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    Avatar: A New Beginning

    Thirty-two years after the time of Avatar Aang's demise, the new Avatar is lost. Upon the previous Avatar's request, he has asked that no one should try and seek out the new Avatar for the Avatar's safety. The world is in a state of peace well-earned and long-awaited, and the monks of the Air Temples await Aang's successor.

    Recently, there were rumors that the new Avatar had finally revealed themselves, but these merely proved themselves to be as they are - rumors. The Air Nomads have survived in a twist of fate that no one had thought they could have managed, and the element of Air lives on not only in Aang and Katara's children, but the new generation as well.

    Now discontent is rising and rumors are stirring once again. The world is holding its breath for another storm that might come upon them, and the lives of certain people are in for a change.

    The world slowly tips on its already slightly tilted axis.

    Cast, cyan
    Uomi (open)
    Name: Uomi (Hanako-chan)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Long black hair reaching past her waist tied mid-back, with straight bangs cut across the forehead and her sidebangs adorned with the hair loopies, but not left hanging to her shoulders, it's tied back with the rest of her hair from under her ears. Uomi has light brown skin, and wears a strip of white cloth covering her eyes. She has a jagged scar across her throat and reaching the edge of her jaw in which the skin is lighter, but her shirt, which is blue, high collared and long-sleeved, hides it. She also wears fit black pants cut off just below her knee, with bandages covering her calves and leather boots. Hidden beneath the bandage over her eyes is a straight scar across her eyes, and her blue eyes have a milky film across them due to blindness. Has a slender figure and stands at 5'5".

    Nation: Water

    Element: Water

    History: Uomi was the daughter of one of those few people who disliked the way things were coming together and didn't support the Avatar or peace at all even in this age. When she was seven there was an incident, or more precisely attack, that left her blind and almost bleeding to death due to the slashes on her throat, though who or what could have done it was unknown.

    Since she was so desperate to see again and despised her own blindness, her father saw this as an opportunity to make her try bloodbending, because Uomi was talented at waterbending and healing already. At first he gave her hints to try and 'see' using the water in the air, or mist, as something like a 'radar' or heat sensor, moving the water particles in the air to help her sense ahead, and then feeling the water in the plants and greenery. He slowly eased her into using the actual water in the blood of living things to sense people, and this led to Uomi playing with small animals as her 'dolls' or 'puppets' for practice, and though she dislikes the idea of it - she still uses it, though promising never to use it for malicious intent.

    She has great control over her waterbending because of her blindness and need to use it to sense others, as well as skill with bloodbending that she instinctually uses sometimes to avoid being hit - by forcing someone's arm to move wrong and the attack to miss, etc. She also learned the chi pathways throughout the body through touching and studying others, and can adeptly have a sense of 'sight' of one's network and use chi blocking.

    Personality: Uomi has a quiet and reserved personality, but generally warms up to others given enough time. Her hobby when she was a child and still had sight was reading and practicing her healing, but given that she's now blind she can't really read, but loves a good story. She's very talkative to people she knows and likes, and since she can't read generally asks them to tell her stories or read for her. She also has an interest in herbs and medicine, and aspires to create a system that can help blind people read through touch (like Braille in real life).

    Weapon(s): Chi blocking

    Other: Her voice is very, very soft and frail due to her throat injury. She has some difficulty speaking and it would damage her voice if she is forced to talk loudly.
    Anri (open)
    Name: Anri (Hanako-chan)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Straight black hair cut straight across the forehead with side bangs reaching past her chin. However, the rest of her hair is oddly done - it's cut just past the chin at most parts, however her hair at the back of her head isn't cut as short, it reaches to her waist, giving the illusion that her hair is tied back. Pale skin, dark green eyes. Wears a green qipao with slits up the sides, but wears light yellow shorts underneath, and leather sandals. Her other accessory is the pale yellow sashes on her wrists. She's almost always smiling, but seemingly indifferent to the surroundings around her. Lean, seemingly thin and stands at 5'5".

    Nation: Earth

    Element: None

    History: The adopted daughter of someone prominent in the Earth Kingdom, though apparently she was thrown to the dogs because of an offense against her adopted father. Not much else is known about her background other than she knows more than she lets on, or has more skills than her simple chains.

    Personality: A casual slacker. She's more happy when she's asleep even though she likes staring at the clouds just as well, or playing pai sho to train her logic. Notices when odd or supposedly frightening things are happening, but just laughs and brushes it off, treating it as a game even if she's fighting - or so it seems. People either get the impression she's just playing around or indulging them, if they're smart enough to notice, but more often than not she tends to come off as 'blissfully ignorant', with a head-in-the-clouds kind of cheer or dull surprise. You don't want to see her when she's angry, though.

    The only hint that she's not the dullard she seems to be is her skill at pai sho.

    Weapon: Tends to gravitate to chain weapons. Usually has her Meteor Hammer (two spiked weights linked together by a long chain and usually hung at her waist) with her, though she's ended up using kusarigama (scythe on a chain) and nunchucks. Basically she's deadly with those types of weapons despite looking like she's about to fall asleep or smiling obliviously.

    - It seems like she has no sense of direction. Regularly gets lost a lot around the Earth Kingdom that she just goes with the flow, taking whatever odd job she ends up getting in villages. Once she intended to go to Omashu but ended up close to the Northern Air Temple with no idea how she did it. Also a tea enthusiast.
    - An incredibly skilled liar. A conman or woman at their finest.
    Temujin Gohson (open)
    Name: Temujin Gohson (Lithël Aelfwine)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 32

    Appearance: About 7' 1'', muscled and bulky giant. Has long brown/red hair strapped always with a leather cord. Is physically strong, much more stronger than a normal man, although he's not clumsy.
    Has dark green eyes, and a little nose, his face ended up in a full beard that he cares greatly.

    Nation: Earth

    Element: Earth

    History: Son of Goh Shiruson, a proud and stubborn guard for the Omashu's lord and Kinana, a young and loving mother. He liked to walk around the mountains and camping since he was really young. In one of his camping trips he found a badger-mole and feed it, gaining her friend, Toph.
    Toph accompanied him all his childhood, learning a great deal of his earth bending from her.
    When he was 10, his mother got pregnant and had a little daughter, Sango. Her mother was weak at her birth so she died. For some time he felt it was Sango's fault, but as she grew up, he realized she was now the most important person in her life (something that, mostly, is still true).
    When he turned adult, his father taught him the means of fighting and Temujin started working with him as a guard. After some years a band of robbers attacked and almost killed his father. When that happened, Temujin lost control and killed a group of robbers, though many of them had surrendered. That made him become a fugitive and, after many deliverations, he was set free, but got exiled.
    After being exiled, temujin travelled around the world for over a year, but returned as a slave, only to be released after by Miroku, a friend of his from the Northern Water tribe.
    After returning, he started working as a blacksmith until he could open his own bussines.

    Personality: Takes great care of the ones he loves (namely: his family and friends). Most of the time, he acts as a gentleman, but once you get to know him he's happy and light headed. Usually walks out in little trips to visit friends or to "get inspiration and raw material" to the nearby river but never misses an oportunity to be outdoors.

    Weapon: A Hammer he calls Sakura and anything made of metal or earth.

    - Considers himself and artist of the metal, and his masterwork confirms it (a Carborundrum -carbon almost turned into diamond- sword)
    - Married to a water tribe girl 8 years younger.
    - Lives with friends in the back of his smithy, although his wife hasn't been home for a while.

    Character list will be updated.
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  2. It was painful for his old back. Man, i'm too old for this shit. Smuttered Temujin when trying to lift his load. AAH, MOTHERFUCKER! But it was done: the last piece of ore was there, in his cart. Temujin had been fighting all day to get the cart loaded and he was about to die when it was done.
    Come on, girl, we're going. You promised me you were going to help me out with this.
    Toph, the BadgerMole directed her face to Temujin, stepped once near the cart, and got under the earth.
    Toooooph! You cursed slack! The enormus man was angry, but ¿What could he do against the gigantic furball? As a mule, he took the cart, arnesed himself to it and started pulling it.
    Fuck, this is heavy. Murmured Temujin to himself, heading to Omashu on the main road.
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  3. Anri
    Location: The Road to Omashu

    "Man, I must have been lucky this time~" A grin appeared from underneath a straw hat hiding the girl's face, and she raised it slightly. Her green eyes looked around the dusty road to good ol' Omashu. She had actually managed to get to Omashu without any side trips this time, the girl mentally cheered. Her hair was black and cut weirdly, a long lock at the nape of her neck reaching her waist, standing out from the rest of her hair which was just cut past her chin. Her side bangs were slightly longer, reaching her shoulders, but a few short locks flopped over her pale forehead. She was wearing a dark green qipao that matched her eyes.

    "AAH, MOTHERFUCKER!" The girl blinked at the slight roar that echoed at the dusty, steep road to Omashu. She looked behind her to see an older man struggling then managing to finally heft what looked like his last piece of ore into his cart. She watched him ask his badgermole to help him, and when she saw him curse his partner she laughed slightly. "Wow, he's huge," she mumbled upon seeing his large size and height.

    Seeing as she had nothing to do, she skipped over back to the man who was struggling with his cart. "Can I help?" She grinned, lifting her straw hat again. "I know I may not look like it, but I'm pretty strong," she made a show of flexing her slender - cough cough scrawny - looking white arms. "You sounded like you were giving birth there earlier," she grinned obliviously.
  4. Oh, belive me, i was. Thank you for being my knight in bright armor. He knew that petite girls could be just as strong and dangerous as a man.
    You take that pole, i take this. It's a long trip, just tell me when you're tired. It's still noon, and is summer, we'll need to stop by to get a drink sometime. The man said, lifting the car with her. The iron ore was really heavy and the cart was to the top with it.
    Thanks for your help. i'm Temujin.
  5. The girl blinked for a moment. The man didn't react like some of the other people did to her jokes. He actually joked with her there instead of getting mad! That was an improvement from her usual company. "It's all good, Temujin. I'm Anri, a free spirit wandering the world," she introduced herself breezily, taking the pole from him with only a slight huff escaping her lips. Considering how often she got lost, she figured she had a right to say she managed to finish a lot of exploring.

    Maybe she should just call herself an adventurer just for the heck of it.

    "So what brings you to over yonder?" Anri asked. The pole was pretty heavy, but she didn't seem too strained for now. "And know any odd jobs I can take? I'm staying here for a month."
  6. A wanderous Wanderer! Hahaha! That's the spirit. I used to be a Wanderer once, but before that i was a guard here in Omashu Born and raised here, too. He commented. He didn't look like, he had good clothings and a fine cart.
    When i wandered, and seeing how you're a strong girl, maybe a bakery is for you? Always worked for me when i was off the city. If you know something about selling and metals, you can always sell for me in the smithy, or maybe the Fire Nation embassador wants some errands done. He's always pesting my brother to do them, and as nobody wants him, my brother is the only one who wants to do something for him.
    Temujin was sweaty and toasted by the sun, but he was still smiling.
    Hey, How old are you? Adn what are you doing in Omashu for a Month?
  7. Anri laughed along with Temujin, easily getting along with the man. He seemed rather easygoing, and she had always liked those sorts people. They usually got along with her very well. "Hmm... I think I can have those three jobs and cycle through them," she tapped her chin with her finger, holding the pole with her other hand. "I've taken jobs here and there," she smiled vaguely.

    "Maybe I can work with your brother, then. I usually work three jobs. Maybe in the morning, at the bakery," she raised one finger. "Then I can help you with your sales in the afternoon." Two fingers. Her smile and her easy way of talking put people at ease, as long as she didn't put her foot in her mouth and someone watched out for what she was going to say for her. "I can do the ambassador's jobs during times in between those." Three fingers.

    She looked ahead the road again, before lifting her face and feeling the sun on her pale face. "I'm sixteen," she admitted easily, smiling again. "And I tend to move around every month. You know, just to see the world, no parental control and all that. I can take care of myself, if that's what you're wondering," she chuckled.
  8. Well, you could, but you'll get old early. Hear this old man that's only 32 and feels worse than his 70 year old father. Temujin really didn't looked older, but younger instead.

    Hmn, what is it with little girls travelling around the world alone? I met my wife when she was your age. "i've bleeded so i'm a woman, i can take care of myself!" she said. All i remember was being chased by eye-stealing psychos and fighting great firebenders. Although he was actually naming things he was trying to frame as bad... He couldn't help to smile widely.
    Ah... I sure miss those times. We got to be with each other, you know?
  9. "Ya still look pretty spry to me," Anri commented casually. Temujin still looked strong, he didn't even really look thirty-two. Not really. He looked kinda young. "You don't look like an old geezer either," she smiled.

    She burst into laughter at his anecdote about his wife. "I guess you could put it that way!" She looked at him and blinked. "Eye stealing psychos? Great firebenders? Whoa, Temujin, you have had an interesting life so far~" She chuckled at his wide smile. "I hope I have an interesting one as well. Your wife must be quite the lady to put that smile on your face," she teased. "Where is she?"
  10. That's because you don't feel with my bones. Said temujin, whose back was doing strange noises.

    Interesting is a fine way to put it. I think i can be happy with it, i have many great friend, a loving family... Temujin lowered the tone when she asked she's an airbender, even when i tried to bond her to a place, she's a nomad. Things were great when we were wandering around the globe, but now... She's still in the road, when i'm stuck here for good.
    Things didn't go that good, but i still know she's THE ONE.
    I hope she grows tired of flying around. If she does, she'll have a home and somebody waiting for her here.
    His eyes were clouded by sorrow and tears, but he swallowed his feelings and put again a little smile.

    So, where are you from?
  11. The girl only blinked, the bells on her hat tinkling slightly as she turned to look at Temujin. "Temujin, home is where your heart is," she smiled. "I'm sure she will know that her home is with you," she mumbled. "And it's great that she would have someone to come back to." She grinned, eyes closing slightly. "I've seen an airbender here and there," she gestured with one hand. "They're nice. Flying bisons are fun!" Her personality tended to mesh well with theirs.

    Some people didn't even think Anri was from Earth Kingdom due to her carefree personality, her green eyes the only proof.

    "Born in Ba Sing Se," she didn't offer anything more about her childhood home. "It's alright, but I prefer other places."
  12. I don't belive that. My heart is far away, but i myself, am home. There were a lot of ways to say your heart was in someone else's hands, but that was Temujin's way: without sense to anyone but himself.

    I didn't like ba sing se. Faggots, all of them. And narrow minded too.

    As they talked, the city grew closer and magestic from there. It was a beautiful city in top of a isolated mountain, sky and the oldest city in the earth kingdom merged togeter in front of them.

    What are you running from?
  13. Anri merely chuckled at his comment about Ba Sing Se, and didn't reject his opinion. "Maybe, maybe not," she murmured. "The heart is for the owner's own understanding." She looked at him at his question.

    "I only want to see the world and be free of anyone's rules. I only follow my own way. What ever would I need to run from?" She questioned him in return.
  14. Rules, then? Oppresive father? Concluded Temujin with a glance of intelligence in his eyes.
    An arranged marriage?
  15. Making a noncommittal noise, neither confirming nor denying Temujin's words, Anri shrugged. "My father and I don't really get along," she mumbled. "How long until we reach Omashu?" She knew she was on the right road, Temujin even confirmed it, but still - her sense of direction was bad and sometimes that extended to distance. She was bad at estimating how long she would arrive. Even if it was already on a road with one direction only and the city was obviously looming in front of them in the distance.
  16. Your father, heh? I haven't lost my touch. Chuckled Temujin.

    Don't worry, we're there. Confirmed Temujin and indeEd, after the next turn, they faced a massive bridge and the door. Temujin got close to the guards and they greeted him, joking around his "new girlfriend" and how he liked little girls.
    After a little chat, he left to the cart again, and they entered the city.

    Omashu was constructed around the mountain in circles interconected by bridges and roads. All around then, the mail sistem worked as a clock to deliver and receive informatiob from all over the city.

    They started walking to the commercial district, where tides of people started moving them. At this point Temujin asked Anri to put an eye on his cart to prevent the urchins to stealing his ore.

    They got to a fruit post where temujin bought a HUGE orange fruit that he moved with earthbending to his side, and continued until they found a big house, that was behind a pretty but small smithy. A passage in the side lead to an internal garden that was taken care of and had a little pool of water.

    The smithy ended in some point, but had a little cocered corridor that was full of doors to a side. This corridor was at one side of the garden. It turned to the right, making the bottom of the garden. There were two more doors.

    Temujin unloaded the cart on the garden's floor and put it in the roof of the house using earth bending.
    Ok, come and i will... Starting saying Temujin but a little earthquacke and a ball of fur emerged. It was a massive, healthy and beautiful badgermole.
    You know you don't deserve this, Toph, but here you are. Temujin gave the badger mole the fruit, wich she ate delightfully. After eating, the ball of fur started sniffing Anri all over she, and moved her head to Temujin, almost over him, making him look as a little boy Toph toph totOoph! Said Toph.
    Shut up, Toph, you're drunk. Asnwered temujin with a smile.

    Ok, come, i'll show you where you're staying. It'a the least i can do for you. Temujin took you to one of the doors in the Hallway.
    This will be youtr room, let your things here and then were going to the next part of the house.
  17. The girl didn't comment any further about her father and just offered Temujin a smile. "You're pretty good," she admitted. She laughed at the jokes the city guards made about little girls. "This little girl can lift and use this pole," she smiled. She looked at the delivering system and sighed dreamily. "I want to ride those things again, it was great fun."

    She nodded, spotting out a few urchins and snatching hands and innocently batting them away, pretending not to notice. "Your stuff's safe with me." She herself was carrying an oddly shaped satchel over one shoulder, which made some metallic sounds sometimes.

    "That orange fits," she quipped about the orange's large size and Temujin. "An earthbender, huh?" She looked at the smithy with a smile. "That's a cool smithy you have there, and that house is huge." She was starting to associate the word big with Temujin. She grinned as she saw the garden. "Do you have a pai sho set?" Maybe they could play a game sometime.

    "Naming your badgermole after the first metalbender?" Anri laughed lightly. Temujin seemed like a great guy. She wouldn't mind working for his smithy in the month she stayed here. Showing a surprising grace, the girl bowed almost formally. "Thank you, Temujin," she smiled as she straightened again. At least she wouldn't have to look for a place to stay.
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  18. It simply was her name.
    I'm a metalbender too, she taught me, so i think i made no mistake.
    My Pai Sho set is a bit rusty, as my mind is, but i'll get it when we can.

    The house is big because for many years my friends lived here. Now it's just me and my bro. The house's empty, i don't like it. It'd be good to have another person with us.
    You could see he was a sad man, that lived in the past in many ways.

    Ok, all this places are rooms. There, just at the end of the hallway and infront the rooms are the bathrooms. There are two, one for men, one for women. I can't assure you it is in the best of shapes.
    After turning, there is the kitchen in the left, and the livingroom in the right.
    Ok, i'm making some tea, want some?
  19. Anri perked up at the mention of the pai sho set, her green eyes looking a bit more focused. Her eyes were still carefree, but she offered her own way of comfort. "I can also cook and clean, so we can share the work around the house," she smiled. "And we can talk anytime you want when I'm around."

    "Don't worry, I can fix stuff up if I have to." She really was a jack-of-all-trades when it came to odd jobs. Fixing things, delivering letters, packages, and messages, cooking, baking, serving tea and food, cleaning, you got it. Even the sly stuff. Now she looked around the place, and planned on putting her satchel and pack once she found a room.

    At the mention of tea, she brightened considerably. "I love tea," she grinned. "So any time for it is a good time."
  20. Ok, you chose the kind. Is in that big can. The Kitchen was a place like a hallway but all that filled with things to cook for an army.
    Temujin put water to boil and went away, bringing back a pai sho set.
    I'm not good, i warn you.
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