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  1. "Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world."

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  2. Zolela has stayed in her nation long since near the beginning of the war. She lost her father when he joined the war and was in his first major battle. Growing up she began to question what she knew but has stayed loyal to the fire nation. She learned of them sending some fire benders to the few Earth kingdoms and lands they now control. She volunteer to be one who would travel. It took many months to have someone send a message saying she was a possible candidate and when Zolela did she told her mother and began to pack to be ready. When the day came to see if she would actually maybe leave her home she went to the palace with many others.

    Arriving at the palace Zolela meet Azula. Soon the meeting began she never saw the fire King. Azula was the one looking for who would go. That made her a little nervous but it did many others. Those Azula felt would not go or seemed to unloyal were sent out it seemed as soon as they started. As the speech of what she was looking for went on. Others left the reasons seemed unknown to Zolela. Soon Azula talked of those who would go would be meant to keep any Earth benders disciplined to the ways of the Earth King. Some she explained would go and live amongst learning and waiting to attack and take over. Zolela wished to speak out but held her tongue after seeming for hours finally Azuala was finished and began to tell everyone who lasted what boat they would need to get on and when. Zolela got up and left once out of sight from Azula she gave a sigh of relief.

    When it was finally the day for Zolela to leave out her mother took her to the boat and gave her some money that should last her for a long time while she stayed. Zolela wasn't told the exact destination but knew it was going to be different or at least a little different than the homeland of her nation. When she got on the boat she waved goodbye. Her new adventure would begin and Zolela had no idea what was waiting in store.
  3. Kina and Nanae were being sent to the Earth Kingdom. Kina was excited to see finally see the great kingdom that her mother hailed from. It had been years since she had been last, and could not remember of the last time that she actually had been. Her mother would tell both of the girls stories of course, but it never would be able to compare to actually seeing it for themselves.
    "Nanae, we get to see Ba Sing Se!" Kina let a quick slip of emotion through her usual cold mask that she wore. Always proper and never yielding to nonsense.
    "You don't have to tell me twice." Nanae bended water from the air out of excitement and made it into the shape of her sister. She made the water Kina dance about and about before she finally got bored with it and let it the water fall to the ground. "Why did mom and dad say that they were sending us to the capitol for again?" Nanae had always been sort of air-headed -- Kina had already told her this information a dozen times already.
    "Because, Nan...," Kina's voice was dripping with sarcasm, but whether Nanae actually picked up on it was only for her to tell. "we are being sent as ambassador's from the Water Tribe to try and get some semblance of peace between there and the Fire Nation.

    The grand wall of Ba Sing Se was finally upon them. Nanae was in a giggling fit and throwing her arms up in excitement atop her polar leopard, and even Kina let a smile escape as she sat upon her deer dog. This was going to be an adventure alright.
  4. Zolela felt it was days before she heard anyone on the ship say they were nearing Ba Sing Se. The reason for her coming was still more of a mystery for her. Then she heard one of the generals call for those who they would be dropping off as if they seemed like refugees. Zolela knew that included her. She went forward and listened. The general stated how this could go one of two ways. Some of those who left may feel a change of insight and had never truly been loyal to there beloved Fire Nation. Others would finish this one task. Finding the great city's weakness and reporting back to the fire nation in some way. They stated possible by mail saying it was a letter to a family member who was not as lucky to leave before the war could take a turn for the worse. Zolela nodded and later that evening the ship had reached it's stop for her to get off.

    Zolela made sure to get her bags and then was on the stop for the city in a small boat that looked like something most refugees may come in on. She wasn't sure if she liked the idea of what could happen on this trip but she wanted to learn the truth. She needed to know what the point was of her father's fighting and dieing in the war. She wanted to know if what most in the fire nation said of the other benders was true. Soon she stepped foot heading for the great wall of Ba Sing Sa. Who she would meet she had no idea this simple fact had her curious yet nervous.
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