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    Do you remember where you were ten years ago? Of course you do, everyone does. The sky seemed to burn and it was as though the very gods were up there doing battle. How could anyone forget, no matter where they were?

    For you it was different, you did not observe the very unreal event, you were up there in the middle of it. You also know that it was not just one unimaginable event. It was the final battle after nearly a year of strange and wondrous adventures for you and your teammates.

    What you haven't told your family and other friends about that year was that it all started when the Sky King grew jealous of the attention his queen, the Dark Mother, had upon earth. Perhaps she was neglecting her husband and their kingdom, but even so his response was not to discuss it with her. No, he decided to vent out his frustration upon the inhabitants of Earth.

    But he would not break the old taboos, he did not do this directly. Instead he made a pact with a human, and it was this person, the King of Heaven's avatar, with a piece of the god and his power imbedded into their very being that began the attacks.

    Humanities salvation? From the most unlikely deities. Each though had affection for the humans, the Dark Mother, or both. They too chose people to become avatars. There criteria for their chosen was as varied as the gods themselves. Each were young though, being between thirteen and seventeen at the beginning.

    Teens that may never have became friends were united in common cause and became not only allies, but truest companions.

    Sadly, once victory was theirs, fickle fate snatched it away from them. They had won, but they were pulled apart. Families moved, some were transfer to different schools to take them away from the "bad influences" they'd met over a year ago, phone numbers and forwarding addresses were lost, and within a few months, these closest of teens were driven apart.

    If fate drove the guardians apart, then destiny is bringing them back together.

    It's been ten years since your patron deity came to you, formed a pact, and implanted a part of themselves into you. Since the last battle you may have called upon your patron once, when in some desperate time in your life, unwittingly, and they have responded, but for the most part you have not spoken to them, though you know they're still there.


    You live or have returned to Capital City. It is a cosmopolitan metropolis with an international flare. The modern butts up against the historical, though most of that is reproduction or reinterpretation. Technology is cutting edge. No, there's still no flying cars, but self driving cars are common, as are computer goggles.

    You think you're just living your life, but life is about to take a dramatic twist.

    The Harvest God has taken it in his head that it is time to reap humanity. Is he upset that his father, the King of Heaven is still asleep due to the last battle? Has he gone mad? Is it just fate? No one knows, but he has chosen now is the time to strike. He never imagined his first strike would be interrupted by all of you!


    You must make a bio for both avatar and patron, in other words your human and your god. Though they are under a taboo not to interfere directly with Earth, they can interact with their avatar, and should. Just don't make the internal conversations too involved.

    A word on powers.
    Please limit the bio to three attacks/abilities. For the purposes of storytelling I'm willing to bend past these, but let's keep in spirit of the magical girl genre in regards to attacks. Look at the limitation as how your human interprets the power given to them by their patron, especially since they developed their powers as teens. Power ups may be possible in the game, depending on how the story goes.

    Know how in most magical girl manga & anime how the girl is an an older version of herself when she transforms? Well this happened with our teen Guardians, but now that they're adults they change into those same versions of themselves. Yes, they de-age into teens. This should be played up for laughs and angst. No, they will not realize this will happen when they transform for the first time in ten years.

    Your human when transformed will be known by their patron's name; Avatar _____. Their comrades will use this or simply call them by their patron's name when transformed. It will be understood they are talking to the avatar of the god, and not the deity themself.

    Human's Name:
    Age (24-28):
    Transformation Uniform:


    Present Life:

    Deity's Name:
    Favorite Appearances:
    Aspect (God of___):
  2. ETA of IC is Thursday the 20th of September. If any invitees have questions about characters or plot they need answered to finish their bio please post it so that Osso or myself can come back with a quick response.
  3. Due to several people having irl this week I do not expect any IC posts til this weekend. However in the meantime I'd like to get as many people involved as possible for a chat RP during a random event "ten years ago" to play with the team dynamic the characters had before they were pulled apart. I'm pretty open for the most part Thursday & Friday. You do not have to have your bio submitted by that point. If need be I'm willing to do more then one game so everyone had a chance.
  4. Human's Name: Ethan Wardon
    Gender: Male
    Age (24-28): 28
    Occupation: College professor/Avatar of Heaven.
    Image (open)

    Transformation Uniform:

    He is a realist. In many ways still jaded about the world around him but he has gone through great lengths to put the melancholy that plagued him during his youth behind him. On the outside he has cultivated an open and friendly demeanour, an easy smile, a firm handshake, a personality students can trust, respect, and even like and invite out for graduation night parties.

    He has however not let anyone in past that and occasionally becomes withdrawn. He is afraid of attachment most of all, afraid to care since the time when doing so almost caused him to end the world. He does not want to be in that situation again, nor to be manipulated by the gods who he sees as petty and arrogant.


    Flight: In his avatar form he sports a pair of jet black wings that allow him to fly. This is probably his favourite power and the one he has missed the most.

    Ball lightning: Throwing balls of crackling electricity at people may be pretty, but it also gets the job done.

    Commanding word: Maybe nowhere near as powerful as it was, where if could make dozens of innocents put themselves in the line of fire for Avatar Viden it does make a single target have a strong compulsion to follow a single command. While it cannot make anyone to something against their will it’s enough to get into their head. It was one of Avatar Viden’s strongest tools. Ethan however has serious regrets about its use and will refuse to use it on any innocent human.


    Ten years ago the world he knew ended. His father was killed in a robbery that went bad while trying to do nothing more than buy him a birthday present. His mother withdrew from the world, including him and took to hurting herself. He spent many long nights either cleaning up after her or sitting up in hospital every time she tried to follow her husband into the grave. Their relationship devolved into little more than him constantly battling to save her life. Then she was taken away and placed in a mental hospital constantly drugged and barely able to recognise him when he visited.

    He got a job and kept going to school, but became withdrawn, depressed, began wondering if his mother had the right idea. He wanted to punish the world that seemed to have taken everything from him and in his darkest hour he was given that chance.

    It was a golden cat, the first time the god he would come to know as Viden spoke to him, promising him the power to punish the world, all of it. The robbers who killed his father, the justice system that let them go, the banks that were taking his house away, the government that took everything he had left as inherence tax. He could end it all. Burn it all, and he accepted gladly.

    Fast forwards and the war, in heaven and in earth had not gone well. He was one against many but still he was poised for one last strike, his god urging him to set the world ablaze. And he faltered, thanks to a Why You Suck speech from Mirza that over time made him realize that this was not what he wanted and he was being used to fight someone else’s petty squabble.

    “You are a bitter old man, jealousy and pettiness is all you have. You want to destroy everything because you are not getting attention? You are pathetic.”

    He quit the fight, refusing to be used and ending the conflict on earth headless of whatever divine wrath he might incur. He had nothing left to lose but he would not be a pawn in a game fought for jealousy.

    And so Viden slept and Ethan moved on, evaporating into an uncertain future and tried to make something of himself and forget everything that had happened.

    Present Life:
    A college professor of history in Freeport University. Semester is out and he received a phone call with news from The Clayton Institute that his mother had passed away in her sleep. The call was not from a doctor, or a relative, but from a lawyer. There were things that needed to be settled, documents to be signed, and procedure to be observed before the body could be released and buried next to his father. So Ethan is back in Capital City, one last time.

    Deity's Name: Viden

    Gender: Male
    Favourite Appearances: Various statues as he pleases.
    Aspect (God of _____): Heaven, Pride, Majesty, Jealousy.

    Arrogant to a fault the King of Heaven believed he was the sole force keeping the “lesser” in line and preventing them from descending into anarchy. There was no known limit to the power he could bring to bear and he demanded respect and adoration as the father figure of the various gods.

    His limits were tested and they were found to be the equal of all the other gods combined, but defeated and asleep he has nothing else to do but dream, and condemn other gods as squabbling children. If they are worthy of his help they will have to prove it, this fight against the Harvest god does not deserve the full use of his power, even if in his weakened state he could give it. Only when the other gods are ready to accept him as they once did will he bring full force to bear. Until then he still half slumbers and waits for the others to realize just how much they need him, and him them.

    <iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/TxwuB6xPcvs" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="420"></iframe>​
  5. Human's Name: Janan Hart
    Gender: Female
    Age (24-28): 24
    Occupation: Auction house appraiser specializing in jewelry. She also does appeasing on commission for estates and shops when called.
    Appearance: (Picture goes here)
    Transformation Uniform: (Picture goes here)
    Personality: Janan is a happy and optimistic soul. She tries to tone down her natural exuberance when working, since most in her profession are very sober individualizes. She is only partially successful. She has a great capacity to forgive, but only because she is good at reading people and understanding their motives most of the time. Some acquaintances assume because of her love of life she is flighty, but those that have gotten to know her know this is not the case in the least. Janan is very aware of people and events, just some stuff really isn't important enough to worry about.
    Heart's Desire - Used as a distraction technique and to being people around from being controlled. Avatar Delbar targets an individual and manifests for them to experience with their senses their true hearts desire. No one else, but Avatar Delbar, sees or otherwise experiences this.
    Red String of Fate - It is believed that some people are connected together by fate to love each other, however when wiled by Avatar Delbar, the red string is capable of lassoing and ensnarling the target.
    Love Bug - Being bitten by the love bug is both wonderful and annoying, but a whole swarm of red lit points of power is more the latter. Individually the bug lights are only annoying, but as a swarm they are very effective in damaging an aggressor.
    Janan could be said to be a love child, or really a child born of lust. Her mother went to a three day music festival and nine months later she got a souvenir better then a cheap t-shirt. While her grandparents were not rich, they were well to do, and Janan's early childhood living in their house with her mother were happy times with little want. She even had a father figure with her "uncle" Jake, an old friend of her mother's that would wander into town from time to time to tell stories of his travel adventures. He was a writer, though he hadn't had his "big break"

    At thirteen she was approached by the supernaturally good looking god of love, Delbar. He proposed that they join together to prevent the King of Heaven from destroying everything she knew and loved. Of course she excepted, without question. Once she became his avatar she realized that she now wore a ring, intertwining rose & white gold, on her left ring finger. She was a bit embarrassed by this.

    That year was fraught with terrifying battles, but with it came a tight bond with her teammates, especially the more serious Mirza. Though conflict, confusion and betrayal, there was also hope, redemption and trust.

    Janan though by the King of Heaven being laid to slumber that things would get better, and for the world it did. However her family had been concerned with the kids she had been hanging out with and instead of her Freshman year going to the public high school she knew she would get to see some of her teammates at she ended up at a private girls school.

    Losing track of those closest to her, her mother marrying and all the drama of high school took it's toll on Janan and for a time she closed in on herself, but eventually she opened back up. She got through high school, then college and ended up with a job she truly enjoyed, even if the pay was spotty since she had to build her reputation.

    Janan's love life never seemed to spark. She had boyfriends, and girlfriends too, but nothing ever last more then a few months and she ended up setting most up with people she knew they were more compatible with. She loved each and every one of them, but none seemed to ignite her passions completely.

    Present Life:
    In her tiny studio apartment she still has pictures of her teammates from the year she will never forget, but can never tell another about. She now wears her ring from Delbar on her right hand, even though it fits better on the left and has absently placed it on the other finger more often then she would like to admit. She's enjoying her work and has become known as a matchmaker among her friends, even though she doesn't actively try to do so.

    Deity's Name Delbar
    Gender Male
    Favorite Appearances (Picture goes here)
    Aspect Love - Friendship & Lust as well.
    Delbar is a decadent creature, much more interested in indulging in pleasures then anything else. He can be serious when he has to be, and when he is he's deadly so. Most of the deities can easily forget this since he doesn't take on responsibility of any sort if he can avoid it and would rather play games. Usually he's all about free love, but he has of late shown a possessive side in regards to his avatar.
  6. Human's Name: Jurian Lund.

    Gender: Male.

    Age (24-28): 25.

    Occupation: Flower Shop Owner/Florist.

    Appearance: Soft, wavy, brown hair and grey eyes. Thin eyebrows, a narrow nose, flawless, light complexion, and pale lips. Five feet and seven inches tall, a thin build. During work, he wears a white dress shirt and black pants with a green apron over top sporting his shop's logo. Casual clothes differ in style.

    Personality: Caring, optimistic, gentle, serene, absent-minded. Loves flowers.
    A happy child from birth, Jurian had always prefered laughing to crying and believed that simply smiling could light up a room or brighten someone's mood. He'd always had an uncanny link to nature and wildlife and although he'd been raised in the city, the rooftop garden of his ritzy condo had always been his favorite place to play as a child.
    As he grew older, he fought the corruption of fame, instead blossoming into a beautiful yet humble boy who would always be the first to befriend a new classmate. But although he was and still is caring, optimistic, and gentle, not much can be said about his attention span. Jurian is what his teachers affectionately called "a major day dreamer!" He's known for staring off into space and dreaming up the most ridiculous things or simply just losing himself in a thought to the point that he fails to notice what is happening around him.
    He has always loved flowers.

    Fauna Masquerade - his mask changes face to reflect the animal he transforms into.
    Repose Pollen - poppies sprout around the enemy and release spores into the air that make the enemy fall asleep.
    Healing Spring - a small pool of water strictly for healing injuries from battle.

    History: Jurian had been praised for his beauty since the day he was born and at quite an early age, his mother had him signed to a model agency. Because the boy was always so cooperative and happy-go-lucky, he happily remained in the agency for the sake of his mother until the day she passed away. By then, he was fifteen, so his father figured a fresh start was the best option. Jurian took up a part-time job at a flower shop when he turned sixteen and saved every spare penny. Recently, he opened up his own shop back in the town where it all happened - where he spent one wild year fighting evil.
    Jurian's year as an avatar for the goddess Juniper began with him being rather popular at school (mostly with the girls) because of his celebrity status. He was an avid member of the garden club when he wasn't busy with photoshoots or interviews or fittings.

    Present Life: Jurian owns and lives above a little flower shop. He currently lives alone, though he has a habit of falling in love too easily and letting his lover move in with him. It's been a month since his ex moved out and Poppy, his Scottish Fold, is rather pleased about this. His shop is open from eight in the morning to eight at night and he has three employees.

    Transformation Uniform (open)
    Enveloped in a cocoon made of vines, Jurian emerges wearing a festival mask, a blue yukata with a silver leaf theme, form-fitting black pants, and a pair of earth tone leather sandals that brace the ankle and climb up the shin. The mask is to protect his identity as the popular teen model Yrian.​

    Deity Information (open)
    Deity's Name: Juniper.

    Gender: Female.

    Favorite Appearances: An eagle, a sprite that looks like a dandelion.

    Aspect (God of___): Nature and Beasts.

    Personality: Has a serious obsession with beautiful things. She's playful, which means she's almost always teasing Jurian and commenting on his beauty. She's rather like a little pixie, enjoying harmless pranks. She can be very motherly when the occasion calls for it.​
  7. The IC is up for when you have your bios up!
  8. Alex AKA Avatar Morgana (WIP) (open)

    Human's Name:
    Francis Alexander 'Alex' Corvin
    Gender: Male
    Age (24-28): 26

    Occupation: Librarian – Formerly Elementary Teacher.


    Transformation Uniform: When Alex transforms into Avatar Morgana(Morgue!) he finds himself as his sixteen year old teenage self once again. He gains a painted on 'cutesy' death mask and a top hat, a suit with shorts and long tails in the typical white and black scheme. He wears shiny black flat boots that reach his knee and black and white striped socks that reach a little farther. He wears tiny black gloves, the two middle fingers are red with a stripe going up to his wrist. He carries with him a scythe that glows red and is incredibly pitted with age, the scythe is about head high at rest.

    Personality: Alex is a little paranoid and a little worried. About everything and all the time. That doesn't mean he hates people, it means he worries about them. About their well being and how they are getting on. He's the type of man who brings his friends his Mom's Chicken soup and carries around a first aid kit in his backpack. He doesn't like people to talk bad about themselves or about other people either. He's friendly and easily flustered. He feels like a 'big brother' even though he doesn't have any siblings but he easily attaches to people but doesn't form a 'deep' attachment right off the bat. Alex identified as straight, and then bi, and then gay and finally decided on pansexual with a heavy masculine lean, ignoring the gender.

    Two Regular Attacks:
    Offensive: Death Head – an energy attack that messes with the opponents heads causing them to have crippling headaches until they collapse. A flurry of black and white skulls fly at the opponent and seem to be screaming at them but no sound is heard as they whirl around them.
    One 'Finishing Move':

    History: Alex was born to a very happy young couple but when he was almost a year old his Mother got into a car accident and was put into a coma, six months later she died quietly in her bed at the hospital where baby Alex and his Father went every day. Alex's step-mother came into their life shortly after, she was his Nanny. When Alex turned four, Alex's Dad married his Nanny. Alex was doing a tarot card reading with borrowed cards and somehow, all the cards were Death. Morgana contacted him several times until he took up his duty as an Avatar. Alex actually considered that he was going mad until he met his team mates. Alex fell in easily with the group with him being the non argumentative type.

    After his adventures his Father and Step-Mother put him in a private boarding school far far away from his friends. They informed the teachers he was not to have internet access and his friends were bad influences on him and to send them his mail. In truth, his parents weren't bad people but they were terrified for their son.

    Present Life: Just now moving back to Capital City where he had his adventures. Alex is ready for something new, not that he doesn't mind being 'normal' but he's very glad to be back in the City that he started out in and glad to be in the same City as his parents. His parents don't really care who he marries but they would like him to marry someone and be happy. Grandkids would be nice too, adopted or otherwise. Alex himself wouldn't mind 'settling down' and starting a family, really. Alex is a librarian and while he's got a degree in both Library Sciences and Kiddy Teaching, unfortunately his fragile nerves just couldn't take a class of thirty screaming eight year old's and after a year of teaching got incredibly sick and had to be hospitalized. As the former Avatar of a Death goddess who he looks on as a Mother figure though he's not sure if he should be around kid's anyway and that probably added to his stress. He never questions his morality as her Avatar but that doesn't mean there's not a worry in the back of his head that he is somehow 'bad' even though he knows it's not true.

    Deity's Name: Morgana
    Gender: Female
    Favorite Appearances: A curvy, hippy Lady with long tresses of black or red. Her skin is a soft warm grayish white tone. Depending on her mood she might be painted up with a skull face or a Day of the Dead sugar skull. She wears flowers in her frequently and her clothes tend towards soft flowy fabrics, nothing ever tight.
    Aspect (God of___): Death
    Motherly and caring. Friendly.

  9. TO BE CONTINUED (open)
    Human's Name: Florence Rossi, which was often shortened to Flor when she was growing up.
    Gender: Female
    Age (24-28): 24
    Occupation: Grad student to become a doctor.
    Transformation Uniform:
    Personality: Florence has always been a happy-go-lucky, cheerful girl and young woman who always has others' best interests at heart. She keeps pretty level-headed and calm in an emergency, and, unlike Etain, it takes a whole lot to spark Florence's temper. She has a saucy side to her as well, and loves meeting new people, especially ones she can geek out with.

    [fire based]


    Present Life: Florence's dream is to become a great doctor, performing miracles to save lives. She realized she wanted to be something great and keep helping people after the victory over the Harvest God and she lost her powers, so when she got the chance to go to a top-notch private school in the countryside, she took it. She studied hard to get to a top graduate school back in Capital City and is working part-time at an animal shelter while attending school. Florence is also a TV junkie who got into fandom during college and likes to carve out the few minutes she has to herself for fanfiction, writing and reading. It's the stress relief an overworked med student needs!

    Deity's Name: Etain
    Gender: Female
    Favorite Appearances:
    Aspect: Sun
    Personality: Etain feels motherly toward all living things on the Earth, regarding her being as crucial to the existence of life, since the sun's energy is one of the primary sources of energy. She has her moments of pride and vanity, though, and is sharp to those people who challenge it. Her temper has gotten the better of her more than once, though, leading her to snap at the other deities and sometimes avatars through Flor.
  10. <style type="text/css"> <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } A:link { so-language: zxx } --> &nbs</style>Name: Sam Turnwell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Runs a used book store
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Very quiet and reserved, can be a joker if he's around people that he's comfortable with. Tends to keep to himself. Not well educated, but is well spoken and chooses his words carefully. Is generally a good judge of character. He is a huge geek at heart, and is happiest around other geeks.


    Dissipate: Sam dissipates in to the shadows, which allows him to be incredibly stealthy. Good for eavesdropping.
    Bound by Shadow: Acts as a snare; uses a person's shadow to temporarily keep them from moving.
    Hounds of Shadow: Summons two large dogs that do his bidding. Used as his primary offensive ability.

    History: His father left his mother while she was pregnant with Sam. She slaved away at two part time jobs just to take care of Sam and put herself through University. The drive that his mother showed in raising Sam passed on to him, and motivated him to open his own used bookstore.

    Present life: Works in his own used book store because of the peace and quiet the job provides, and he gets to set his own hours. He also feels safe around books. Leads an otherwise normal life with two cats (unofficial mascots of the store).

    Deity's Name: Ombriel
    Gender: Male
    Deity appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Aspect: God of Shadow
    Personality: Incredibly manipulative, uses Sam's judge of character to help with the manipulation. Thinks he's funny, but usually makes tasteless jokes.
  11. Added my third ability. Going to try and get a post up tonight/tomorrow morning once I find some writing motivation.
  12. I would like to thank everyone for plotting. It was very enjoyable, but it seems this was a bad time to start a new RP for many, so we are closing up shop.