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  1. Not 100% sure if this is working as intended, but an issue with avatar resizing came up when I switched to a new one recently.

    I've found that the maximum possible dimension for a regular avatar before being resized automatically is 192x384. Assuming a large image has a 2:1 aspect ratio, it will always resize to 192x384.

    That behavior is normal enough, but if you right click on avatar that is 192x384 in a thread to view the image info in your browser, you'll find the forum has resized the avatar to 200x400, thus upscaling the image and degrading its image quality. Because of how the uploader is set up as earlier mentioned, even if you upload a 200x400 image, it will be downscaled and then upscaled again, leading to an unfun, blurry mess.

    This behavior doesn't seem to occur with 1:1 avatars at 200x200. Anything more rectangular seems to be resized up to or approaching that 200x400 mentioned earlier. In the interest of nice, high quality avatars, is there a solution for this?
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  2. The reasons you stated above is the reason it isn't recommended using an image below 200 x 200 pixels :) Keep it above those parameters and you shouldn't have a problem ^.^
  3. That's understandable, but downsizing a 200x400 image to 192x384 and then upscaling back to 200x400 is silly no matter however you look at it, considering that's what the maximum size the forum will display and how many people use taller avatars.
  4. I actually never had a problem with it and I draw my own avatars o.o Then again, I also rarely use an image below 500 pixels so their easier to resize without losing quality, and it's probably resized like that to fit multiple viewing platforms.
  5. Same here for my latest one, actually. I can dump the full res image, but it still ends up not being crisp because of that mechanic. Yours too, it's currently scaled up from 192x192 to 200x200 right now.
  6. Actually, that's how my avatar is supposed to look :) Trust me, it doesn't look any different in my drawing program x) The lack of "crisp" was intentional. Otherwise I rarely see avatars turn out badly or of low quality unless they used too small of a file.
  7. The shrinking down to 192 is an error. D: During the last update I forgot to hard-edit a file for the avatar size I think.
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  8. @Diana Is it fixed now? :O I can't use .gif avatars anymore cause when Iwaku resizes it, it converts it to .jpg.

    I am confident cause I tried using my old gif avatars (they used to work) and none of them works now.

    Nevermind, it works now. O_O... dunno why...
  9. Is this still an issue, is there any kind of workaround?
    I can't upload any kind of image -- 200x200 or bigger -- without it being downsized, then upsized for the forum resulting in a distractingly (and unappealingly, for me) blurry image. It's even worse when it's my line drawn art, as seen here:
    Avatar from my profile / avatar from the forums, a direct screenshot
    when I right click the image from the forums in a new window and get https://static.iwakuroleplay.com/data/avatars/l/21/21653.jpg I see that image is actually 192x192 even tho I uploaded a 200x200 image

    Is there anything I can do to fix this? I see other people have managed to upload crisp-looking images I just want to know how lol
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  10. Hey, @Diana, I think this might need an eyeball again, please! :x
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  11. I'm also having blurry avatar problems, and would like to know how to fix it. o3o
  12. this SHOULD be fixed now!
  13. Hmm. I just tried re-uploading my avatar and it still looks blurry on the forums. :/ It's 201x200 when I right-click it and select "open image in new tab", so it looks like it's just resizing it down to that, and then still stretching it out to whatever size avatars are on the forums.
  14. It's gotta be 200 in width or it will get blurry! 200 is the max width before it auto-resizes!
  15. 200 exactly? Or at least 200? Because the site "recommends" that I use an avatar that's larger than 200x200, which is what I'm doing. And I thought that the blurriness was coming from avatars being resized down to something smaller than they needed to be and then being scaled back up again. In other words, the blurriness came from it going from small to large. ...Which would imply that going any smaller than that would also result in blurriness.

    That's my understanding of it, anyway.
  16. It needs to be exactly 200 to avoid all resizing weirdness in the posts. The post box size is 200px on the dot. If you use a smaller width it will blurry because of the scale up, and a bigger avatar gets auto-resized on the scale down. No matter what a site says, the auto resize process always jacks things up juuust enough to be annoying especially on flat palette images. D: On complex color images the blur is not as noticeable.
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  17. Hrm. Interesting. :/ If the "we recommend using an image that is at least 200x200px" isn't accurate, though, can't you change it to something else? (I seem to recall other areas where that message is misleading -- like gifs that'll turn static if they get resized...)
  18. At any rate, it's definitely working now! ^^
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