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  1. This is an RP from another site that started out great but then everyone stopped being active.

    ㆘ire, Ѧir, Ѡater, Єarth.

    Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.

    The next cycle after Avatar Korra and Aang, there was Avatar ___________, an Earthbender.


    The old Avatar has gone, and a new one has begun their training. Since the previous Avatar was a waterbender, the Avatar cycle dictates that this new Avatar is an earthbender.

    For many years, the four nations have lived in peace and harmony, but that time is about to come to an end. The Earth King, once a very peaceful man, has become possessed by an evil spirit--a very strong spirit at that--and intends to start a war in order to expand his power and domain. In order to do that, though, he must either get rid of the Avatar or make them join him.

    The young Avatar must leave his/her home in the Earth Kingdom and travel the four nations in order to master the elements in time to stop the possessed Earth King and restore balance.

    Open Positions

    ㆘ire -
    Air -
    Ѡater -
    Єarth King (optional, can be a second character)
    Earth/Avatar - Awendela


    They call me: Ashia K'lia
    I've been around for: 16 years
    I am an Earthbender
    I do my duty:
    My portrait: [​IMG][​IMG]
    My story: Grew up with her mother and father as well as two older brothers, both her siblings were strong in their earth bending and her father was a soldier in the King's army and known as the Earth Shatter Bender. She knew she had big shoes to fill but always seemed to be weak and her parents were concerned for her. At the age of 12 she along with everyone in her earth bending class were given the test which she passed indicating she was the Avatar. She was put into special studies but she still seem to struggled with even the basic of earth bending skills which concerned her teachers.
    My spirit guide: Awendela

    They call me:
    I've been around for:
    I am an _______ bender
    My portrait: (anime only)
    My story: (one detailed paragraph)
    My spirit guide:

    Please follow this CS format.


    1. R-18 (mature romance is ok, no major smut, time skip over the detailed parts or go to IMs)
    2. Spelling and grammar ARE important.
    3. Post once a day, IM everyone involved if you can't post on a day
    4. Story format, speech should be in "quotation marks"
    5. Paragraphs. No one liners!
    6. any questions let me know. I don't mind people leading the RP, I rather it not just be me ^_^
  2. Quick question - what's the world like at this point? Like, in Aang's time it was feudal/medieval and then with Korra it was more industrial and commerical, like 19th/20th century... So, this is like two Avatars along. Is it like the modern day?
  3. It would be like Korra's time period, maybe a little more advance with the more commercial planes though still small and only affordable by the rich.
  4. so is the slot for fire like a fire lord? or something like that or is it a fire position because id like to take that spot if so
  5. a fire bender yes.
  6. [​IMG]
    They call me: Leiang Kuzo
    I've been around for: 20 years
    I am an Fire bender
    My story: I am leiang and i am a former fire nation soldier, I had work with the fire nation military for atleast 3 years of my life and had become a captain. Being a captain was great but sadly, with my military advancement and hard training i have mastered firebending to the best of my abilities, and have even been able to use lightning. My family had never actually loved the idea of the military but it was the only way for him to do what he wanted. to protect and to serve his people and his fellow benders, He had heard of the earth king's betrayal and his power hungry self and Leiang immediately was on the mission he is looking for anyone to help, his military platoon not willing to follow him to such a battle he is on his own...or atleast for now.
    My spirit guide: Akuma
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  7. black-rock-shooter-anime-wallpaper-2.jpg
    "They call me Bloo Roma Sans."
    "I've been around for nineteen years."
    "I am a waterbender."
    "My story started within the walls of the Northern Water Tribe. I showed from a young age my capabilities as a waterbender. Normally ungraceful and uncoordinated, the times where I shine is when I pull together my thoughts and move with the water that I work with. Together we can be fierce as tsunami, or as gentle as still waters. Due to Katara and her apprenticeship, I was able to take up the art of offensive techniques and healing with water. Despite my gender, and my unhappy male classmates, I was at the top of my class. I put most of my childhood into furthering my skills in waterbending. Though, as I grew under and graduation neared, my mentor payed close attention to how I had grown. Only minutes after becoming a fully trained waterbender, I became my mentor's assistant in teaching the upcoming waterbenders. Sometimes he sent me to go to the Southern Tribe to give lessons. I'm willing to teach all who is willing to learn."
    "My spirit guide is Angel Of Castiel."​
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  8. Cool so that is three out of four...I think we can get started. I will make a thread later today or tomorrow for the actually RP and link it here.
  9. Spirit Guide, is your username, is who is playing the character lol
  10. They call me Zech j'fenchse .
    I've been around for 17 years.
    I am an Air bender.
    My portrait
    [​IMG] .
    My story: Zech was raised among a large group of monks from the age of 6 to 16. His mother was killed during a raid against the largest air temple, but not only did bandits aid the attack, so did earth benders, many quickly fell, dieing by earth or blade. In a massive panic zechs mother managed to seal him inside a room, keeping him from any harm. After a long 48 hours zech was released, but not by any he knew, but a new group of air bending monks. Zech was told his mother died trying to save children, defending them against the blunt earth benders attacks. He stayed for 10 years before his mothers grave site became to much, leaving his savers and his home to travel the world.

    My spirit guide: rainbowwave
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