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  1. There once was legend of a tower hidden deep within the desert, it was said to contain riches unmatched by any man and to hold the power to turn the weakest kid into the strongest warrior. The tower stood tall even as harsh winds tor away at it and as age took its toll, but nothing lasts forever because reasons. Eventually it was lost to the desert and now all that remains of it is the stories of gold, treasure and people foolish enough to search for its power.

    This ladies and gentlemen is one of those tales.

    So now that I have the main idea out of my head I will ask 1 simple question, is there anyone that would consider joining this ? Because yes I know it lacks a good few things, but I dont feel like I should throw a lot of time on something that might not have anyone join.

    This will be all for now, hope to see you later.

    Sincerely your narrator.

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      So this will be a story about how a few people tied together by having some reason to search for this tower that somehow got lost in the desert a long long time ago. If they are successful, if they fail that is up to the players involved. I however will not be one of you, rather I will be the one telling the story, giving the info and making the scenarios which you act out.

      This story will be split up in several parts and each will act like a chapter.

      It will be in a universe parallel to that of the main series so we dont have to worry our heads about the the actions and stories that have unfolded and how they would effect everything (this is to open it up to everyone that wants to join, so even if they know almost nothing about the universe they will be able to enjoy it).

      As for rules and sorts I will try to keep it simple.

      No multibeders of any sort. By this I mean no water and fire benders. (lava bending is a part of earth bending so ofc its not under this rule and so goes for anything similar)

      You don't have to be a bender

      1 liners are basically forbidden my law and god and everything else.

      The story of the tower in Si Wong Desert

      It is said to be made by one of the first avatars and it was used for storing items he wanted to keep out of people’s hands and also for his last resting place. Rumors have it that back in the day the tower stood straight up towards the skies; people were often unable to see the top as it was covered in thick white clouds. It was a sharp contrast to the sand as the tower was made out of pearly white stone that glittered when the warm rays of sunlight hit it and even a slab from the outside would be enough to give you a comfortable living.

      But as said the outside might be a sight to behold the inside is the thing that has really drawn people out into the harsh desert. Among the things said to rest in the storage are eggs of the ancient ones, gems from the spirit world, statues of pure gold, scrolls and the remains of the old avatar. These items would ensure the finder and his/her family would forever be without financial troubles and troubles what so ever.

      However the problem is there is no one can point to a place where the tower should have been located. Old maps have proved unreliable often tricking people into their doom or the point where it was recorded to be simply didn’t exist, there is no record of how many that has been lost to the search for the tower and the numbers will increase.

      The desert has been said to be impossible to cross and is referred to by many as the desert of the dead, so what if I told you… something has been sparkling in the sun and I just happen to know where.

      Wanna cross the desert ?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.