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  1. I couldn't help but notice that upon uploading an avatar for use on Iwaku, the quality of the image is heavily worsened regardless of the image's size adhering to the 200x requirement.

    For example, notice the following:


    The left image is the uploaded version, while the right is the original version prior to uploading. Clearly the Iwaku version is of a smaller image size which confuses me; why claim that avatars should be at least 200x200 if they will be sized down anyways?

    The left image is a mere 8 pixels shorter in width than the left (which corresponds to a 16 pixel height difference). It is 192x384 while the original is 200x400.

    Thus I propose that the 200x200 "suggestion" be replaced with the verbage:

    Otherwise images will be uploaded that are either too small or too large and will be subsequently lowered in quality.
  2. 200px is the correct width to be using, it looks like the system is bugging somewhere and not recognizing the size setting. D:

    This will be fixed on our update in a couple days!
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