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  1. In the first post lets publish our characters, and then we can start the RP

    My Character:
    Name: Temujin Gohson
    Age: 23
    Family: Sister: Sango (blonde, likes mechanics and is pretty inventive), Father: Goh Koison
    Nature: Protective
    Behaviour: Gentle
    Bending: Earth, Metal
    Martial art: Hung Gar
    Friends and companions: Toph (a megamasive badger mole), Omashu's guards.
    History: His parents were good people and rose him in the old manners of a decadent nobility. His father was an old noble guard and always loved his family. Although mister Goh is now 56 years old, he is still one of the head guards of the city. His mother was a loving and good woman, but died in giving birth to his sister, sango. Since her birth, Temujin has always protected her and has sworn to look after her 'till she finds a man he approves and that can protect her.
    When temujin was only a child he found a enormus female badger mole in a pit where he was playing. Since then, they've been friends and he has learnt everything he knows about earthbending from her.
    Around his 16 he started to work as a guard with his father, but one day and thanks to Toph's teachings, he found he was the only MetalBender of the neighborhood, so he started his own smithy, where he has been working ever since.

    Looks: 2,12m (7 feet) brown hair, toasted skin, green eyes, beefy and strong. Always has his fellow hammer by the side and a little metal belt.
    Has a long and cared hair, and a full (but short and bruised) beard.

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  2. Name: Azora Taroph
    Age: 17
    Family: Kark Taroph (Father) Janellette Taroph (Mother)
    Nature: Clam
    Behavior: Gentle, Kind, Curious
    Bending:Water, Ice, Snow
    Martial Art: Ku
    Friends and companions: Most of the tribes healers, Kazza she meet him in the tribe by there parents they have been great friends since they were three.

    History: Azora grew up in the Northen Water Tribe. When she has free time she handgs with her friend Kazza. The two would usually get into a lot of trouble because of there curiosity.

    Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, height 5'5", weight 120, small and skinny but strong for her size.


    Extra: Azora keeps a pouch filled with water just in case she needs it for anything.
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  3. Just a thing: After the episode between katara and master pachi, women in the north water tribe have been able to learn waterbending, reluctantly, true, but you could be a full waterbender.

    And by the way, all bendings are based in moves of a diferent martial art: From kung fu, the hung gar makes earthbending's base. Northern Kung fu shiaolin is firebending's base, and tai chi chuan, especifically the Ku branch, and pa kua chang would be airbending.
    Obviously you can know jiujitsu, but as a waterbender your base martial art is Ku

    Just pointing out.
  4. Okay I can fix it I wasn't sure what episode we were going from I'll have it fixed in a bit.
  5. Okay I edited it let me know if I need to fix something else.
  6. we'rw starting after aang's death but previously (or in a parallel universe) from korra
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  7. hey, what's an occ?
  8. My Character
    Name: Lyuzen (Optional Last Name: Audisa)

    Well-known/Global Name: Kurimuzon Aido Doragon

    Age: 19 years of age

    Family: Father - Kris Audisa(Deceased)/ Mother - Carrlya Audisa(Deceased)

    Nature: Cautious and Alert

    Behaviour: Playful/Wise

    Bending: Fire, Smoke, Lava, Lightning Bending

    Martial art: Shaolin Wushu

    Friends and companions: Impah (Reptile/Wolf Hybrid - Fast on ground and in water; can breathe fire when in the sun)

    History: Raised in the most prestigious Fire Nation district, Lyuzen was a high priced son of a very wealthy family. Lyuzen didn't care much the riches or the suave his household and lifestyle had to offer, he cared mostly for his arts in Fire Bending. Lyuzen was an excellent Fire Bender trained by some of the Fire Nation's best teachers since he was 4 years old. When Lyuzen became 7 years old, he was training alone in his court yard. A scream sounded through his ears from inside his house. When Lyuzen made it inside, he found his father standing over his mother's dead body. When the father approached the confused and teary eyed Lyuzen, Lyuzen defended himself with fire and burned his father down in one shot. Both his parents now gone, one by his own hands, the young child broke down. He laid there between the bodies of his dead parents crying his eyes out till he fell asleep. Then suddenly, a strange beast spirit appeared inside the house. It looked about Lyuzen and his parents, a truly sad expression slowly covering its face. The beast spirit took Lyuzen into the forest with them, and decided to raise the boy to live with the spirits seeing as he had no where else to possibly go. Many years had passed and now Lyuzen had became a nice young man. Having lived with the creatures of the forest, Lyuzen seemed quite happy. His past was hazy now, not sure how he got to the forest nor where he himself comes from. Knowing that he is human at the very least, Lyuzen goes out in order to find his parents and discover who he was before.

    Looks: Medium Black Hair laced w/ Red Streaks; Crimson Red Eyes; 182.7 cm tall and 115 lbs

    Pictures: Will be drawn~

    Note: I only hope Fire Bender wasn't taken since someone already got Water Bender.​
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  9. Out of Character is OOC, And the IC is In Character. The OOC is where the group usually chats and IC is usually the RP.
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  10. oooo, i knew it as On-Role and Off-role.

    There are 5 of us, so there is some that will be repeated. How ever, one of us may want to be the avatar, but i hardly discourage that. Won't be so fun if someone has to do that role.

    Also, ¿What should be the power limit? i mean, i wouldn't like you to throw lightnings as punchs, and i'm shure you wouldn't like me throwing the andes mountains.

    Someone speaks spanish, by the way?
  11. I have an idea if you don't mind.

    Fire - Can breathe fire only when under the sun (Breathing fire was rendered to be the most difficult and powerful technique amongst fire benders.)
    Water - Can blood bend only when under the moon (Blood bending is still a underminded technique and many water benders don't use it. But its' most effective unless trained properly, under the moon.)
    Earth - Can bend metal and sand, but cannot create materials like diamond and iron from the earth (Though its possible, I'd rather not have benders creating a crap load of metal whenever their stuck in the rocky mountains to help them survive. Earth benders are adapters so learn to adapt to your surroundings with your current resources. Diamon and iron however can be made by earth bending needs only when the necessary ingredients are present within the ground wherever an earth bender may be.)
    Air - Can fly only with a flight mechanism. (Flying is still mostly for earth benders despite air ships and war balloons. So, air benders can solely fly using a glider of some sort.)
    Avatar - Unless within the Avatar State, the Avatar cannot use combine elements to create more powerful moves unless specified.

    If you don't understand this too well, you can use it to incorperate your own limitations on your elements.

    And if its okay with ya', I'll change to the Avatar. I don't mind it, and don't really take part in being op so I'd be a pretty weak avatar. With my background being that Lyuzen was raised in the forest, it would fit him better if you'd like. I leave it up to you. But anyway, this is just an example of elemental limitations.
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  12. as i said, i wouldn't like the avatar in the party, but i'll bend to the most.

    I'd like that, but breathing fire should be easier than throwing lightnings, and in the last bit of the last episode when azula is chained by katara's ice, she is in the shadows but breathes fire all the same.
    Fire benders should also bend magma as seen in one of the little spin offs

    And by the way, i got this in my room's door:
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  13. Happy halloween, although i don't know if you celebrate it.
    I, myself, don't.

    Where are you from?
  14. Happy Halloween! I sort of do/don't celebrate it. I'm from the US, just in case you're out of country. Lol I was born in Elyrie, Ohio and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.
  15. I'm from argentina XD South of the south, dude
  16. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'm from the US I mean Azreath. But anyways I do try to celebrate Halloween. :devil::raven:
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  17. Just gonna throw this out there, I have a mega-huge crush on Raven.

    Anyway, good to see a fellow resident of US- I mean Azerath! Lol ^-^
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  18. me too, dude. she was so kind and tormented that i felt pity and emphaty for her at the same time.

    Also xiaolin showdown is a hell of a cartoon
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  19. Thanks. Your are both one of the few that I have meet that like Raven. Most go for Starfire I mean Kori and I have never known really why.

    I've been re-watching it lately and I'm thinking about making a Xaiolin Showdown: New Generation RP but I'm still making the details. And it's always cool to meet new people from all over.
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