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I was like 'did I forget to post again?' But while we're here, did anyone watch the real life A:TLA 😮
It's a little bit of a bummer to see the sentiment somewhat mixed online, with some of the criticism rather valid (which only attested to how casually I was watching it, since those criticisms never really occurred to me over the course of watching to negatively impact my experience and thus I enjoyed it overall).

Not to mention my standards for NATLA was "it's good if it does not make me have to pretend it doesn't exist". By that standard, it's a great first attempt at live action.
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I really thought it was great to see how the war started and them wiping out the airbenders. Don't remember those scenes from the original show but than again, it's been a minute so I might need to rewatch in order to gear up for S2.
Took longer than I had hoped. My laptop is throwing a tantrum so I have to do it on my phone or borrow my husbands computer from here out. 🫠
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