(Avatar) Legend of Korra: the ring of Shijiān.

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Team Azula or Team Korra?

  1. Prodigy, Firelord Azula

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  2. Dazzling, Avatar Korra

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  1. [​IMG]
    Azula and the Shijiān ring: An AU-story untold.

    What if the FireNation Princess hadn't remained locked away for even remotely long at all? What if she was granted the power and opportunity to experience an entirely new impressionable and changing world, long forgotten of her deceitful and cunning ways..
    To take her revenge and strike down her eldest & recent foes alike -- an opportunity to take back what was rightfully hers since her early childhood.

    What would happen if the youthful, demented Azula met the new era's headstrong Avatar: Korra?

    Interested in further details? Leave something below.
  2. Since this is an alternate universe, will this consist of primarily cannon characters or original?
  3. Canon. Canon characters is what I had in mind, however -- should this plot obtain 3 or more people -- I considered letting one individual to make a selection of using ANYONE in Korra's universe. Since time will be altered, events are subject to change as well.

    No OC's for now though.
  4. I have always loved Korra. It would be fun to have a chance to play her..
  5. Oh? Well, this may very well be your golden opportunity to play her in a very big part.

    Have you watched the entire LOK series?
  6. And if I may.. which version of korra? Pre air bending? Post series? Lost connection with past lives?
  7. I have! Absolutely!
  8. Ah, then you're already showing some promise! Mind if I audition you? I wish to see what you're capable of.
  9. I'm going to work now, but ill be home at 9pm est tonight then I'm all yours
  10. Understood. We'll go over things further when you return.
  11. Okay, Im home!
  12. Sorry, my apologies. I kind of took a nap when 8pm hit. You still available?
  13. I'm here on and off for a bit! What do you have in mind? I'm ready
  14. A demonstration & and exchange of writing fluency. We'll portray ourselves as Azula and Korra; with that arrangement, I'll type up a fair sized post of which I want you to respond to. We'll both send two each in total. Sound good?
  15. I'm down. I'll wait for your first post. I'll get mine out as quickly as I can. Do you have a preference as to which version of korra I use? like from where in her story?
  16. You have inquired about that before, haven't you? To that I ask: Which within the entire series is your favorite episode?
  17. Wow really? One fave episode? The season one finale makes me tear up... the one where she meets uncle Iron ("My teapot!")...season 2 I wasn't thrilled with.. season 3 and 4 were real good. It's hard for me to pin down a singular episode. But I can tell you phases I love.. I love to rp her as on a journey. Like I was in an rp which happened before she found her airbending. I have always loved korrasami... im not a big mako fan, never was.
    So yeah it's hard for me to pin down a singular fave. I just love the character so much
  18. Hmm. . . Then we could you mentioned lastly; the journey to Korra obtaining Air-bending as our starting point. I'll just have to actually watch those episodes. Won't take long though.
  19. All of season one basically revolves around how she's trying to tap inro5hwr air bending and the avatar state. Great stuff.