Avatar: The Last Airbender: My Own Story. |MxM|

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  1. Okay, so I've been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and if really love to rp it! :) Anyways, I have an idea for the two characters. I was thinking it could take place at the time Aang just found out he was the Avatar, however I was also thinking that instead of having Aang as the Avatar it is someone else, one of our characters! ^.^

    Muse A is the avatar, he is also, the last Airbender. However he has not discovered his roots... That he is actually an Airbender... Because he was raised as a firebender. And because of the traumatic experiences he went through, seeing his friends die and get slaughtered around him, Muse A blocked off those memories and could not remember them... Thus, forgetting his Airbender heritage. One of the few kind and trustworthy firebender families, took Muse A. They were an older couple, and had no children of their own, however desperately wanted one... And they got it, and more than they bargained for. However, they decided it was best if Muse A were to forget the awful things that happen to him, so they decided to keep it that way, and bring him up as firebender instead. After all, he was the Avatar, master of all four elements, and they had no problem disguising him as just a simple firebender.

    Things started to change though, once Muse A turned sixteen. Strange things continued to occur. Like the strange markings on his arms, legs, and head began to glow sometimes. His parents would not tell him how he came by them, and would force him to wear long shirts and pants, and even had bangs grow out longer to cover the mark on his head. Not only that, but sometimes when he was sad or angry or even too excited, gusts of strong wind would tug and pull at him... As if trying to tell him something.... And finally, the strange dreams he kept having, or perhaps more nightmares than dreams. Nightmares of people burning, of ancient temples crumbling, and him witnessing the whole thing before running.

    Muse B happens to be the Firelord's son(not the actual prince, an OC), and he is sent out with the task to make sure that no Airbender had ever escaped the firebender's wrath... That they had made sure the Avatar was dead, and stayed dead. Muse B comes to the town under the guise of just a traveler, a wanderer, that Muse A is in. Each town, village, city, he goes through he makes sure to check thoroughly for any stray/ rogue Airbender's that could have escaped... Now he never had really crossed path's with an actual Airbender before, mostly just petty thieves, criminals, or the common rabble... But not for long, not until he meets Muse A... Possibly the last Airbender alive... And the one and only Avatar.



    1) I would like to play Muse A/The Avatar please. :3

    2) No you do not have to have seen all of the show! You could have seen just the movie for all I care, as long as you get the gist of it please and aren't completely clueless! We are kind of doing are own thing really. ^.^

    3) I am a descriptive, third person roleplayer, and I expect my partner does the same! No first person! XP

    4) 1-3 or more paragraphs please!

    5) Smut and other mature themes will happen of course. ;)

    6) I am also looking for a dominant/top/seme. My characters are usually feisty and most likely power bottoms. I like feisty characters, they aren't fun when docile! >.< After all, they both will be playing with fire. ;)

    7) I don't mind starting the rp. ^.^

    8) Anime pictures for this obviously! XD

    9) If you have any ideas you'd like to contribute either now or as we rp, don't hesitate to tell me! :D

    10) Threads only! I don't want to rp through pm's.

    11) Most importantly, have fun!! <3
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