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Kitti and Hades[/size]

The business of darkness could not always restrain itself to the nighttime hours. In the instances when this night activity seeped over into the daytime, it was almost certainly taking place where shadow abounded. This time, the business was one that had been commonplace in the darkness since the beginning of time. The hour was early, the sun just beginning to show signs of waking and spreading its light over the town.

From inside one of the structures, clearly of poor repute judging by the generous amounts of filth on it, a small sound so easy to miss could be heard if one listened closely. The reek of alcohol permeated the building and no one seemed awake at this time, the buildings had all gone to sleep as the night faded, but the sound gave a different impression. It was lucky that none were awake to hear the sound in this part of town, else the maker of the sound might have been caught. It was always this way, each morning, as the slender girl moved around the room.

The clicking of her heels on the wood floor was the source of the barely audible sound, not nearly enough to wake those who had been drinking so heavily the night before. From the pants on the floor, the girl extracted a money pouch with lithe fingers. Her hair was slightly mussed but she was fully clothed in the slip of a dress she always wore for this, gauzy black slit up to the hip. Without any approximation of embarrassment, the girl slipped out of the cheap room and into the hallway of the silent building.

No one else was awake yet except the proprietor of the building, who nodded to her familiar face as she exited. The light from the rising sun blinded her for a moment when she got out the door. Bustling away before anyone could see her, the girl made her way to a building not far away, intent on changing her clothes.

Before the girl could make her way up the stairs to the room she rented, she heard her name being called from below.

"Hey! Anani!" she turned to face whoever it was, the corners to her mouth making a subtle frown. The owner of the building.

"I'll pay you when I get back down!" she returned, continuing up the stairs.
Ash is an average sized man, dark brown medium sized hair , dark eyes, wears a jeans and a hoody large dark shirt and his hood is up, he crosses her path in a rush allmsot tripping the stairs when he bumps into her.

"Sorry miss!"
He says as he turns back to her.

The man going up the stairs very nearly knocked Anani down, with the precarious footing that she had due to the high heels. Despite the fact that he said sorry, it still made Anani a little bit aggravated. Anani was just about to lay into the man, her nerves on end from not having slept yet and the stress of having to pay for her room still weighing on her.

"Be more careful, boy" Anani snapped at his back, stepping onto the platform at the top of the stairs. The man seemed to be in a hurry and did not care at all that he'd nearly sent the woman toppling down the stairs. Rudeness like this, she thought furiously, is the reason why women can no longer rely on men. Anani had half a mind to continue chewing him out but was wary of drawing more notice to herself and she desperately wanted a hot shower, a nap, and a change of clothes.

"Being in such a hurry, you're going to slip up and knock down the wrong person."
Sudenly one fo the neightbours gets near his door, his head wounded he points at me and yells "Thief grab him!!!"
I run faster.