Avatar: The Faded History.

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  1. The Story:

    The Legend of Kasumi.

    Before Avatar Aang and his successor Korra, there were many more. Recorded history, however, has a trail that fades away whilst tracing back in time. Going backwards, before Avatars Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, Yangchen and the unnamed Magma Bender, the Avatar Spirit was within an Waterbending host. This is hundreds of years before Aang triggered the Avatar State that would freeze him in a glacier for Sokka and Katara to find. Hundreds of years before Korra was even conceived.

    I take you back before recorded history in the world of Avatar faded away to the memories of the dead lurking the Spirit World. Dragons have not been hunted to near extinction, and the Air Nomads did not yet fall victim to the wrathful genocide the Fire Nation would inflict hundreds of years later. The world is at peace, or perhaps I have spoken too soon? The previous Avatar has passed away, and the new host has been chosen. Kasumi(the current Avatar) is the new host. At the time of her birth, to twentieth year later to when our RP will take place, the world has been threatened. An unknown villain has lead a force assumed to be chi blockers to destroy benders. They have gone to villages and towns to "purify" the gene pools. They, however, leave the leaders alive and, instead, removing their ability to bend. If you've nostalgia to the Legend of Korra, think again. It is said that a powerful chi blocker has mastered an ancient, forgotten art and is out to not destroy only the Avatar Spirit, but the notabilities and councils of the four nations so that the ancient art could again be dominant. And they are training more to fuel this unjust cause.

    Character Sheet (open)


    Age: [16-20]



    Appearance: [Anime pic along with a brief description please.]

    Personality: [At least a paragraph of what you character is like.]

    History: [At least a paragraph.]

    Other: [Anything extra you want us to know?]

    1. Respect - This is the most important rule. Respect me, my roleplay and your fellow roleplayers. Refusal of following this rule will get you kicked from my roleplay.

    2. Have Fun! - Another important rule. Roleplaying is all about having fun, making friends and creating a story with people you don't even know. If that's not fun, then I don't know what is.

    3. Characters - Please make your characters realistic. Also, no mary-sues or gary-sues characters please. And please do not make your characters over powered.

    4. Godmodding and Autohitting - Just don't do it.

    5. Character Sheets - Don't be easily intimidated by what you see, at least try to fill it out. I'll usually accept on the effort. Please use the format that I have provided though I will allow you to format your character sheet, however you would like just make sure you use the titles that I have produced for you already.

    6. Posting - I would like to have active roleplayers be apart of this roleplay, please. And be semi literate, or just be literate, please. Meaning know the difference of words, proper grammar and capitalization. We all make mistakes, I am sure of it. Please be able to also post at least two full paragraphs each post. I understand writer's block but just try to manage three. If you are gone for more than three days please PM me to let me know. For you speed posters out there, allow three people to post after your last post before posting again.

    7. PG-13 - Please limit the amount of gore, violence and sexual content that you put in the IC. Swearing is fine, just don't go overboard, meaning don't have your character swear is every sentence.

    8. Reservations - These will last for 24 hours only. Need an extension, let me know via PM. Also, just because someone has made a reservation for the role you wanted, doesn't mean you can't apply for it as well.

    9. Be Active! - Please be active in both IC and OOC. Thanks. And give me your favorite food in the OOC to clarify that you have read the rules.

    Firebender - Orange.

    Earthbender - Olive.

    Airbender - Wheat.

    Weapons Master - Silver.
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