Avatar Dissonance

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  1. Do you ever imagine that an RPer's character resembles their avatar?

    I have to keep hunting through back-pages to find character descriptions to keep the actual picture clear and constantly have to say things to myself like:

    "This character is short and has long, blonde hair and green eyes. The Princess of Elysium does not have five o'clock shadow just because her player's avatar is a picture of Misha Collins."
  2. XD

    I do sometimes, but only if the character resembles the player a lot. >>;

    It's prolly why a lot of people post their character picture with their posts when they have one. O_O
  3. My main OC, Sladelius, is a spitting image of myself. Most of my characters, either original or not, are base on my own personality traits, in choice.
  4. No. I see RPing as writing, not as a person assuming the role personally... I may or may not harshly judge people who actually blur the line between their self and their character. >_<
  5. I'm usually on mobile so the avatars are pretty small and easy to ignore :)
  6. I tend to keep a notepad document open with a list of characters bios sorted by player. It helps keep things compartmentalized properly.
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  7. I believe nothing on the internet.
  8. Not really. I think of rping as acting. And actors have a lot of costumes and masks right? So as long as I know what mask they wear for the performance I'm good. I can always go back and look if I REALLY need to know. Most of the time though I don't focus on the physical appearance of the characters, why? because I'm a dialogue person! I think more about voice than appearance. Hell I've got an rp where I sometimes forget the character's names. But I know their personalities and how they talk so that's enough for me!
  9. I don't usually see people's characters as their avatars or related to them. The content of a post doesn't include all the stuff floating around it like a signature, avatar, and so-on. And I certainly hope nobody takes my mission-patch style avatar as related to any of my characters. ...Well, unless someone ended up running an R-Type game or something.

    I've occasionally gotten images of characters that are different from their proper descriptions, though. It usually happens over time of actually playing, in which the stated description in their sheet ends up less important than how they act and what associations that forms in my mind.
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  10. It's worse with actual faces than it is with patterns or insignias.
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