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    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxT H E Y x W I L L x N O T x S T O P x U S
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    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxT H E Y x W I L L x N O T x S T O P x U S
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx♛▐⋮&& W.E'LL STAND VICTORIOUS 》

    Years have passed since the adventures of Avatar Korra ended, her legend never forgotten. As the generations pass and Avatar Korra draws her last breath, humanity persists to exist in peace. Soon the generations to come forgot what it was to be at war as the United Republic of the Nations kept their reign. Humanity finally lives a serene existence and they can co-exist together peacefully.

    However this has all been a mere illusion.

    Behind the scenes the government has grown corrupted, the power and greed making way into their hearts, darkening them. Fault upon mistake are made and hidden by lies that should lead to believe that peace is still standing firm. No one of the top wishing to admit of their wrong doings, afraid to lose the power at hands and the trust of their people. However, as their hearts are growing darker and more corrupted soon the wish to expand their lands arise. Wishing to take over the neighbouring nations they start to plot. With the growing technology the United Republic of the Nations are planning on a biological warfare.

    Against these plans the avatar is rendered powerless. Having joined their ranks as well, the reincarnation of the Avatar is nothing but a puppet inside of their hands. The supposed hero has been carefully grown and groomed to the beliefs of the government, thinking that their words are the truth, believing the top without a clue to these outside and the consequences their actions will lead to. The new Avatar is just a mere shadow to excess more power from for the government, unknowingly moving around as a mere pawn on a board of chess.

    Though nothing has been lost yet. There is a spark of hope that lights up the will of the people. Concerned about the recent activity of their government and worried about the future they gather to find the truth. A group of young benders with each their own faith and morals have gathered. Fierce are their hearts and youthful their souls, determined to fight and to reveal the truths of the greedy hearts governing them. Clash they shall, but their goals intertwine their fate and here we start their story.

    This is Avatar: The Final Retaliation.

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    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRULES!◞ ✬

    The rules we have here are very short and simple. There aren't a lot, so I expect you to follow them fully and without any problems.

    - Please respect your fellows as you respect yourself.
    - Quality over Quantity, but avoid one liners. One paragraph should be very doable.
    - Not everyone is an English native speaker and writer, however a basic understanding of the spelling and grammar rules should be a minimum.
    - No face claims please. Try to use anime-styled pictures, sites such as zerochan.net, tumblr, deviantart.com should give you some hits.
    - Please follow the regular forum rules of Iwaku.
    - Have questions? Ask the staff! President: Misaou/Me[Host], Vice President: WishfulNemo[Co-Mod], Head Designer: Pyro[Co-Mod]

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    ░░《 ❝.D- DON'T STOP!》░░
    ██ x██ x██ x██ x██ x██ x██ x██

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    The staff and I have discussed and we have realized that sign ups are moving slow here on Iwaku. So in the end we've decided to move the role play to another site in hopes of more attention. If any of you wish to follow and continue this role play contact me. Thank you all for you time. -Misaou and Team Avatar
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    "I'll follow the path I choose for myself and I will stick to my own ideals and beliefs!"


    Haruko Rei

    Haruko Meaning: Springtime or Sunlight child

    Rei: Roughly translates to bell


    May 12th || Nineteen ||




    Fire (Lightning)


    || Allegiant // Disciplined ||

    Haruko is a girl who won't betray your trust. She's faithful 100% and fully commits to her job and duty. She was raised to be this way. She was raised to never betray trust. And in that way she expects people to do the same. To not betray her trust. To be honest. Unfortunately that is just a child's dream that wasn't meant to be true. But instead of flying off the handle every time someone betrays her she has learned to deal with it calmly like the young adult she is. In fact this maturity has been with Haruko ever since she was little. She won't lose her mind until something tragic really happens.

    || Aggressive // Passionate ||
    In order to make her lose it she must have reached the state of no return. That being said her warning signs are clear. Clear as day. If one chooses to ignore them than that is their fault and they will face her wrath full on. When Haruko does actually lose it she really let's go. Its like she's a totally new person. That calm demeanor she had held onto so tightly before is gone completely. Its like she has become a monster, enslaved by her own rage. Its just somethings one should not tease Haruko with lightly. She is very passionate about a few things and if that is messed with, you will be in on hell of a problem when she finds out.

    || Dauntless // Tenacious ||

    Haruko is bold in just about everything she does. That being said she isn't really scared of being on the front lines and fighting for the things she believes in. But that doesn't mean she doesn't get scared. It just means that even though she is totally scared to the bones she will still run out in the front lines and fight whatever her fear is head on. That's what she believes is true strength. She won't run away, if she does she might as well as give up on everything. That is something she isn't willing to do. When she has something within her sights she's set on it. She will accomplish her goals. She's stubborn like that.

    || Whimsical ||

    Haruko enjoys a good laugh from time to time. In fact she would rather be laughing and smiling rather than being serious all the time. She is by no means the "comedic relief" but she does have a playful side. She can make funny statements from time to time. She also enjoys teasing her friends. She knows that she's involved in something serious but being serious 24/7 is stressful. So you have to laugh sometimes.



    "Being born into a privileged life is probably the hardest thing to live with in the world."

    [ The birth of a Fire Princess ]

    Kazuki and Akane had tried numerous times to get pregnant with no luck. Akane was starting to believe she would never have children. That is until Kazuki convinced her to try one more time. That's the time the were blessed with Haruko. It was the happiest day of their life. Akane's dream came true and.

    During Akane's pregnancy there were numerous attempts on her life. Kazuki didn't know what he would do if he lost the love of his life and his baby. He finally decided to move his wife to a secret position so she could have the baby safely from harm. Only top officials that Kazuki trusted the most knew about this. As a result the baby was born safely. But now that she was here Kazuki couldn't just run away every time his family was in danger. He must fight back and that's what he intended to do.

    But it's hard to fight back when you are fighting against someone you love.


    "Haruko, my sweet beautiful baby girl. Always remember you are special. You are the Crown Princess, that makes you different from others" Kazuki said as he carried his sleepy daughter to her room. It had been a long day, people from all over the country had come to see the Crown Princess, Haruko on her birthday today.

    "Why do I have to be different Papa?" Haruko mumbled softly as she took her little hands and rubbed them against her eyes. Being a child she didn't exactly understand what he meant.

    "Because you were born to be different sweetie. Different doesn't mean bad it just means...well...different." He chuckled at his lack knowledge on this subject. How does one explain to a five year old about these things?

    A soft snoring sound came from the little girl Kazuki was holding. He placed her in her bed and tucked her in. As he continued to gaze down at his daughter lovingly two guards approached the Fire Lord. Without turning around the Fire Lord addressed them.

    "Take care of her. Don't let anyone or anything get close to her. I swear if one hair on her head is messed with your heads will be mine" Kazuki said with a fierceness that wouldn't be taken lightly.

    The guards snappily answered him back. Kazuki leaned down and kissed the top of Haruko's head. He knew he shouldn't be so protective of her but she was his bundle of light, his joy, his life. The only girl that could imeadiately bring a smile to his face. He loved her so much it was hard to put it in words. That being said he just knew some of his enemies would try to take her life. He would not allow that to happen. Not to his daughter. Not to his miracle.

    [ The struggles of a Fire Princess ]

    "Haruko?! HARUKO!"

    The eleven year old Haruko giggled to her best friend Kohaku, as they hid from her mother, Akane. They were supposed to be sparring as Haruko learned to advance in her fire bending skills. Kohaku was chosen to help her with that. His family has served the royal family like this for generations.

    But of course the kids wanted to have fun and ignore their work. That's all they ever seemed to do was work. Ever since her father's accident two years ago everyone has been so serious. Haruko remembered when she used to have fun. But that was while her father was Fire Lord. But ever since her mother has taken over in place of her husband things haven't been as fun.

    The accident hit her family hard. An assassin had come for Haruko's life, instead her father protected her and ended up in a coma because of it. Haruko blamed herself, despite how many people told her that it wasn't. Haruko loved her father very much and it hurt her spirit badly that her father couldn't be with her as she grew up. Doctor's around the clock were working to keep him breathing. She just hoped that one day he would come back to her.

    Still even with all of this going on, Hatuko just wanted a few minutes to herself where she could escape and have fun. Kohaku did that for her. Together they could do anything and she could forget her Princess duties for just a few moments.

    "Haruko we can't stay here. The witch will find us--" Kohaku was suddenly interrupted by hands dragging Haruko and himself out from their hiding place.

    "What do you two think you're doing?" Akane, Haruko's mother demanded. "Haruko do you know how long I've been looking for you?! You are the crown princess yo--"

    "You have to start acting like it. I know Mother." Haruko filled in for her with a sigh.

    Akane's face reddened as her daughter cut her off. She the. Turned her wrath to Kohaku. "If you can't do your job there's no need for you to stay here any longer"

    "Mother! It's not Kohaku's fault it's mine. Leave him alone" Haruko said as she stepped in front Kohaku to protect him from her mother.

    Akane stepped back, shocked that her daughter had a backbone. "When did you become like this? What happened to my daughter?"

    Haruko rolled her eyes, her mother was always so dramatic. Haruko has been like this from day one. If she payed any attention to her daughter she would've known that.

    Akane turned on her heals, her mouth set in a pout, and stormed back to the palace.

    "Thanks for that Haruko. If she'd kick me out I would die. I have no where to go." Kohaku said as he looked at his feet.

    Haruko hugged him, "I know. I wouldn't let her do that to you though. You're my best friend." Haruko said with a smile

    Kohaku blushed and patted her head, "Okay let's start practicing again. Your fire bending needs some serious help. You suck."

    "I do not suck! Take that back!" Haruko playfully yelled at her friend as they began to spar together.

    [ The rebellion of a Fire Princess ]

    "Haruko? Where are you going to go? What are you going to do? You can't just leave! What about me?" Akane whined as she followed behind her daughter as she shoved things in her bag.

    "We've discussed this mother. I don't know where I'm going or what I'm going to do but that's the whole purpose of this trip." Haruko said as she finished packing her things and walking out from her room.

    "But you can't just leave! You're the Crown Princess!" Akane whined again as she pulled on her daughters clothes.

    "Yes and I'm also nineteen. Well of age to do as I please. I'm leaving, nothing you say will change that." Haruko said as she continued to walk, not bothering to look back. When she reached the exit her mother finally let go.

    "Is it because of me? I know I can't replace your father bu--" Akane was cut off suddenly.

    "Of course this isn't because of you. And please don't bring Father into this. Maybe on my trip I can figure out a cure for him. I'm leaving because I'm tired of doing nothing in this palace. I want to do more mother. "


    "I'm finally stepping up and becoming the Crown Princess I want to be. Goodbye mother." With that Haruko left her mother by the entrance/exit.

    It was finally time to be free. First stop would be Republic City. The place her Great Great grandfather Zuko built with Avatar Aang. Being the Crown Princess, Haruko heard a lot about Republic City and some of the things going on there. She was curious and wanted to see for herself what that City is about.


    Please ask me for relationships! Haruko loves having friends~

    || Kazuki & Akane Rei : Father(Current Fire Lord) & Mother(Substitute Fire Lord) ||

    Kazuki met Akane when she was still a young innocent lamb. He fell in love with her on the spot because of how beautiful she was. He insisted at that point that he marry her. How could one resist the crown prince after all. So it was settled just like that. Akane didn't love Kazuki but she was forced into an arranged marriage with him.


    Kazuki shares a special relationship with his daughter. She's more of a daddy's girl anyway. He is really protective over her. After all she is his first and only child. He loves her dearly, just as she loves him so.

    Akane and Haruko share a strained relationship. Akane never spent a lot of time with her daughter so Haruko doesn't really know her that well. In fact Akane never felt the need to deal with her until her husband had his accident. That was when she had to step in temporarily and take his position. Because of that she felt the need to direct and parent her daughter. But of course she didn't know what she was doing so she was unusually harsh to her.

    That only made Akane realize how much of a child she still was. She didn't even know how to look after a child. She was still immature and had a lot of growing up to do.

    || Kohaku : Sparring partner and close friend ||

    Kohaku has been with Haruko from day one. He's the same age as her so they grew up together. Kohaku was Haruko's first friend. He's really special to her and in return she is very special to her. His family has served the royal family for generations. They are to be respected. They aren't nobles but they are treated like it. Only because they are the closest family to the royal family.

    Kohaku's job was to train the princess to master her fire bending techniques, and that is exactly what he did. Haruko's mother believed it should be done though tough work but Kohaku knew it took more than that. Through his friendship he turned Haruko into a mean fighting machine. She grew rapidly just as he did. Sooner it got harder to spar with each other and their matches would take longer.

    To this day they still have trouble beating one another. Kohaku knows not to mess with Haruko when she's in serious combat though because it's like all of her training flies out of the window and she releases this power from an unknown source and turns into a monster while fighting.

    Still he cares about Haruko deeply. Over the years he's developed special feelings towards her but she's oblivious to them. In the end he's 'friend-zoned'


    ( Will build on later but for now N/A )


    Haruko has short brown hair that falls to the her shoulders slightly. She finds that this hairstyle is easier for her when fire bending. She also has bright golden eyes. She looks a lot like her father brown hair slightly tan skin. She got her eyes from her mother though. Physical appearance wise Haruko has a pretty big chest for someone as active as she is. She constantly has to wrap them slightly to not have them get in the way. They aren't really big but they are slightly above average size. Her lips are naturally a light shade of pink.

    Haruko's body is named of pure muscle but at the same time she is still soft to the touch. From years and years of training she finally became strong. She's probably, if my already, the best fire bender in the palace.

    Her clothes vary a lot. As long as she's in something comfortable she's fine. It also had to give her the ability to move freely since she usually ends up fighting one way or another.
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    eighteen y.o. || august 11th || female || earth & metal
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
    ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋯⋯⋯⋯

    unwavering & fiery
    Asha is nothing short of dauntless, unfazed by difficulties that continue to pile up in her path. She has proven herself to be a troublesome person to conquer in terms of will, as she keeps a firm grasp on what she believes in with stubbornness akin to that of a mule's. Perhaps it is her inability to give in;

    foolish & reckless
    & unforgiving
    strong sense of justice

    ████ biography
    ████ pet
    ████ other

    ████ appearance
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    "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't."
    ■Name: {Surname, Name}
    Wang, Qiu An
    ■Gender: Male
    ■Age/Birthday: Eighteen {18}
    ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ October twenty-one {10 - 21}
    ■Element: Earth


    ||Greedy & Indecisive -
    He has a certain love for money. Not because a past of poverty and hunger, certainly not, but more in the sheer believe that money gets your anywhere. His father was moved by money, his mother excessively used money, it has been his environment that geared up by the sound and promise of money. You win with money, you spread fear and power with money. You move people with money. In that sheer believe of the power of money Qiu An has become a greedy soul ever since he started to defy his only living parent and decided to join the rebellion. Money is what will give him a pass to the truth, money shall be what will overthrow these standing on top of them, trampling over them and what will, if he is not careful, shall overthrow him. Along with his experiences in gamble houses and his many swindling techniques taught since young Qiu An has become someone who disregards morales if that will give him access to his goal.

    However, despite his love for money the young male isn't resolved inside of his goal. Though he may take his father responsible for the death of his mother he is reluctant upon shaming him. Even if he wishes to find out what had turned his father into the man he is today, unashamed to use lives for his own research and what it is that supports him, there is a fear sparking inside of Qiu An that tells him that his life might turn out to be a full blown lie. Saddening it is, since his commitment could be considered as half hearted. His unresolved feelings that is mostly caused by fear will cause the young male to be unable to choose what side he truly shall commit towards to. The safe place he grew up at? The hunger he never experienced and leaving his mother's death aside as if it was merely part of life? Even with the knowledge that there is something suspicious going on within the Republic Qiu An feels extremely reluctant to leave that all behind at once, not knowing what there is left when he finds out the truth.

    ||Cheerful & Vengeful -
    Smile on his face, Qiu An always makes sure to keep his mood up. Trying to smile through all days and moments. Carefree he may seem, as if there isn't a worry at all, no dark clouds hanging above of him, however his charming smile is more of a wall of defence. A way of distancing himself from others, as if nothing bothers him and there are no thoughts overruling his mind. Almost childlike and innocent, but may Qiu An be inexperienced on some parts he is knowledgeable on his own ground. There is some sense of maturity within the young male as he knows when to be serious when needs sees to be.

    There is a but to his cheerful side though. As kind he may come across with his gentle smile and jolly nature there is a vengeful side inside of him. Beating on the sound of revenge once he finds himself to be unrighteously treated. The fact that he is seeking out for a way to repay his father for his sin proofs it. There is something inside of him that makes him unable to forgive, unwilling to let go of that act that shattered his face, hurt his pride or crumbled his heart. Of course he needs to be careful, for vengeance never pays well, but if karma is unwilling to hurt, Qiu An is more than willing to hunt down his prey himself. Unafraid to face his enemies himself and see them fall with an unspoken fear written inside of their eyes.

    ||Careful & Conservative -
    Qiu An is far from an impulsive person, always carefully thinking out his plans before he conducts them. He isn't going to rely on good luck or coincidences, but on solid matters that he can predict and cause to happen. He rather plays it out save than having to rush into the situation without overseeing it first. As it can be said Qiu An is predictable in that insight, trying to gather facts first before he plans and planning before he acts. For the impatient it might be viewed as tardiness, but for Qiu An it is a moment of peace. Easing down his mind with a solid construction he can lean upon and to charge his goal with. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the involvement of a little money and deceit, but still with the insurance that success is at his side.

    On the other hand Qiu An is also one for traditions, holding up old fashioned beliefs and values in life. He isn't one to like change, finding them often to be more bothersome and their toll too high for what they are worth. Truly he supports the growth of the soul, however as change often goes hand in hand with the disappearance of what was once there everyday inside of their lives he finds them hard to accept. The slowly degrading respect for the wisdom spoken by their ancestors and their values and principles that had once been passed down, forgotten. Qiu An finds himself to be troubled by the new mindset of humanity as they are advancing and forgetting about the time they had together, cause inside of his mind history had always been the best. Inside of his opinion the past had all been better than what was to come now. The unsure future that is promising to break apart so many beliefs that he had held and followed as an innocent fellow in childhood. It is more out of fear that Qiu An is against change instead of a believe rooted deep inside of him, an insecurity that leads to his indecisiveness as what is truly for the better of the world. The way they are now, the past or the unknown future where the truth may be revealed?

    ||Deceitful & Benevolent -
    Though there may be insecurities residing inside of Qiu An and though may he be a cheerful lad without much experience and indecisive on what he truly wants, he knows how to secure them away from others. After years of being taken along to gamble houses with his mother the young male had learnt how to put on a poker face. Slowly making some money himself as well. Not only did he become an excellent swindler who knew his tricks to win the game, but he had also learnt how to fake several expressions on his face. To make sure that he won't be read through and this has helped him in the act. It also helps him in his revenge when he feels annoyed or humiliated by the other. Fully aware that one has to keep friend and foe close by his side if he wished to get back at them, deceiving them that he doesn't mind it or tolerates them, liking them, but yet the truth might be that he is looking for a hole inside of their act, waiting to crumble them.

    However, most of the time Qiu An isn't half the bad person with his vengeful acts, deceit and swindling money. He does possess a heart after all and might feel a little guilty if he feels that he went too far in his act. Just another side of his inexperience despite thinking that he might have seen all evil in the world. Who deceives gets beaten in their own game and it wouldn't be the first time that Qiu An offers up his own hand for help, but gets left alone with nothing or less. It is just another part of his personality that he wants and wished to help another. A trait he once believed his father to hold as well, but was gravely disappointed after the passing of his mother.

    ||A young doctor makes a full grave -
    "When I grow up I'm going to become a doctor, like dad!" determined eyes shone right at his peers, hot with the ambition to fulfil his declaration. Inside of the city more and more people have been falling ill. Falling prey to the flu that was normal to come around this time of the year. However, with the harsh winter and the sudden appearance of the flu many were fighting against their lives. His father was out daily, making late nights as to visit his clients and give them the right medicines. It was odd, like Qiu An had heard his father mumble from time to time. Him stroking his beard absent-mindedly and frowning slightly to himself. However it brought in the money they needed and thus the doctor paid his visits and made sure to check out on the elder at least once a day. No one could beat doctor Wang, father of Qiu An and that was why they all needed him. Or so his son liked to believe, proud of the man he called his father, helping and saving lives while maintaining a healthy family himself. It was only to be expected that his son was to follow his father's steps. The desire to make his own living in the same field as his honourable father did.

    However as the young boy had spoken a voice had appeared behind him. A woman's voice that immediately caused the bright smile on his face to disappear. "Qiuuuu... Aaaaaannnn!" a slurred voice called out for him, a limp arm covering his shoulder as his mother slumped over him, clearly too drunk to stand on her own legs. Giggling a little his friends took a few steps back, pinching their noses in a slight disgust as the smell of alcohol was, like any other day, very strong and apparent. "Mother." the boy sighed, a slight blush of embarrassment on his face as he caught her gently in his arms. Supporting her as he turned to go back to their house. He didn't want to know and yet he already knew just by looking at the state she was in. How and why she turned out like this was unknown, but Qiu An felt ashamed just by looking at her. The gambler, the drinker, his mother was no where near the perfect example of how a mom should be, but that had been one day been different.

    "Chuuu Aaah!" again his mother slurred his name, this time leaving the correct pronunciations behind as she slid down to the ground. Her legs finally giving in once her feet had touched the floor of their place. Giggling to herself the woman hiccuped, covering her mouth in a quasi-surprised manner as she threw out a small sack of gold. "Chuu Aaah!" she called for her son again as no response came from the son, but she didn't seem to care as she let herself fall down to the ground. "Chuu Aaah! Give me water." she demanded, to which she quickly was pleased with as the boy had already brought her the glass. "Sober up mother." he mumbled, annoyed that she had to come out just when he was boasting around about his father. He wanted to tell her to stay away from him, pretend as if they weren't mother and son, but he knew that it was a heartless thing to do. Besides, he couldn't get himself to do so anyway, knowing that his mother would cry herself asleep. "Chuu Aaah." his mother giggled again as she rolled over to her side, staring at the face of her young son with a pitiful look. "Chuu Aaah, mother is soooolllyy." she lulled, putting the glass away without drinking from it, but her voice had dropped exponentially. As if she truly was sorry for something, but tried to hide it. "You will understand someday." she smiled bitterly and just like that, just like every other day went by the woman fell asleep, passing out on the ground and sleeping into a hangover.

    It was at that time that Qiu An considered his father a hero he thought of his mother as a disgrace. Ruining and tainting the good image of doctor Wang and his family. Back then at the tender age from childhood to teens he had always believed as such, never intending to look behind that pitiful look his mother had given to him. However it was back at that time as well that he was still a naive and gullible child, having no idea of the true colours of the world. It would be later, much later when he was to understand what the meaning of his mother's acts were.

    ||Defeat isn't bitter if you don't swallow it -
    All father's fault...

    An accusation that had stabbed his heart. Clothed in black the young boy was trying to hold back his tears. His father no where to be seen. Once again out to work, leaving his son behind with the funeral of his mother. She had always been physically weak, with her constant drinking and gambling she had brought much trouble upon herself. Her health steadily going back due to the damage she caused to her liver. The flu that had suddenly spread around not helping, demanding its lives daily as many others were suffering from high fevers. The children and elder had it the worst, being the weakest against such outbreaks. Unfortunately it had came to collect his mother as well, leaving him behind after weeks of suffering of high fevers and unconsciousness. While he had been laying next to his mother, trying to fight against his eyes falling close he had heard her mumbled. "His fault..." she would constantly chant it, not speaking to anyone in particular as his father still went out daily to help the sick. It was a wonder that the doctor never caught the flu himself, but Qiu An believed it was because his father was too strong for a flu. The strongest man in town and thus he let it slide off.


    He had suddenly felt better again. Still weak, but better than the days before ever since he caught the flu. His fever had gone down and he could eat and stand again. It was all too wonderful, but when he finally had fully recovered he came to discover a very sad find. That morning, when he could walk again Qiu An had found his father inside of the living room. His head hanging low and shoulders slumped. A posture too unlike for the doctor, but he quickly straightened himself up as he noticed his son. "Take care." was all he has said in that deep voice and left. Leaving the now teen behind with his mother. It was only later that he would find out that his mother was laying on her dying bed. Fighting her last seconds as she was about to reveal the truths.

    "All father's fault." were the last words of his mother. Leaving them behind with a huge debt from her gambling, only coming to light after she had died. Her drinking problem was also a much spread gossip as everyone seemed to take joy into blackening the name of doctor Wang. At a first glance one would think that it was his mother who had driven the family to the edge, the income of his father not enough to cover up all of her debts. However, as Qiu An grew older and understood more he slowly came to find that it was his father who had driven her to an edge. His mother only acting like she did as in a last act of revenge. They didn't have the heart to divorce, but perhaps that it would have been for the better if they had left each other before death had come to get his mother.

    Alas, it wasn't the case and his father left home even more, leaving the boy alone inside of their empty house. Though he had an education to follow he still felt empty whenever he returned to the place. He could try to avoid going back home as much as possible, however after a while and months of strolling around it soon grew boring. The boy had no idea what to do, so young and most of the time avoided by the other children thanks to the infamy his mother left. His father was still a most respected doctor, however for him, to Qiu An that image has long since been tainted. It was ever after his mother's death that he had changed. Still he didn't fully understand anything at all, however, he could investigate and nose his way into it. Only had that to wait until he was over his initial shock. 'Till then he felt too heartbroken to try to believe that his father was at fault of the dead of his mother.

    ||With money one commands devils. Without money one cannot even summon a man -
    What had been exactly father's fault? Once his mother had been a graceful young wife. That he had heard from his grandparents who had passed away with the flu as well. Why she suddenly changed was a question they all would like to see answered. Why she had spoken these last words were a question to Qiu An as well. The distress written inside of the eyes of the woman when she was soon to die. She had tried to say more, but was left unable to do so and let go of her last breath. The way his father had reacted to the death of his wife had been cool. Qiu An had received almost no reaction from his father and that had pained him. Was it then really true that it was his father who had driven his mother mad?

    It didn't matter how much he pondered over what he was told. To the young boy it was much too absurd, much too unbelievable that his father would dare to sink that low as a doctor. Testing out their bodies with all kind of substances that didn't belonged inside of their bodies. Some making them ill, others placing them in great pain. If it wasn't for the fact that Qiu And had approached his father with it directly he would have never believed it or heard the full story to it. His father was a doctor send from the devil. Out on the mission to use humanity as his guinea pigs. A mad scientist who didn't understood the human morale and all how he had answered to his son was; "I've a family to feed.". Without guilt. Without remorse. It was too disgusting to know that his father dared to experiment on an healthy body to find out the after effects of his drugs and medicines. To know what effects new viruses, bacteria and mould had on their bodies. All for the sake of science he said. All for the sake of his job.

    And surely such an act should be subsidised by some greater group, right? As Qiu an had initially thought that he lived inside of the perfect world where peace had been ruling their grounds, brought by Avatar Korra, he now knew that it was a sinister place of illusion. His mother died by the hands of his father, having purposefully spread around the flu in their neighbourhood and hoping to see what the result were of his conducts. Surely his father was working under some sort of authority who allowed such acts. However what powerhouse was mighty enough to allow the doctors, these who should be healing them, to conduct experiments on them instead? It was soon that the young male found himself to the believe that it must be the government involved. Though how and why? Qiu An needed prove to be able to reveal his points. He needed the truth as to find out what exactly was happening and why his father would put aside his morals as a doctor for the sake of money.

    ||Father, Doctor Wang -
    Qiu An has been seeing his father only a little after his mother passed away from sickness. The doctor completely immersed himself inside of his work, making early shifts and coming home late with stacks of paper. At first Qiu An thought that this was his father's way of 'moving on'. Hoping that he soon would spend some time for himself and family. However, their relationship only grew more strained the more suspicious he became of his father after his mother's last words. Wondering what it could mean. The last blow to their relationship was the revelation that the doctor had been practising his theories on his clients, using them as mere experiments and writing down his conclusions. Of course the immediate suspicion was that his father had something to do with his mother's death. A sin he could never forgive and too disgusted to live with any longer in silence.

    ||Mother, Lady Wang - deceased
    He had been so ashamed of his mother when she was still alive. Despite the many stories that she used to be such a genteel and mannered lady, Qiu An just could not view her in such a way. Not being able to remember how she had changed in the shameful drunk she was now. An addict of gambling and alcoholic beverages and it was inevitable that a young Qiu An wasn't taken out on one of her many tours to gamble. It is for that reason that Qiu An learnt how to swindle money from these gamblers. However though there was shame he still cared greatly over his mother, hoping that she would one day make the stories come true and become the role model she was supposed to be. Alas, she died before she could prove herself again and it was then that the suspicions and strained relationship with his father started. Finally understanding what it was that made his mother act up in such an disgraceful manner.

    ||Always open to discuss new relationships with -

    ■Other: Swindler | Medical knowledge
    ■■■■■■■{Got dragged to gamble houses by his mother on a young age.}| {A shattered childhood dream}
    {180 cm // 5'10}
    {Long, dark brown, hair}
    {Coal black eyes}
    {Lean build, agile}

    *Quote comes from a Chinese proverb, translated to English
    ** Subtitles of the biography are all Chinese proverbs as well
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  7. [ W. I. P. ]


    " ... "

    [ Name ]
    Kaito Shigenoi

    海斗 滋野井家

    [ Age | Birthday ]
    Nineteen | December 13th

    [ Gender ]

    [ Element ]

    [ Personality ]

    [ Biography ]

    [ Relationships ]

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  9. I love the work you've put into the story! Depending on RP stress, I might join in as either Water or Air. Until then, this post is reserved for said character. <3
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  12. Name: Andra Diviana
    Age/Birthday: 15 29/9
    Gender: Female
    Element: Air

    Personality: Quiet, shy
    Andra is very cautious around people she doesn't know, always wary of wether they can be trusted or not. She would do anything for the people she is close to, even if that means sacrificing herself in process. Andra can never bring herself to kill any living thing.

    Biography: Born into an average family, she stayed in the closet for a long time when she discovered her air bending powers. She would practise in secret, thinking that, if she opened up, she would be thought of as a freak and disowned by her family. Her mother had once been attacked by an Avatar, and constantly denounces them as a whole, therefore bringing Andra to believe that her powers are a curse, and that it is sin to use them. Still, she continues to practise air bending, ignoring the nagging voice in her head that suggests otherwise.
    Thinking that she was a freak, she stayed away from school and studied at home, avoiding being in public whenever she could. She has no social life, and spends most of her day in her room. Andra's father died in a terrible fire when she was three. Her mother continuously blames fire benders for setting the building on fire.
    Her mother remarried when Andra was five. She was excited to have a father she could get to know, but he constantly got drunk and was very abusive to her. That was when she found Anori. Andra was coming home from the market when she found a kitten, malnourished and dirty. She took him home in secret, and they became inseperable.

    Relationships: Her only relationship is with her cat Anori, who never leaves her side.

    Pet: White cat, Anori
    Other: She always has a bruise or scratch somewhere on her body from her abusive stepfather.
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