Avatar the Last Airbender Signups

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  1. Here's the breakdown for ya. XD

    Element: (Can be N/A)
    Appearance: (Can be described or depicted in a pic.)
    Relation to the series: (Can be N/A this is like which character are you replacing)
    Other: (Anything else we'd need or you'd like us to know)
  2. Question: Are we keeping to the original age group? 12-16? Or can we make them a bit older?
  3. We can make it a bit older. I prefer a little older than that actually lol
  4. Name: Zara Hitachi
    Age: 19
    Element: Fire
    Appearance: Hair goes a bit over the shoulders and is dark brown, she's about 1,67 meters, mostly wears red or red-brown clothes.
    Past: Comes from the royal family from the fire nation, she were trained from early age both in weapon and fire use. Have a few people that she actually would call friends but doesn't hold so many close to herself because that could become her weakness. Mother is deceased, father is the fire lord. Gets sent out to catch the avatar when they get to know about him.
    Relation to the series: Very much like Azula (at some points she is like Zuko too)
    Other: She gets a bit obsessed with catching the avatar once she finds out he/she is alive.

    Name: Aria Tajmah
    Age: 18
    Element: Water
    Past: Her mother were killed by fire users, but even so she never felt any grudge against them for that. She grew up with her father that teach her to live in the present and not in the past, so she learned to never seek revenge. Her father tried to never get close to anyone and never trust anyone which she took after him. Because they were poor her father took any job he could find, he could betray people at any moment if someone else gave him an higher prize or if he thought he would have better chances of succeeding in another kind of job, so she learned to do that as well after her father. Also she got to learn water bending from her father.
    At the age of fifteen her father sold her as a slave to earn money, which learned her once again that you can never trust anyone. Once she were able to escape she found her father and killed him. That was the only time she ever had taken revenge for anything.

    Relation to the series:N/A
    Personality (or something like that): Decides to help the avatar but could betray him/her at any time if it would fit her better. She could do almost anything for money and doesn't really care about people that much even though she makes it look like she does.
  5. Name: Sachi Hikari
    Age: 18
    Element: water
    Appearance: (for the record, this will be very contradicting lol as for the hair, I always saw it attributed to firenation though you never saw it in the series) She has red hair, blue eyes, she's about 5'3.

    Past: Will be revealed through the rp, as well as the reasons for contradicing appearance (course i'm sure that one gave it away)
    Relation to the series: N/A
    Other: She is constantly trying to escape her father for reasons she won't reveal to anyone. She doesn't appear to have a mother.
  6. Name: Tori Avalon
    Age: 19
    Element: Air
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Past: When Tori was a bright and engaging youngster, his days spent in play with other children. All that was changed when, at a young age, Tori was found to be the avatar. He was taken from his family, and brought to the Southern Air Temple. No longer was he allowed to "waste his days" playing child games, forced to study and practice his bending skills, until he was a master of air. Bored and isolated, Tori ran from his responsibility as the Avatar, and headed out into the world.
    Relation to the series: Avatar
    Other: None for now.

    Name: Lyth
    Age: 19
    Element: Water
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Past: (forthcoming)
    Relation to the series: N/A
    Other: He can't stand anything to do with fish
  7. It won't let me see Lyth's pic.
  8. Completed the bio :) (just so you know xD ahaha)
  9. I likes it. XDD
  10. are you doing a different story or is it gonna be about the same as the show? and who is going to be the avatar if at all possible, I would like to be if not that's cool too.
  11. kk cool. I'll post my bio later on tonight.
  12. Alrighty XD
  13. Idk, for some reason it just isn't letting me see. And we're waiting on two more bios then we can start up.
  14. Name: Oki Huan
    Age: 18
    Element: Fire
    Appearance: 123.jpg
    Past: Was the Avatar before Tori. Found as the Avatar just days before her untimely death, Oki never properly learned the four elements. A few days after becoming the Avatar, a large earthquake destroyed the town she lived in, along with her and her family.
    Relation to the series: Avatar Roku
    Other: Is definitely a minor character, and will appear very rarely. She is headstrong in her beliefs, and thinks the Fire Nation above all the other elements.

    Name: Wu Jing
    Age: 19
    Element: Earth
    Appearance: 123.jpg
    Past: Orphaned at a young age, Wu thinks he doesn't need anybody. However, once you get to know him, he becomes a very protective and caring friend. When he was ten, his earthbending skills were discovered, and he's been training ever since. When his friends are in danger, he goes overboard, not caring for himself.
    Relation to the series: Toph
    Other: Goes by Jing. Hates his given name.

    I can do another character since Oki is a part-time one
  15. Whether you wanna do another or not is up to you. XD
  16. I might if I find need for one, maybe. IDK, maybe. Maybe, if there's need for one...Maybe..
  17. lol Ok. That one's up to you.