I work...anyway, if Lei's loyalties lie to Firelord Sozin, I should be dead by now, before he'd have any interest of gathering you."

    "We all have one enemy-Sozin, and the whole world needs only Avatar Aang. That's why Lei chose all of you to come here. Well, most of you." She gave the firebender girl a shrug and a look. "We have to find him, help him master the elements and...possibly help him bring down Sozin's tyranny. It's his rule we're supposed to be up against, not all firebenders. That much, I'm aware of. Anything else you all want to question about this?"

    She turned her head to the one who insulted Leiang and said stubbornly, "And for you to know he's very attra-oh." She paused and looked at him closely. "The great city's a big place but I might have seen you before. I never forget a face."
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  20. Sora nodded to Leiang before he moved on to greet others, already suspecting thats what he wished of her. She smiles as he catches and picks up the young girl who was quite feisty, she loved the spirit of youth and she was obviously a pretty fearless one. She walks over closer to the group watching the events play out before speaking in a soft but determined voice. "I will follow you Leiang, I wish to help end this war and I dont care what kind of benders I work with. I dont judge on where someone comes from, I judge on their heart and soul." She smiles politely to the group
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