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Avatar : A World Unfolding [AU]

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sketching101, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]
    *credit to Concept Cube*


    What is this?
    Avatar : A World Unfolding is an Alternate Universe RP that does not revolve around the Avatar (or in this case, two Avatars). I hope to make this into an Avatar RP where all characters who are active in the story are just as important as any other character without being some kind of "chosen one".

    What kind of setting will it be in?
    While I might just take many aspects of the canon universe's history and countries, I was thinking of developping something new. If you are good at lorebuilding and are interested in this RP, shoot me a PM and we can discuss what kinds of countries and lore we can add.

    In regards to technology, you can expect to see a steampunk type setting, similarly to the timeline in which "Legend of Korra" was set.

    When will this be up?
    That depends. I've not progressed much in the OOC because I'm hoping to build this world with all of you before writing anything beyond rules and combat mechanics.

    Will I be able to be the Avatar?
    I haven't decided on that yet, but it certainly is a possibility. Again, that is something I want to discuss with the people who are interested in such an RP!

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or ask it here!
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  2. I see potential here in this one , I would love to help be a part of this and offer what I can! ^^
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  4. Lurking and watching.
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  5. Awesome! If any of you want to help with the worldbuilding, shoot me a pm and we can talk ideas :D
  6. Would you guys prefer using the countries that exist in canon or making new ones from scratch? If we take countries from the canon, we can use ready maps (and there are some really good ones) like this:

    Old Map


    Otherwise, we could build the world from the ground up but that could take some time, and we might have to do without maps for a while....
  7. I think the old map is fine, unless there are any world altering changes to the timeline.
  8. I will be working on this for the next couple of days, and I hope to get it started by next week. Again, if any of you want to add any lore, have any interesting ideas for your characters, please PM me!
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  10. yesyesyes (open)
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  11. Oh hey, can you add someone else to the rollcall as I'm definitely interested in this.
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  12. This is my jam. I hate RPs with an obvious "chosen one" stereotypes, because things get old and boring--fast. Anyway, I would love to be in this RP.

    Also, I can help lore/plot building with a fantasy/steampunk RP. I love those. The original map is great if you want to tweak it. But there are always mapmakers. XD I guess it just matters how original you want to make it. ^_^
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  13. Since I'm done with the OOC, I won't be needing any help with the basic lore anymore BUT when the OOC is up, you'll see that there is a way to contribute to the lore there.

    Also, I'm thinking of keeping the RP open unless we get overloaded with people, so of course you can join! :D I'm looking forward to writing with all of you!


    I'll be putting the OOC up later today.
  14. Later today? It's 11:11pm!
  15. Haha, later tomorrow for our friends out west xD
  16. LOL where the heck are you from, my friend?
  17. I think their profile says turkey... dang.
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  18. I would just like to say, that I enjoy your country every year.

    With a side of mashed potatoes and stuffing. ^.^
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