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    The jewel encrusted broach glistened in the light as Janan examined the piece. "Oh, these are interesting markings, and my, that does look like the southern region." The woman smiled to herself as she traced her finger along the back of it.

    "So? What's it worth?" The eager middle aged man asked, trying not to rub his hands together as he had them close to his face. "One million? Two?"

    "Twenty... Thousand." The broaches owner looked like he'd just been struck. Janan spoke up before he could object however. "It is very reminiscent of the Old Kingdom, but it's a replica. Made in the thirties. It's a very well made piece, but its not nearly as old as being from that era." She handed the broach back to the crestfallen owner. "I'm very sorry."

    "No, no, I had my hopes too high. It wasn't likely I found a lost treasure in that attic," he sighed at the loss of his imaginary wealth. "Oh, by the way, a bunch of us are getting together for dinner tonight, including Ross from the museum. Celebrate another year without the sky burning up."

    Janan blinked in surprise.

    "It's the tenth anniversary of the Event, remember?"

    "Oh, I know," she said with a weak grin. It was impossible to not know, it was all over the news. Not that Janan would ever forget the Event, no matter how much time passed. "I was just thinking its a shame I can't make it."

    "We will toast to your health then."

    A few more pleasantries were had and then Jana showed herself out of the office. Glad to be away. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with Jeffery. He was very good company. It was just that Janan did not with to talk about the Event. At least not to anyone she knew anymore. She regretted not going with her first instinct and not allowing for any appointments today.

    It was a hot late summer day. Most found refuge in office buildings, shops or at home. Most people had already eaten lunch and thus only those with a wander lust, or love of the out doors, or perhaps just needing some fresh air, no matter how humid, found themselves under the shade of the trees of the park.


    In the center of Midway Park was a large expanse of woods, trails, and green space. There could be hundreds of people in the park and yet a person could feel they were in solitude. So it was no surprise when any individual started to walk around that they quickly lost sight of any other people.

    On this sticky afternoon though the feeling of being alone was shattered as the air erupted with hundreds of birds. The loudest and most evident were the black birds, who left the trees, screeching and flying in every direction to get out of the park.

    The reason seemed almost absurd if it wasn't standing with its head over the treetops. A scarecrow, gigantic in size, with a menacing smile. Then it moved. This was no post modern artistic structure. No, it was a monster!

    And for a select few, it seemed as though they had just stepped back into the past.

    "By the love of Delbar!" Janan exclaimed. It wasn't like anything she seen before, but she knew with a certainty that this was a monster, brought forth because of a deity. She also knew what needed to be done, but could she still do it.

    "Please," she whispered, looking down at her right hand. "I need to stop that before it hurts anyone."

    "Love, the power is always yours whenever you wish to summon it," the voice only she heard responded. She found herself blush in both embarrassment and pleasure. She then closed her eyes and pressed her hands to her chest. Once she was of the right mindset, the warm sensation washed over her and she felt the power of transformation.

    Where once Janan Hart once stood, was now Avatar Delbar. If there was time she would have took time to notice how she looked. Absently she noticed she felt different, but she thought it was just because it had been so long since she last transformed. It felt comfortable though as though no time had passed. Still she didn't have time, she was running to where the monster scarecrow was standing.

  2. The scratching of pen on paper and the rustling of the later were the only sounds that filled the room.

    “Alright Mr. Wardon if you will sign once more here and here we will be done.”

    Capital City, back here after ten years. He thought it would be harder but the streets he once knew had been changed by the march of progress, the new covering the old and easing the transition back to the places where it happened. Still Ethan would be leaving tonight, 6:15 flight back home.

    “Thank you; your mother’s estate will be transferred to you.” The men stood and shook hands and smiles were exchanged. Ethan was wearing a jacket and tie, smart enough and what he usually wore around the campus so he was at easy when he refused the offered glass of cold water and followed the intern to the door and found himself in a spartanly decorated corridor.

    He sighed. A week ago his mother had passed away in her sleep in the Clayton Psychiatric Institute and he had come to do the paperwork. And now, it was done. He could go home with the last of what happened ten years ago gone. So far though he felt nothing, which surprised him. The realization was coming, he could smell it on the wind. But when it came he would be at home with a glass in his hand and a book balanced in his knee. He didn’t need to be in this city anymore and he could stop thinking about things.

    That was until he was outside Gray and Associates and catching a cab to the hotel he was staying at. Leaning back in the seat he took off his glasses and ran his hands over his face with a groan. Things seemed okay for the next five minutes until park.

    “Dios mio…”

    A car slammed into the side of the cab. His head jerked to the side and hit the window and though a shower of safety glass he saw it. Cars collided with each other and motorists were fleeing on foot and stepping onto cars. Ethan opened his door and a small trickle of blood wending its way down the left side of his forehead he shook his head. This could not be happening! He hadn’t seen Capitol city in over nine years and not on the one day he was back.


    “Not now, not NOW.”


    “Viden.” Ethan said, gathering his nerve letting out a breath. “That’s not one of yours.”

    “Your penchant for stating the obvious hasn’t changed Avatar. Your Lord Viden wishes you to represent him in this conflict.”

    “Don’t you think you need to find another puppet, someone who has nothing to lose?”

    “I slumber yet Avatar. And this conflict doesn’t deserve my full attention; you will put an end to this.”

    The scene faded with the sarcophagus melting back into a coffin in the back of a hearse, the door lying open. He was back on the street, a pair of black wings casting their shadows next to his. He was still Viden’s avatar after all this time. He growled and put a boot on the hood of the car next to him and was jumping into the air and beating his wings downwards. If he got this over soon he’d be able to catch his flight home.

    Rising into the air he soars towards the beast a ball of lightning forming in his hand. He didn’t even notice the smaller figure on foot that he swooped low over, someone else from ten years ago.

  3. Jurian leaned his elbows on the window ledge and rested his chin in the palms of his hands. He'd just come inside from the street and although the air conditioned shop was doing its best to cool down his body to the point that his arms had goosebumps, his brain was still feeling rather muggy like the weather.

    Maybe muddled was a better description. Or how about absent-minded? He'd been daydreaming on his way back from lunch and he had yet to cease such actions. It was alright though, because he had two very capable employees and one that was just extremely adorable and a major customer magnet. So daydreaming, even while the shop was open was no problem at all, and those three had long ago gotten used to their boss's glossy-eyed moments.

    Cool grey eyes gazed out the window and watched the people passing by on the sidewalks and the cars puttering around on the street beyond. Even from here he could see his favorite place to visit in all of Capital City, which was probably the main reason for why he'd decided to choose this building for his shop.

    Midway Park was beautiful just to look at; all of those vibrant green leaves dancing in the wind and 'kishh'ing when they brushed each other. Jurian loved the color green, evident by the apron he wore atop his work clothes, because for most plants, green meant healthy. He smiled a little, watching the leaves wave at him from their high-up perch at the tops of the mighty trees in the park. He really wanted to go wander through the park, but he had no excuse... Maybe he could make one up?

    And just as the thought crossed his mind, a wild amount of birds took flight from the park and Jurian furrowed his brow. That was strange. Maybe something had spooked them? But what could possibly scare off so many birds at once? Maybe a giant scarecrow like the one he was looking at? Seemed like the best option, considering how maniacal that grin made Mister Scarecrow look. What a wild imagination Jurian could have sometimes!

    "I hate to burst your bubble, my little sapling, but you're not dreaming."

    Blink. That voice sounded familiar... Pushing away from the window, Jurian glanced around the shop. He could hear the boys in the back room, working on a large order of flowers.

    "Down here, Juri~"

    He pivoted on his heel, gaze falling to the flower pot sitting on the window ledge, and there she was. A dandelion pushed its way through the soil and bloomed before his very eyes, though this wasn't anything that he hadn't seen before. Stretching tiny arms and ruffling fuzzy white hair, Juniper yawned dramatically as if she'd just woken up. "You? Where have you been for ten years?"

    "My darling sapling. Now is not the time for that. Didn't I tell you that you're not dreaming?"

    Jurian's gaze flicked up to the massive menacing scarecrow, then down to the street at the panicking people. Cars were smashing into each other and pedestrians were fleeing in all directions. I hope this isn't more deity temper tantrums, he thought, brow furrowing, a hand resting on his hip. There was a short pause in which Jurian seemed to weigh his options. But then, "Well. I better get to work then, huh?" he said to the dandelion with a brilliant smile and a tilt of his head. If anyone else had been looking on, they would have thought he was insane! It'd taken Jurian a while, when he was actively Avatar Juniper ten years ago, to realize that he was the only one who could see Juniper's vision and that she wasn't actually there in the flesh.

    "That's a good boy~" Juniper chortled. She snapped her little fingers and immediately, vines shot out from the flower pot and engulfed Jurian like a cocoon! "Now if only you'd be as compliant about wearing a dress..."

    The vision vanished the moment the vines had intercepted his view, and Juniper's last comment faded from his ears as the vines knotted together... And then the vines burst apart and dissipated, just like the specks of golden light that spring away from a sparkler, while in its place stood Avatar Juniper. His head whipped toward the door to the shop like a bird of prey spotting dinner, then he darted forward.

    The sidewalk was still congested with panicking people, so he took to racing across the hoods and roofs of cars, hair dancing and yukata fluttering in the breeze. Once his feet hit the dirt path of the park, he lifted a hand without so much as slowing his pace, and muttered "Fauna Masquerade" under his breath as he waved said hand across his mask. Like one image melting into another, the oni face morphed into that of a wolf. Eyes flashed behind the mask and the avatar dove forward with arms outstretched. When hands hit the ground, they were paws, and Avatar Juniper continued toward the enemy on all fours as a wolf.