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    The Avatar Roku has disappeared two years ago and the Fire Nation has began to invade the other kingdoms, destroying the previous era of peace. Without the hope of the Avatar's rescue small factions of warriors have come together to try and fight the war against the fire nation on their own. A group of warriors have come together in the city of Xiu Ying Tse just before an attack from the Fire Nation.

    This is where the characters enter in the city of Xiu Ying Tse right before the Fire Nation attacks.

    Character List
    Minoru - Vay (Firebender)
    Akemi Haruto - Kitti (Airbender)
    Kurai - Alarice (Fire Nation)
    Fei Long - Archy (Firebender)
    Tenzing - Ramses (Airbender)
    Orion - Orion (Waterbender)
    Suzumi Kiyomizu - Zypher (Waterbender)
    Iki-Ryo - Loveless (Firebender)
    Barret Kiwanja - Redd (Earthbender)
    Kiyo - Tuxedo (Airbender)
    Risa Aran - Tuxedo (Earth Kingdom)
    Jian-Ai - Shiny (Earthbender)

    Asuka - Alarice
    Ts'ao - Alarice
    Yuan Ping - Zypher


    Character Name:
    Name Meaning:
    Zodiac Sign:
    Place of Birth: (Kingdom/Nation)
    Current Residence:


    Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:
    Fondest Memory:
    Biggest Regret:


    Special Items:


    General History:

    Present Life:

    Special Historic Notes:
  2. Totally going to be a fire nation girl, probably one who does sword dancing.
  3. Will submit one ^^
  4. John

    He reached over and held her hand. "You're right. We've got this." He smiled at her.


    "I have some cash as well. Sure, let's go."
  5. Belle

    "Morty...he was good at seeing how people functioned with each other. He was a good relationship person to go to, although he had horrible luck himself with the ladies."


    "Very much so." She grimaced "Fight, for my amusement!" She teased then glanced at him in surprise "You sure? I can take care of it."

    Character Name: Kurai
    Name Meaning: "Darkness"
    Alias: Kurai, "K"
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 27
    B-Day: March 24
    Zodiac Sign: Aries
    Bloodtype: A
    Place of Birth: Fire Nation
    Current Residence: Unknown; wandering
    Occupation: Bounty hunter ... Gotta pay the bills somehow.
    Family: Eel hound, named Jin! One ex-husband (deceased); parents are still alive; only child
    Gemstone: Hematite


    Height: 5'6"
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Gray
    Distinguishing Marks: A birthmark on her left hip that looks like a rough crescent moon; a large burn about the size of her palm on the left side of her chest, a side view of a Dragon Hawk, talons outstretched to the ground and wings in a "V" (see "History" for details)
    General Appearance: Slender, lithe, Kurai is athletic, something she hides well from her family and peers with baggy clothing. She has lightly tanned skin from her days outdoors and her fingers have calluses hinting at hard work which is why she often had her hands tucked into wide sleeves when around her family and peers. Secretly she likes to wear pants under a skirt and robe and with her hair tied back.
    Strengths: She is quick on her feet and adept with all types of weapons! Plus, she's pretty strong for her size!
    Weaknesses: She can't tolerate alcohol and she can't digest meat at all, forcing her to be a vegetarian!


    Allies: Her eel hound!
    Enemies: Everyone else!
    Current Goal/Purpose: To find out for herself if her husband is dead or not; to bring his body back to the city to give it the burial it deserves
    Aspirations: She once dreamed of raising a family and living with her husband to a ripe old age ... Those days are dead and gone.
    Hobbies: Riding her eel hound; fighting with her weapons; kicking ass ...
    Likes: Playing card games; reading; her eel hound
    Dislikes: Playing board games; sleeping early; having to wake up early
    Talents: Fighting; pickpocketing; riding her eel hound; taming wild animals
    Inabilities: Eating meat; forgiving people should they lie to her; harming kids
    Fears: That her husband is truly dead! That she will never love again!
    General Personality: Kurai is an intelligent, resourceful female who is used to getting her way on things. She does not take no for an answer, refuses to fail, and tackles challenges as they come. She doesn't beat around the bush and she prefers others don't beat around the bush either. She has a personal dislike for politicians as they are "far worst than thieves" and believe thieves have a bad reputation for no reason.
    Inner Personality: Kurai is a woman one does well not to betray or slight in the least. She is vindictive and although she might have passionate temper tantrums, it is when she is calm you have the most to fear. That's when she starts plotting how to do you in and make you suffer. For her, it's not enough to break the enemy in half, she must also break his spirit as well.
    Fondest Memory: Learning how to handle a blade!
    Biggest Regret: Having her husband die!
    Secret: When Kurai ran away, she fell in with thieves!


    Special Items: An Eel Hound and a black pearl necklace given to her by her husband before he died.
    Weapons: A halberd, some throwing knives, a boomerang, a whip, anything she can get her hands on ...
    Bending: Tch. She doesn't need to bend!


    General History: Kurai was born the only child of a pair of Fire Nation nobles. Her father had been a member of the navy before his marriage which is how he met and became friends with another Fire Nation noble. The two arranged a marriage between their children to take place when they became of age.

    As a child, Kurai was intelligent but rebellious. She did well in school, however, and her most exciting form of rebellion ever done was to run away when she was fourteen and fall in with a bad crowd. They turned out to be thieves and cutthroats who found it amusing to teach a teenager how to fight, although she never developed a taste for alcohol.

    Kurai returned home years later but by then she had been initiated into the thieving guild (hence the brand on her chest) and she never forgot it. Her family thought she had been kidnapped and so, quickly accepted her back. For the sake of pride and to save face, they told everyone she had been visiting some distant relatives all this time. Kurai re-adjusted into normal society but she never missed an opportunity to train, often at night and alone in her room.

    When she was 25, she finally met and married the man her family had promised her to. At first, it was purely a traditional marriage but then she fell in love with him. Only to lose him ... And she's been hurting ever since.

    Present Life: Kurai is determined to find her husband's body and bring it back for a proper burial! There are wicked rumors at work and she means to put them to rest!

    Special Historic Notes:
    Birth - Born!
    Age 14 - Runs away! Eat this, parents!
    Age 21 - Returns home!
    Age 25 - Marriage!
    Age 27 - Widowed!

    Character Name:Fei Long
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 16
    B-Day: July 25
    Zodiac Sign: Leo
    Bloodtype: O
    Place of Birth: Fire Nation
    Current Residence: Flagship of father's fleet, heading to attack Xiu Ying Tse
    Occupation: Kid
    School/Grade: Currently on break with her dad.
    Family: Mostly nobles or important military officers.
    Gemstone: Ruby


    Height: Lei is just under average height for her age.
    Hair:Brown, has a nicely braided ponytail with some metal bands in it near the end.
    Eyes: Brown
    Distinguishing Marks: Nope!
    General Appearance: Fei Long is a small and lithe girl, who normally wears light pink fabrics with a perpetually bared midriff.
    Strengths: Fei is quick, agile, flexible, and fairly well trained with her swords.
    Weaknesses: She can not take a hit, nor is she particularly strong.
    More: There are a series of gold bangles that Fei wears around her ankles and wrists.


    Allies: Fire Nation Army, Her Dad
    Enemies:Nobody specific yet. People are nice.
    Current Goal/Purpose: See how totally awesome her dad's forces are!
    Aspirations: Be the best firebender/dancer/swordswoman EVER. Also maybe get married and have kids after that.
    Hobbies: Fai likes to practice dancing, normally with razor-sharp swords for added FUN. She likes practicing firebending, but tries to avoid it around her family (since girls are supposed to grow up to be good smart wives, not burn themselves to a crisp)
    Likes: Dancing, pretty things, her dad..
    Dislikes: Some of her more uptight relatives, formal occasions..
    Talents:Firebending, especially mixing it with sword work. She is not patient enough for many of the slower paced cultural things, but likes watching Pai Sho. She has gotten fairly skilled at pouring tea.
    Inabilities:Fei finds herself hesitant to seriously wound or kill people, which given the highly lethal nature of firebending and swords is a bit of an issue.
    Fears: Blood, burns.
    General Personality: Fei is usually happy and upbeat, glad to meet new people and see new things. She does not like rules so much.
    Inner Personality: Her blithe spirit outer persona hides a girl who is very unsure about herself, and her people-is this war really the right way to go? She wants to use what power she can gain in her life to change the world, but is not sure how to do so or how to keep her relationship with her family positive.
    Fondest Memory: Controlling flame for the first time.
    Biggest Regret: Not getting along better with her mother, who SERIOUSLY DISAPPROVES of her firebending.
    Secret: Fei being a firebender-and a mildly important one at that-is certainly not something she would want any of the people residing in Xiu Ying Tse to know.
    More: Some of Fei's relatives are not so nice. One might go so far as to call them Differently Moral.


    Special Items: Aforementioned bangles are fairly important to her, being one of the few gifts her mother has gotten her.
    Weapons: Two Dao swords.
    Bending: Firebending, mostly self-taught at that. She was not trained in it by her parents, but stumbled across it during a dancing performance. Fei's firebending is closer to that used by the Sun Warriors-it is fueled by the joy of life, and emphasizes circular movements.

    That said since it runs completely counter to all modern firebending schools and the only people who use it are supposed to not exist she is not going to be getting any formal training anytime soon.

    Fei needs a brief bit of "warm-up" before she can easily control and create flame, which can be a disadvantage compared to the sudden rushed assault of other firebenders.

    She cannot dampen flame, merely create and move it. In enclosed spaces or areas full of flammable matieral, this can quickly cause problems as the room builds up heat or the entire area is set ablaze. Normally she can channel flame towards an area without any flammable material, but in such spaces this is not the case.


    General History: Born and raised as a noblewoman's daughter, Fei saw dancers one day and decided that she would love to try it. Her mother was opposed, but her father indulged the girl, in addition to her standard studies and swordswork. A girl must learn to be a good, clever wife, he thought, and knowing how to kill someone with swords is always useful.

    Present Life: Taking a trip with her father, providing morale for the troops in the wake of Sozin's comet leaving (hey, the commander can afford to have a cute girl here! We must be doing well.), and mostly being bored at sea. Exploring the town they are attacking before they land sounds fun, but her dad has insisted that she stay and see "The true face of the fire nation army."

    Okay so swords and firebending is kinda haxxorz but Fei will have some very good reasons to NOT go around shooting streams of fire at people for some time.

    Character Name: Tenzing
    Name Meaning: teaching, wisdom
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human/Air Nomad
    Age: 32
    B-Day: October 12
    Zodiac Sign: Horse
    Bloodtype: AB
    Place of Birth: Eastern Air Temple
    Current Residence: Si Wong Desert
    Occupation: Trader
    School/Grade: Master Airbender
    Family: None
    Gemstone: Opal


    Height: 5’9
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Distinguishing Marks: Airbender tattoos, which he always keeps covered
    General Appearance: Like the Sandbenders he lives among, Tenzing is usually clothed in an assortment of spare rags and other pieces of used cloth that he keeps wrapped around his body from head to foot. His eyes are the only part of his face that are frequently exposed, and their haunted, weary expression diverts most attention. If his head was uncovered, you could see that his features have been prematurely aged by a life on the run and the trials of the desert. He has long since ceased to shave his head, his hair growing long and unkempt. However, you can still see part of his arrow tattoo peaking out on his forehead.
    Strengths: His life has been dedicated to nothing more than survival ever since the Fire Nation began its war. As such, Tenzing will do whatever he has to in order to stay alive and maintain his cover. His time in the desert has further hardened him to the point where he can withstand rigors under which most people would crumble. Over time, he has become severely calculating, taking no chances when it comes to his personal safety, even if that means sacrificing others for the sake of his own self-preservation.
    Weaknesses: Tenzing no longer has the faith and serenity he once did. It is difficult for him to believe in the possibility of justice or even basic human goodness. He trusts no one, leaving him without any real allies and perpetually alone.


    Allies: Hami Tribe
    Enemies: Fire Nation. Anyone who might discover he is an air bender.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Maintain his cover. Discover (if he can) if there are any other air benders still alive.
    Aspirations: Someday he hopes to find a way to strike back against the Fire Nation
    Hobbies: Sandsailing
    Likes: Solitude, playing pai sho in desert taverns where no one asks questions
    Dislikes: Inquisitive minds, children, braggarts
    Talents: Shrewd, analytical mind. Laying low and not attracting attention to himself
    Inabilities: Answering personal questions, tolerating people who try his patience
    Fears: Being discovered as an air bender and hunted down by the Fire Nation
    General Personality: To the casual observer, Tenzing seems like the vast majority of sand benders: stolid and uninterested in any interaction with outsiders beyond what is necessary to obtain desired goods. He’s not likely to respond if asked a question, unless its perfectly mundane and/or can be answered in as few words as possible. He can be very impatient and short-tempered if he feels that his time is being wasted or someone is sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. Typically, he acts like a gruff old man twice his age, leading many to think he’s older than he truly is. He treats others with apathy and disregard, as harsh and unforgiving as the desert.
    Inner Personality: Tenzing’s rough exterior mainly exists to hide the fears and insecurities he suffers as a man without a country. He prefers to evade others attempts to understand him better, afraid that it might end up costing them (or himself) dearly. He feels a great deal of shame for having survived when so many of his people were being killed. He is constantly pained by fear and self-doubt, questioning why he is still alive and believing divine providence was wasted on him.
    Fondest Memory: Achieving the rank of Master and being given his tattoos
    Biggest Regret: Not returning to the Air Temple
    Secret: Only the chief of the Hami tribe knows that he is actually an air bender


    Special Items: His glider-staff, which he no longer uses, but keeps in a wooden chest that is always with him in the caravan. It is the only physical possession he kept from his days as an air bender.
    Weapons: None
    Bending: Tenzing has mastered the 36 tiers of air bending and created his own technique, as is expected of Masters. His special technique involves rapidly increasing the air pressure over an area of roughly 15 feet, causing a powerful downdraft that stuns opponents and forces them to the ground.


    General History: Tenzing grew up as most air benders did before the war, being born and raised at the Eastern Airbending Temple by its sister monks. Once he reached the age to be taught, he moved to the Northern Temple were he lived along with monks and other young students like himself. He was a good student, devoting most of his time to meditation and training, although he occasionally would play a game of pai sho with the older monks, something he greatly enjoyed as a pastime. At the age of twenty, he successfully attained the rank of master and received his tattoos. After that, he set out on a journey of enlightenment, traveling through the Earth Kingdom. Within a few months, he heard rumors that the Fire Nation had begun a war of aggression, and that the Airbenders were their first victims. Seized with horror and outrage, Tenzing wrestled with his desire to return to his home temple and see if anyone had managed to escape the genocide, but ultimately he gave into fear and decided to flee in order to save himself. He made his way into the vast Si Wong Desert, where hopefully no one would ever find him. He quickly succumbed to the elements, however, and would have perished if he had not been found by a group of desert natives. Tenzing was brought before the chief of the Hami tribe, who took mercy on him and allowed him to live among the Sandbenders. Since then, he has left his old life behind, no longer keeping a vegetarian diet due to the scarcity of food in the desert. He lives like all other Sandbenders, only using his bending to manipulate sand. He has applied his knowledge of air bending to refining some of their techniques and improving the sand sailors they use to traverse the desert.

    Present Life: Tenzing works as a trader for the Hami tribe, and is currently on an expedition with his caravan to the market at Xiu Ying Tse. They are sticking closely together as a group because most Earth Kingdom citizens are suspicious of Sandbenders, believing they are all savages and thieves.

    Special Historic Notes:

    Character Name: Orion
    Name Meaning: "boundary, limit"

    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 20
    B-Day: July 22
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    Bloodtype: A

    Place of Birth: Water Nation
    Current Residence: Beaches of warmer climate.
    Occupation: Surfer.
    Family: Mostly Fishermen.
    Gemstone: Lapis lazuli.


    Height: 5'9
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue.
    Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos on right arm.
    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Strengths: Agile, decent swimmer, exceptional surfer, fairly strong, well-balanced, enduring, "sea-legs"
    Weaknesses: Unique 'fighting' style leaves openings his already learned disciplines would not.

    More: Wears a necklace with the teeth of various sea beasts strung along it.


    Allies: Family in Water Nation. Certain Beach-goers.
    Enemies: Those who give off 'bad vibes'.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To master the newly created art of Surfer Tai Chi
    Aspirations: To become one with the Ocean.

    Hobbies: Surfing. Fishing.

    Likes: Warm waters,
    Dislikes: Cold weather,

    Talents: Surfing. Swimming. Water-bending.
    Inabilities: Flirting well.
    Fears: Falling from great heights, freezing to death, dying of dehydration.

    General Personality: A laid back person who comes off as a slacker, but with a calming presence. He tries to let life's current run it's course. . . until he disagrees with the direction. Can show the gamut of emotion the ocean can from tranquility to a tidal wave.
    Inner Personality: Devout and disciplined despite his outwardly laid back persona. When left to his own devices he will practice what he has been taught to keep up with his current skill level.
    Fondest Memory: Leaving home for warmer waters.
    Biggest Regret: Not doing it sooner.
    Secret: Believes his necklace holds the power of the beast's teeth it sports.


    Special Items: Necklace with the teeth of several sea beasts.


    Surfboard- A surfboard with a special type of rudder on the back end which acts as a handle. It's 'handle' is made of a very durable material which will not break when placed under the strain presented within a sword fight. The board itself has been treated with a very special adhesive compound which enables it to endure blows from a bladed weapon. He uses this non-bladed weapon as an extension of his Tai Chi training. Instead of trying to attack offensively, he uses the board's width and durability to turn or otherwise allow the enemy attack to flow without it striking him. Orion started to develop this technique purely on his own after nearly losing an arm against an opponent with a sword who was much more skilled than himself and improvising with the board to escape dismemberment. It is usually only utilized when an enemy has a bladed weapon which Orion does not feel confident against in his skill.

    Bending: Disciplined and well practiced Water bending. He only lacks in a few areas. One is creating water from nothing, which would explain why he frequently resides near beaches aside from enjoying to surf & fish. Orion also has a problem with his level of control depending on water temperature. He is horrible at lower temperatures and thus at creating ice as well since he detests the cold so much. But with moderate or warm waters. . . he is a superb Water-bender.



    General History:

    Orion grew up in the southern Water tribes, but in a place which was still very cold. Often he found himself despising the cold without much reason other than just. . . not enjoying himself. Even his water-bending suffered from it as he could not manipulate the ice nearly as well as his peers in the tribe. Teasing followed suit which caused him to be looked down upon somewhat by his family. Finally the one tutoring him tried an experiment, taking the youth up north into warmer waters in another land. Upon arriving there his training progressed rapidly, and came to an equal level of expertise as his peers had held over him. Yet the 'temperature block' as it were resumed when they returned to the colder climates and his ability to deal with ice still would not improve.

    After practicing what he could, he decided to leave the tribes for good to warmer waters where no one knew him. And where no one would get much of a chance to learn about his short comings. While traveling the beaches, he grew to like surfing and fishing enough to make them hobbies he pursued when not practicing his water bending. Through the course of his own travels or fishing adventures, Orion came into possession of the teeth of quite a few sea beasts. Finally, he decided to have a jewelery merchant fashion his collection into a necklace which told of his prowess without actual words.

    Present Life:

    Knows of the Fire Nation attacks, but has yet to charge off into battle. . . trying to see if the problem will end itself without him having to risk his own hide. Currently he resides on a beach, surfing and water bending to pass the time while fishing to catch food.

    Character Name: Suzumi Kiyomizu
    Name Meaning: Unknown
    Alias: Kiyo, Suzu
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 21
    B-Day: 27 January
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Blood type: O
    Place of Birth: A small branch of the Northern Water Kingdom
    Current Residence: On the run from the Fire Kingdom
    Occupation: Water Bender
    School/Grade: Private tutoring under a water bending master
    Family: Mother, Brother (Both captured by Fire Nation), Father (Deceased)
    Gemstone: Amethyst


    Height: 5'4"
    Hair: Dark brown almost black. Her hair is tied back into a low ponytail that hangs down to about the middle of her back secured with a white porcelain tie.
    Eyes: Suzumi's eyes are a piercing glacial blue reminiscent of her home at the north pole
    Distinguishing Marks: None
    General Appearance: Suzumi wears clothing from her homeland, thick blue woven outfits, her typical warm weather outfit consists of a blue tunic with a white furry hood and a thick brown belt around the waist holding a jug of water. Her legs are covered in flowing black hakama styled pants and thick brown boots with white fur on the inside.
    Strengths: She is skilled at defending herself and others with her water bending and is very compassionate towards others almost to an empathetic level.
    Weaknesses: She can't really fight offensively, all of her attacks are purely impulsive and haphazard usually doing damage to her enemies as well as surroundings or allies


    Allies: She hasn't't made any yet
    Enemies: The Fire Nation members who kidnapped her family
    Current Goal/Purpose: Suzumi is actively looking for her family while avoiding the Fire Nation
    Aspirations: To become a great water bender and save her mother and brother
    Hobbies: Ice sculpting, swimming, tea ceremonies
    Likes: Children, small animals, kind people, coastal areas
    Dislikes: Prisons, Fire Nation nobility, violence
    Talents: Water Bending, making ice sculptures
    Inabilities: Being overtly aggressive, taking a strong leadership role
    Fears: Suzumi is claustrophobic to an almost paralyzing level
    General Personality: Suzumi is usually the caretaker/motherly type and is constantly looking after other's needs as opposed to her own. She is completely silent around fire nation soldiers and is defiant towards them.
    Inner Personality: She is really self conscious about her skills as a bender and is constantly striving to improve. She lacks a strong drive to fight but if it comes down to it she will defend herself or those she cares for viciously.
    Fondest Memory: Her younger brother's acceptance as a student of water bending.
    Biggest Regret: Not being able to defend her family when the Fire Nation attacked.
    Secret: Suzumi is very familiar with blood bending but tries to abstain from using it.


    Special Items: Suzumi has a flask decorated in northern water tribe designs that she recieved from her teacher that carries water for her to use when there isn't open sources around.
    Weapons: She doesn't carry any weapons, being more of a pacifist
    Bending: Water bending, focused on defensive measures and healing. She can also use blood bending to a minor extent but she refuses to use it.


    General History: Suzumi grew up in a quiet town outside the Northern Water Tribe's main city rather peacefully. She grew up with her mother and younger brother. Her father went missing just after her brother was born and was pronounced dead a year later. She began training under a water bending master at the age of 7 and quickly took to it, thirsting for more and more knowledge but tempering it with the patience to not become a meglomaniac. Years later Sozin's comet came and the fire nation attacked her small village, capturing her mother and younger brother and killing her teacher who had hidden her behind a wall of ice. Suzumi swore revenge against the fire nation nobility for taking her family.

    Present Life: Suzumi has begun life on the run from the fire nation, even though they probably weren't looking for her. She has somehow found her way to Xiu Ying Tse as part of a refugee movement, seeking safety in the earth benders.

    Character Name: Iki-Ryo
    Name Meaning: Spirit of anger and envy.
    Alias: Kun
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 32
    B-Day: October 10th
    Zodiac Sign: Libra
    Bloodtype: B+
    Place of Birth: In a little part of the Fire Nation’s Kingdoms.
    Current Residence: Destroying homes with the Fire Nation.
    Occupation: Warrior in the Fire Nation Army
    School/Grade: Taught himself mainly, with a little help from his father when he was younger.
    Family: Although most of his family fights in the Fire Nation army, he never sees them, so he doesn’t know how well they are. Except that his dad died a long time ago.
    Gemstone: Opal


    Height: 6’2’’
    Hair: none
    Eyes: Blue
    Distinguishing Marks: Scar on his left cheek from where he was cut by a knife.
    General Appearance: Thin body structure, broad shoulders.
    Strengths: The sun, hot places.
    Weaknesses: Cold places, midnight.


    Allies: Fire Nation
    Enemies: All the other nations/kingdoms.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To help take over the nations.
    Aspirations: To be a very powerful warrior and fire bender. Wants to prove himself worthy of the Fire Nation and the Fire Nation Lord.
    Hobbies: Training and trying to learn new techniques.
    Likes: Pain and misery on other people.
    Dislikes: Anything sweet and romancey.
    Talents: Know many tricks with fire bending, and very close to getting the lightning technique completely down.
    Inabilities: Tricking the minds of others.
    Fears: Dyeing from a water bender.
    General Personality: Rude, controlling, wants to get the job done one kingdom at a time.
    Inner Personality: Has had his mind set on taking over the other nations for so long, that he may not have one.
    Fondest Memory: When he got his first dagger on his 6th birthday from his father.
    Biggest Regret: Letting his father die, though it wasn't his fault or even though he wasn't there.
    Secret: Nothing worth keeping a secret.


    Special Items: A steel bracelet from his mother.
    Weapons: The dagger he received from his father, and two swords he can bend with.
    Bending: Fire


    General History: Iki-Ryo was born in one of the smaller kingdoms of the Fire Nation. He started bending at the age of six, after he had received the dagger from his father. His father was his teacher for several years until he was called out to war. Wanting to more, Iki-Ryo started to teach himself when his mother wasn’t near. After training for a good few hours every day, he began to get better and better. His mother one day found out and watched him when he didn’t know. She told him one night that the bending he was doing was amorously great for someone his age and not to mention for where he lived at.
    After six months of his father being gone, they had received news that he was dead. From anger and sadness, Iki-Ryo promised himself that he would revenge his father’s death, even if it meant sacrificing his own.
    At the age of fourteen he submitted into the Fire Nation army, becoming a successful warrior quickly.

    Present Life: Iki-Ryo is now a well know warrior in the Fire Nation army, and is one of the ones to be in front lead with the Lord. He swears to himself that all the other nations and kingdoms are going down, even if it takes a hundred years.

    Let me know if anything needs fixing~
  12. (Oo very nice. I approve. You wouldn't believe how many apple related pictures I got with Ryuk I got from a friend of mine. I think the only anime I've actually watched so far is Fairy Tail)


    She blinked "That's easy? Good lord." She laughed softly and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly "I was a bit surprised by Belle. She took me down good a few times, but man I feel like it was worth it. It feels good to have done some sparring." Belle grinned

    "I'm glad you realize my superiority." She teased and ruffled her hair. Gwen grimaced jokingly.

    Character Name: Kiyo
    Name Meaning: Quiet
    Alias: The Wanderer
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 27
    B-Day: Unknown
    Bloodtype: O
    Place of Birth: Western Air Temple
    Current Residence: Anywhere
    Occupation: Assassin
    School/Grade: Master Air Bender
    Family: Deceased


    Height: 5'11
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Blue
    Distinguishing Marks: Arrow tattoos
    General Appearance: Normal garb is black wear, however will don necessary clothing to complete each job. Hair is well kept and covers head tattoo.
    Strengths: Quick and decisive, thinks logically and does not allow emotions to get in the way.
    Weaknesses: His strengths


    Allies: None
    Enemies: The next target
    Current Goal/Purpose: Recover his lost memories
    Aspirations: Find out why he lost his memories
    Hobbies: Archery, reading
    Dislikes: Carrots
    Talents: Assassinations, offensive airbending, swordplay, archery, martial arts
    Inabilities: Doesn't allow people to close to him.
    Fears: Claustrophobia
    General Personality: Distant and keeps to himself. Overtime if in the company of companions he will warm up.
    Inner Personality: Wants to make friends but doesn't know at what cost it will take on them and himself.
    Biggest Regret: Losing his memories
    Secret: Unknown to Kiyo his memories were erased by water benders, he was once apart of a black ops air bending unit before it was disbanded. The order was given to purge each member of advanced offensive techniques, instead everything else was forgotten.


    Special Items: None
    Weapons: Wind Sword, and Bow
    Bending: Offensive air bending. Such as the Wind Sword which makes a stationary air blade within the hilt, and creates Gust Arrows (similar to air blades) that can change direction mid flight.


    General History:
    All that Kiyo remembers is waking up alone in the forest wondering where and who he is, including what the strange tattoos on his skin were for. A few days had passed when he saw a group of mercenaries running from fire nation soldiers. Kiyo quickly created a smokescreen from dirt aiding in their escape his own body acting out of muscle memory. Later he joined the mercenaries and had saved.
    They traveled together for a few days and he gained the name "Kiyo" because he didn't talk much other then when he needed information about what was going on or who he was.
    It wasn't long after that Kiyo joined the group permanently and after several jobs discovered he had a unique fighting style unlike anyone within the group has scene air benders use. And so Kiyo found that he worked best alone and parted ways seeking employment for assassinations, and with each employer questioning if they knew anything about his past.

    Present Life:

    Special Historic Notes:
    Soon after Kiyo left the group of mercenaries, they were all tortured and killed as if someone was looking for something or someone...



    Character Name: Risa Aran
    Name Meaning: Laughter
    Alias: The White Knight
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 25
    B-Day: February 25th
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Bloodtype: A
    Place of Birth: Earth Nation
    Current Residence: Anywhere
    Occupation: Mercenary
    Family: Her closest friend is Kiyo
    Gemstone: Amethyst


    Height: 5'7
    Hair: Blonde, long in length
    Eyes: Hazel
    Distinguishing Marks: None
    General Appearance: Enjoys wearing white tight fit clothes similar to that of an assassin, however are casual enough to to appear strange in public.
    Strengths: Compassionate towards others, always in a good mood.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes allows emotions to get in the way of the mission, spares as many people as possible.


    Allies: None
    Enemies: None, she is a freelancer
    Current Goal/Purpose: is the other half to Kiyo, she gives him tips and advice on airbending and situations.
    Likes: Laughing, Kiyo
    Dislikes: Pain, Killing
    Talents: Extremely quick, proficient in hand to hand combat
    Inabilities: Doesn't always take dangerous situations seriously.
    General Personality: Happy go-lucky and always looking for a laugh, she enjoys quiet people because she thinks they are shy and just wants to have a good time.
    Inner Personality: Scared and slightly paranoid as if something is out to get her, but masks it with he happy mood.
    Secret: Believes that if she isn't outgoing she will never find someone to be with.


    Special Items: Flash and smoke bombs
    Weapons: Claw Gauntlets as well as a suit of light armor
    Armor: Plate armor that loosely covers limbs and chest so as not to restrict movement, as well as a helmet that covers her mouth and head but leaves eyes and nose exposed.
    Bending: Who needs bending when you can rip people apart?


    General History:
    Risa was brought up by mercenaries and has no memory of her biological family. While she was being brought up the mercenaries taught her hand to hand combat and she became extremely proficient. The mercenaries bought her a pair of claw gauntlets and light metal armor and she still uses these to this day.

    Present Life:
    After many escapades over the years she has become known as The White Knight not because she is for justice but because of her blonde hair and armor that glistens whether in the sun or moonlight for a moment she is a savior to those who catch a glimpse of her.
    She left the group of mercenaries a few months after Kiyo arrived, as she had gained some information on who her parents might be, has she not left Risa may have been killed with the rest of the band.
    She is seeking out Kiyo for a romantic interest and if he has any information where the mercenary group is.

    Character Name: Jian-Ai
    Name Meaning: Strong love
    Alias: none
    Gender: female
    Species/Race: human
    Age: 18
    B-Day: May 14
    Zodiac Sign: Taurus
    Bloodtype: B
    Place of Birth: Earth Kingdom
    Current Residence: None, likes to travel
    Occupation: Wanderer
    School/Grade: Was homeschooled
    Family: Mother Father (missing) and grandmother.
    Gemstone: Emerald


    Height: 5'5"
    Hair: Long and dark brown. She keeps it up in a bun with a few braids hanging down. Her bangs hang just above her brows.
    Eyes: Hazel
    Distinguishing Marks: Various childhood scars, the biggest of which on her lower leg.
    General Appearance: Jian-Ai is tanned from all the time she spends in the sun during her travels. Her clothes are traditional Earth Kingdom robes.
    Strengths: Her bravery and kindness.
    Weaknesses: She is very naive.


    Allies: Everyone can be an ally, execpt Fire Nation soldiers.
    Enemies: None
    Current Goal/Purpose: To find someone willing to teach her the art of Earthbending.
    Aspirations: To become a great earthbender and find out what happened to her father.
    Hobbies: earthbending, socializing, exploring.
    Likes: Almost any kind of food, especially sweets.
    Dislikes: War
    Talents: Is pretty flexable.
    Inabilities: Staying in one place for too long.
    Fears: Small cramped spaces.
    General Personality: Jian-Ai is upbeat and energetic, but also stubborn. Once she gets an idea in her head she is more likely than not going to act on it. Though somewhat hyper-active, she can focus when she needs to. She gets angry easily, but never stays so for long.
    Inner Personality: Inside she's not much differant than how she behaves, she acts on almost all her feelings except for when she's afraid.


    Special Items:
    Weapons: Her bending and her fists.
    Bending: Earth


    General History: Jian-Ai was born and raised in a small Earth Kingdom village that was mostly populated by elderly. Without having anyone her age to play with, she spent a lot of time entertaining herself in a nearby forest. All her earthbending was self taught since she was the only bender in the village. She strongly wanted to venture out and find a teacher, as well as search for her father, who left when she was four and hadn't been seen since. Her mother always protested against the idea, but Jian-Ai ran away at 17, though not without reluctancy.

    Present Life: Continuing her travels.

    Special Historic Notes:
  15. Notes on the Fire Nation Invasion (heh, rhymes)

    The fleet of five ships, armed with 20 firebenders decked out in full armour and a captains for each ship which is a master fire bender. The main threat will be the leader of the armada, Asuka of the Sun the lady general of the Lord's 5th Armada. She is a terror and heartless but rarely does her own dirty work. She is a master of fire bending and lightning bending. Her second in command is a brainwashed earth bender named Tsung Ts'ao, who has betrayed his own kingdom believing that he is the illegitimate son to the Fire Lord. Together they have been able to create a secret dark form of Fire and Earth bending together, causing mini make-shift volcanos and bending the magma itself to their disposal, one must be in tandem with the other in order for this to happen. Asuka has no care for any lives within Xiu Ying Tse, including fellow fire benders. She will have anyone slaughtered that she sees on sight.
  16. Hell hath no fury like a bitch who's a walking lightning shooting flamethrower. >_____>
  17. E N G I N E E R

    Crew Member

    Full name: Sev Ornil
    Alias/Nicknames: None...
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race/Breed: Kah'Saun/Sunskin/Highland
    Birth Date: April 1, 2696
    Age: 34
    Last Known Residence: Orone
    Crew Position: Chief Engineer
    Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): None, really, though he does favor the GTG, being he does run a business... The "Tender Hands" Messenger Service.

    Visual Identification

    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 257lbs
    Build: Sleek, athletically muscular.
    Eye Color: Dark orange.
    Hair Color: Silverwhite mane, with steel-colored "quills".
    Skin Tone/Color: Pale golden yellow.
    Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Faint scar on his left prime forearm, acquired during an air skimmer race. Not so faint scar on his back, acquired quite unexpectedly by a knife (he was caught in the buff)... nearly lethal. "Missed by that much!"

    Description: Sev has a sleek dragonoid physique, trim yet athletically muscular... normal for his species. He has three dark orange eyes (his third eye is a bit smaller, and has no visible pupil), while his mane is silverwhite, with sharp, steel colored spines poking out. His hide is a pale golden yellow, and his striped markings (down spine from shoulders to tail's tip, and across the lower portions of his limbs) are a dark, rusty copper, with thin black highlights... those up near the back of his neck and shoulders leaving darker marks through his thick manefur. Ears are large and expressive and battish, and though he doesn't have wings, battish or otherwise, he has a secondary set of arms under his primary forelimbs... they are shorter and smaller than his primary arms, with only three non-opposed, clawed digits. Normally, these limbs are folded against his chest and hidden under his clothing. Sev's legs are digitigrade, four toes and a dewclaw on the inside of each foot. Hands have five digits, though his pinky fingers are rather small, though not quite vestigial. More useful for grooming than anything else, due to a longer, more curved claw than his other digits.

    When heading somewhere, he tends to have a more relaxed, leaned forwards pace... efficient and purposeful. When in casual social situations, he tends to stand fully upright, if not leaned back a bit, his flexible tail allowing him to keep balance. Yes, a swagger to his moves, if you will. His clothing is for protection while he rides his air skimmer bike, and for socially related reasons (keeping his second set of arms a surprise... you know, bit of an ace-in-the-hole... oh, and for the pockets)... not for modesty. After all, he has nothing to be modest about! Having a third eyelid... nictitating membranes... he really has no reason to wear goggles, and doesn't much care for helmets, even one's properly made to fit his noggin. Besides, his head is pretty hard, anyway. His bones, very hard to break. Oh, yes, clothing! He prefers loose-fit pants that don't go very far past his knees, thick, snug (but not too snug) shirts, designed to accommodate his secondary arms... to hide them, yet allow their use when he wishes. Over this, he wears a vest with many pockets, a belt with many pouches, and a very sturdy greatcoat, cut to accommodate his tail, yet short enough not to foul or fry on his air skimmer's mechanicals. Under all of this, he wears... well, armored underwear, if you will, just in case. He favors olive drab and kaki, with a bit of dark gray, for contrast. Nothing flashy. On his belt, the pouches hold his valuables, first-aid kit, spare oil-charged cylinders for his pulsegun, various odds and ends, a pair of folding knives, a fixed-blade tanto-variant knife, and a simple, rugged, compact pulsepistol, fueled by pressurized oil-cylinders (bears some resemblance to a Babylon 5 PPG, with pretty much the same performance parameters, something he brought from Home). Sev wears no shoes, ever, not even on his air skimmer, though he does wear heavy ankle (and tail) bracers/greaves. Never any gloves, though.

    Oh, and yes, there are times he goes around on all fours... can do so with the same comfort/ease as on twos.


    Sexuality/Preference: Hetero/Female
    Allies: Open to question. Though quite a few of them are past girlfriends/lovers.
    Enemies: Only a few, but they're all dead.
    Likes: Games, food, drink, company (especially female), music, dance, hot baths, fresh air, sunshine, swimming and body-fishing, scratches behind his ears, beautiful things, tinkering with machines, riding his air skimmer (flying), high places.
    Dislikes: Clouds, rain, cold. Anything that messes with his freedom.
    Hobbies: Many and varied, though, being dragonoid, then tend to involve collecting things. Or exploring nature, wherever he happens to be.

    Personality: Free spirited, and an incurable romantic at heart, Sev is easygoing, friendly to a fault, but not foolish... not naive. In fact, very savvy. Holds no grudges, but won't allow fools to mess with his life and freedom. Not lazy, but not above a bit of underhanded work, so long as no one gets hurt in the dealings... neat and tidy, he doesn't like dealing with the mess. No, not that he isn't a risk-taker, just that he's a calculated risk-taker, and if he feels a venture is a fool's errand, he won't hesitate to say so. He also won't hesitate to defend himself... or to defend a lady's honor, even while he's attempting to "charm her up". Remember, incurable romantic, and not too fussy about species, either! And what better way to see the sights and meet the people in his neighborhood, than to personally deliver written communications and private packages? Especially when he'd figured out how to open and read them, then reseal them without anyone being the wiser... ahem! Yes, Sev is a voyeur, of sorts. A people watcher, ever curious, no respecter of privacy. A collector of experiences, if you will, always up for something new and different.

    Always the optimist on the outside, but ever aware of reality on the inside, Sev remains open to possibilities, ever guards his freedom, even when risking the law, yet is loyal to his friends, to those he has learned to trust with his life. He exudes confidence, enjoys games, is willing to try any food or drink, loves company and music and dance and hot baths and fresh air and sunshine and warm weather, isn't too wild about clouds, rain or cold, and likes to be scratched behind his ears. Respects beautiful things, loves to tinker with machinery (and is very good at it, too), loves to ride and to fly and, really, loves to be in high places... no real phobias, and very few things make him feel uncomfortable.


    ► Weapons: Fixed blade tanto-variant knife, two folding knives, compact pulse-pistol. Teeth. Claws. Strength. Brains.

    ► Combat Attire: Always wears armored underwear when dressed, though he's not above fighting naked.

    ► Accessories/Miscellaneous: First aid kit, spare fuel cylinders for his pulse-pistol. His "wallet". Various odds and ends (tends to pick up things like rocks, feathers, bits of wood and metal, and stick them in his pockets). Oh, and he also has his air skimmer! A 22 year old, personally customized Topol Venger series "heavy" skimmer. Can't forget that.

    Fighting Style

    ➣ [Anything That Wins/Anything that works]: Shoots, stabs, slices, bites, slashes... tends to come up with things on the fly. Though he prefers to avoid conflict. Despite his predatory nature.

    ➣ [Pulse-pistol]:


    ➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: Sev is skilled with both his knives and his pulsegun, and he knows how to "take care" of himself. Even with just tooth and claw. He's an opportunistic fighter, when necessary, able to rapidly adapt, and use things in his local environment to his advantage. And not above fighting dirty, in order to survive. Even though he prefers to avoid conflict.

    Though Sev's species are techno, not magic users, their third eye has the odd ability to see the supernatural... the normally hidden spiritual plane of existence. In other words, he can see dead people, amongst other things. Has the ability to see supernatural forces. However, though this characteristic of his species has given them a very intimate base for their belief system, Sev... well, he left his family and hit the road due to "Religious Differences"... yeah, his father is a preacher, a Seer, to be more precise. A person who provides spiritual guidance to the people. But his son Sev saw things from a different angle, "worshipped" other things, and has wandered to the beat of his own drummer for some time now. Anyhow...

    ... that's pretty much it. Other than having the strength, agility, speed and endurance... hawkish eyesight, sensitive ears and nose, unusually rugged bones... and healing factors... all the factors normal to his kind... Sev is not all that remarkable or unusual, just a slight bit eccentric for one his age.

    Oh, yes, more of note - when it comes to religion, you could think of him as being agnostic, to a point. Has no problem with religions, and is perfectly happy celebrating any holidays that don't involve ritual sacrifice. Or personal bloodletting. Stuff like that. Really, has no personal taboos, though his romanticism, respect for beauty and youthful hormones lead him to chase after females, even if he has no chance at intimacy (not that scoring isn't a goal to reach for... after all, being alive... and male... he enjoys the challenge... and the fun that comes with success).

    Psionic Path

    Path of [Mind's Eye]:
    ☆ [ability 1]: Has a literal "Third Eye" that can see into the spiritual realm, see the spirits of the living and the dead. As a "side effect", he can "read" when another being is using psionics, as well as the nature/path of said abilities. And can know where someone has died, or where a spirit has moved through an area/touched another being, by "seeing" the traces.
    ☆ [ability 2]: Can communicate with the dead (though he's not very good at it, despite his father's teachings).


    Relationship Status: Single.

    Family: Evry Ornil, his father, a Seer of Rapse'tet...
    Kassa Allit, his mother, local medic...
    Tepi, his elder sister, also a local medic, now...
    Various friends and acquaintances (some savory, others not)....

    Known Languages: Kah'Saun standard, Galactic standard, human standard... bits of others he's picked up.

    Personal History/Background: Born in the droven of Rapse'tet, Sev grew up as most Kah'Saun grew up, though his father worked as one of the few Seers present in this small, rural community, known quite famously for the quality of its Highland nuts and foodgrass seed... not to mention the quality of their livestock. Yes, even though Kah'Saun possessed advanced tech, their Homeworld still retained much of its wilderness. Drovens by nature remained small and widely scattered communities, responsible for the care and protection of their local territories, at most no more than ten thousand strong, more often five thousand individuals or less... counting male, female and offspring. The small droven of Rapse'tet had a population around two thousand strong, focused on the growing of nut-trees, feedgrass and livestock, both for their own use and to sell or trade in surrounding drovens. A pastoral place, a way of life perhaps in contrast to their technical advancements and knowledge of the universe, and their dealings with other worlds beyond their own. Sev grew up in this place, but his eyes... his mind and his imagination... tended to wander. Many times, Evry found his son's mind wandering in his studies, never focused on any one thing. A concerned father, he tried to teach Sev... to instill in him a center, based on their people's beliefs and rituals, but his son seemed to have his eyes and his heart elsewhere, from the time he was very young till his maturation. Yes, Sev worked hard and learned well, but his heart never seemed to be in it. Even Rapse'tet, the droven of his birth, didn't have hold of his heart.

    As sometimes happened amongst the Kah'Saun, Sev's spirit flew farther than others, touched the stars, and carried his heart to more distant shores. So, soon as he'd come of age, Sev... well, severed ties with his droven and with his Homeworld, and sought a life out in the universe at large, a wanderer from world to world for several years, before he heard the stories of Orone, sought and finally found his way there, where he set up shop and started a life. But he still had the Wanderlust, that desire to explore, to find more. Yes, he'd earned his first scar on Orone... during this time, he stumbled upon his second. Recovered from that near death, his perspective has turned back to home, to thoughts of a mate and offspring.

    But in his last wanderings, life and circumstance have lead him to Spacestation Euphrates, and into the whole Gate/Key mess. If helping the GTG would lead to all this conflict ending, better for him, his business and his future family.
  18. G A T E H I S T O R I A N

    Crew Member

    Full name: August Chung-Stoianov

    Alias/Nicknames: Augy, Gus

    Gender: Male

    Species/Race/Breed: Human

    Birth Date:

    Age: 28

    Last Known Residence: Falkenhayn, second colony in Pegasus wing, NGR

    Crew Position: Gate Historian

    Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): Former subdirector of Room 37-C, Arbeitsgruppe Chung-Stoianov for NGR Securitate Bureau Department of Antedilluvian Xenotechnology. Harbors humanocentric views and despite his blakclisting longs to be accepted once again in the

    Visual Identification

    Height: 6’2”

    Weight: 195 lbs

    Build: Toned, muscular on the upper body. Skips leg work outs.

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color: Brown

    Skin Tone/Color: Artificially tanned

    Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: None


    Show Spoiler


    Sexuality/Preference: Heterosexual

    Allies: Some members remaining in NGR Securitate, Pai’wunakos – Deputy head of recruiting for GTG, who gave him the opportunity.

    Enemies: Most of NGR Securitate, his family, FGA forces.

    Likes: Reading, research, ancient xeno religions, tennis.

    Dislikes: Aliens, honestly.

    Hobbies: Work.

    Personality: August is a man with two competing passions. On one hand, he’s a scientist on a quest to uncover the secret of the gate – a great endeavor which has drawn him since his days in NGR Securitate-Military Academy. On the other hand, he’s spent his entire life in the oppressive bureaucracy of the NGR, advancing equal parts through hard work and patronage, and still has the habits of a Securitate officer. He is outwardly humble, covering up an inner arrogance and low cunning learned from his years in “the Rooms” – the backroom desk offices of the NGR Securitate.

    He is a mix of a polished professional exterior and a deeper and more spiritual character within: tfascinated by Auroun ancient religion but indoctrinated by his education to hate the Auroun, pursuing scientific advances but trained by his professional experience to care first about whether his position is secure.


    ► Weapons:

    Standard Issue Gorchakov G-8 phase pistol:

    Show Spoiler

    Securitate Issue Vibroknife:

    Show Spoiler

    ► Combat Attire: August’s hands are permanently replaced by cybernetic additions to speed up his typing, and allow him to easily gain hold of things by using them as magnetic pull levers. Usually this helps him handle research materials that are sensitive to touch from afar or change and fix the internal workings of machinery he is using, but the weak and short range pulse has some combat applications as well. They have the did effect of being more durable than normal fists, and expendable.

    Fighting Style

    ➣ NGR Galactic Standard; All members of NGR Securitate bureaus regardless of role are taught basic combat skills with small weapons, including submachine guns, submachine railguns, pistols, and knives, involving fast movements, improvisation, and aggression.

    ➣ Pistol and Knife: The only weapons August carries are a pistol with 8 rounds and a small pocket knife for jugular attacks.

    ➣ Cybernetic Implants: Implanted since he was a child, August’s implants allow for accelerated thought and reaction speed and suppression of pain and hunger signals. Since leaving NGR employ, they have not underwent standard code patches, so this has had the adverse effect of August never knowing when he needs to eat or drink, and developing insomnia from being on edge in the night.

    Psionic Path

    Path of [Name of the path]: N/A


    Relationship Status: Single.

    Family: Father – Martin Stoianov, computer engineer for SAI Manufacturing Plant No. 3371. Died during an overdose of juvinient drugs three years ago. Mother – Chung Ying-wen: deputy director of Xenosterilization Camps Planck, Oppenheimer, and Gagarin. Awarded Lavrenty Beria Prize for Extraordinary Rehabilitation Management. Disappeared from public eye two years ago. Rumored to have been promoted to the Office of Border Affairs to organize and command penal battalions for armed confrontations with the FGA.

    Known Languages: Human Standard, galactic standard.

    Personal History/Background: August was born on NGR colony #3314, human standard designation Alteria-Makhdoom, known to the lower classes as A-M. On AM, August’s father was a computer engineer for Subalterior Artificial intelligence manufacturing plant No. 3371, and was a salaried employee for the NGR Subdirectorate for Technological Affairs and Lightspeed-Advancement. His mother, however, was the dominant member of the family, and held the higher rank, as project manager of the Bureau of Reformation through Civil Service, a euphemism for operating labor and concentration camps. Throughout her career, August’s mother, Ying-wen, served as deputy director of three of the planet’s major convict, labor, and xenosterilization camps – Camp Planck, Camp Oppenheimer, and Camp Gagarin. For her services, she was awarded the Lavrenty Beria Prize for Rehabilitation Management on the 3rd of October, 2651.

    Through her connections, her bright son August was tdesignated by provisional second enhancement bureau to be 32nd in line for cybernetic enhancements on his 8th birthday, and was earmarked after an exceptional performance in NGR 5th milityar academy from grades 3 to 11 for employment in NGR Xenointelligence Bureau. August was designated from the start as a field analyst as opposed to an operative, but rapidly grew tired of analyzing maps, comm signals, and gate travel residue of rival fleets near the gates. His true passion had always been the fledgling field of Antedilluvian Technologies (AT) – known to the common man as Gate Sciences.

    Connecting with Shi-Ying Leclerc, a primary director who shared August’s conviction in the importance of gate sciences, August was able to recruit a small team of three gifted analysts and one university professor, Dr. Dr. Hans Feldmar-Antonuci, to form the basis of a roster that the influential Shi-Ying Leclerc could use to leverage his superiors to create the bureau. After two and a half long years of politicking and bureaucratic maneuvering, the Antedilluvian Technology Subdepartment was created. He was briefly and incorrectly awarded by the faulty A.I. Confucius 3.0 the Joseph McCarthy Award for Counter-espionage – the correct award would have been the Indira Gandhi Prize for Exceptional Initiative in Shaping A Bureaucratic Structure. However, state promotion boards ranked the McCarthy award three stacks higher, so August did not object and the error went unnoticed until Confucius 3.0 was patched seven years later following the accidental depressurization of Orbital Cadaver Recycling Plant No. 3, which provided over 300,000 tons of recycled sentient meat to the overpopulated Earth on a daily basis.

    August’s employ with the department would not last long, however. NGR had a number of competing agencies that had existed for decades, including the Civilain Gate Studies Wing, the Military Special Transportation Executive, and the Zoler-Dragomirov Works Gate Research Division. Ultimately, Director Leclerc was purged after expanding the department to 42 workers, in a show trial on allegations of conspiring with the FGA to undermine the NGR Second Feline Genetic Engineering Project, giving the FGA an unfair edge for 3.5 years in feline biotechnology. The real motive for the purge, August suspected, was a bribe by the CEO of Zoler-Dragomirov, Vidkun Zoler II, to the Office of Political Correction to remove a rival.

    August was left jobless and unemployable after the department’s disbandment. All associates of Director Leclerc, executed by sedated body recycling – rare for a member of the dominant Human race in the NGR – were blacklisted from public employment, and work in the many oligarchs’ megacorporations. Meanwhile, no NGR intelligence officer, even a disgraced one – and especially a human – would ever be employable in the FGA. At a time when gate scientists were a hot commodity in both cold war governments, August was barred by his past profession from crossing into the other superpower’s employment.

    It was in his moment of despair that August turned to the only paying employer available: the GTG. Boarding a vessel to unlock the key to the gate, August braced himself for an opportunity to pursue a lifelong passion, but also an opportunity to secure his eternal fame and win his way back into the favor of the NGR elite.
  19. BRING IT ON!