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  1. I'm back from a long vacation from writing, and I've been itching to start another RP... I really need to keep it small... Maybe between 2 - 3 people, besides myself... I don't mind the setting, or whatever...

    If you have any ideas, throw them at me in a PM, or post here! I'll be around later on this evening after work, but I may reply before then if I get the chance.
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  2. I will help you out! Give me a while to get my brain together and I'm sure something will float! :)
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  3. If I can find a Roleplay for these two beauties, I'll definitely be down to join your roleplay(s). But I don't intend to use the both of them at the same time, so pick wisely. Yes, they're both pregnant, don't judge me...

    Character 1
    Name: Angela Aimi Kang
    Aliases: Angie, AK

    Age: 25
    Date of Birth: May 30 1989
    Time of Birth: 5:30pm

    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosextual, Straight

    Description: East-Asian Female, Brown Hair, 5' 6" Tall, Sitting at around 145 lbs., Expecting Mother (Seven Months Pregnant), frequently seen wearing a diamond bracelet, gold gemstone bracelet, a wedding ring necklace, a purple maternity dress,white stockings, black boots and feather earrings. To keep warm, she wears a blue cardigan, but when not in cold environments, she keeps the sleeves raised.

    Personality: Since High School, Angela tends to be very shy and is hard to approach. If one can look past her shyness, Angela is a nice and caring person. She is generally easygoing and lenient with people she meets.
    Likes: Spending time with her Family & Friends, Reading, Relaxing, Cuddling, playing with Animals (Especially cats and dogs), cleaning, writing, socializing
    Dislikes: People touching her (This only amplified when she got pregnant), sharp objects, foods with a strong smell, spiders, rodents, cigarettes
    Strengths: Solving Mysteries, makes a good Therapist, tries to keep in high spirits (Because Stress is bad for her and her baby), Well-Prepared for most situations, Nice and Caring, Athletic, Multilingual (Knows English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese, also Fluent in Russian, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish), can reach out to people
    Weaknesses: Pregnancy (Well, you can't really do much when there's a baby inside you), Aichmophobia (Fear of Sharp Objects), Constantly has Nightmares about C-Sections as a result of Aichmophobia, Mood Swings (She's having a baby, she can't help it), Insomnia, Heartburn, Backache, Uncomfortable with Heights

    History: Angela was born in Seattle, Washington to Korean-American Immigrants. Her Father is a Civil Engineer and her Mother is a Family Therapist. Since Junior High School, Angela has the natural talent of picking up other languages when she hears them enough and puts her mind to it. As a result, she can speak up to eight other languages next to English and her native tongue. After graduating from High School, Angela would go into College, aiming for the same major as her Mother, which was Psychology. She would then follow her Mother's Footsteps in becoming a Therapist. In her profession, she began working with troubled teenagers and families, much like her mother before her. Two years after College, Angela got married to her boyfriend of nearly nine years, two of which they were engaged. After two years of marriage, the couple wanted to start a family, so it was a happy moment when Angela announced that she was pregnant. After visiting a few relatives for a month in South Korea, Angela would find herself involved in a plane crash on the way home. Now trapped on a mysterious island, she scared for both herself and her unborn child. She hopes to escape alive as she wants her child to have a chance at life.
    Place of Birth: Seattle, WA
    -Parents: Retired and moved back to South Korea after she had graduated from College
    -Two Older Siblings: Has an Older Brother in South Korea working as a Police Officer and an Older Sister who is a Nurse and taking care of their now Elderly Parents.
    -Two Younger Siblings: Has one younger brother who is studying Computer Engineering in Oklahoma and a Younger Sister who is a nurse.
    -Husband: Dated for Seven Years, Engaged for Two, Married two years. Now expecting their first child. Worried sick for his wife and child since they have yet to arrive home.

    Character 2
    Name: "I'm proud of who I am."
    Hyun-Rin Kwon

    Nickname: "That's my English Name."

    Age: "I know, I look pretty young for my age."

    Gender: "I can grow humans, what's your superpower?"

    Sexuality: "Straight all the way, sorry."

    Personality: "Don't judge me."
    -Kind: Ever since she was a child, her mother taught her how to show sympathy, tenderness and generosity not just to people she already know for so long but also to people she just met or in other words everyone, which results to her friendly nature and easy to get along personality.

    -Weak: Although not physically weak but emotionally weak; just one rude comment can make her burst into tears and fall down but she hates this part of herself, often times she would hide this side of herself and only shows it to the people very close around her or more often just bottle it all up inside of her.

    -Obedient: Before becoming a servant in the palace, she already know how to obey the people that she needs to respect and she’s always always willing to obey everysingle thing that people asked her to do as long as it doesn’t go too far and is still on her standards.

    -Naïve: Because she grew up with old fashioned parents, it has been in here nature to be child-like and sometimes be too blunt at things that she needed to understand and know at her age but slowly, that will all change after being a servant at the palace.

    -Yappy: With what we have said so far, you might misunderstand that she’s quite and taken back but you’re wrong, there’s also this side of her that’s outgoing, talkative and sometimes high pitched way of talking and expressing herself.

    -Understanding: Although sometimes she can’t understand her feelings, she’s a professional when understanding others, she can get a person’s feelings and know what to do just by talking to her. This results to her forgiving side too, which sometimes becomes her dilemma ‘cause even of someone did a really bad thing to her, she would forgive him/her easily even before s/he apologizes to her.

    -Responsible: Family affects her life the most, they're all she has apparently until that one incident come and she have learnt to become responsible ever since, having 5 other siblings to support not only makes her strong but also triggers this feeling of being responsible to her siblings.

    -Intelligent: Due to her family’s poverty she didn’t have the chance to go to school and learn but that didn’t stop her, she read a lot of books and from there she knew more than a person going to school knows.

    Why you decided to join in on the road trip: "Just want to enjoy one last trip before I have my first baby...So I can guess you can say I'm on a 'Babymoon' if that makes any sense?"
    Yolanda wants to get away from her fiancée who has been abusive to her both mentally and emotionally a little after she got pregnant, presuming that he is jealous of the unborn child. After one particular night, where he hit her, she decided that it was the last straw and called the domestic violence hotline while he was away. Police would go to his workplace and arrested him, where he is to serve thirty days in Jail and three weeks of rehabilitation. After that, he gets to deal with Yolanda's siblings, with a nice chat from her two sisters and a beating from her three brothers, something that she doesn't plan to be around for, but hopes that he will learn his lesson. Speaking of which, she is currently twenty-nine weeks pregnant with her first baby.

    Bio: "Story of my life..."
    Early Life to Young Adult Years: Yolanda was born into a fairly large family in Seoul, South Korea as the fourth of six children. She grew up poor in the vibrant city, but that didn't stop her from smiling. Around the time she was ten years old, her Family moved from their poverty stricken lifestyle to live in the United States. After two years of being in the United States, her parents would get well-paying jobs in order to take care of her and her siblings. Her Father joined the National Guard as a Military Policeman and her Mother opened up a Beauty Salon which quickly became popular. As time passed, her Eldest Brother Hisashi would also join the Military, eventually becoming a Navy SEAL. Her Eldest Sister Tracy would graduate from a prestigious University with a Master's Degree in Nursing and become a Obstetrician and Midwife. Her Second Oldest Brother Bryan would graduate from Community College with an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice, followed by graduating from Police Academy top of his class and is now a valued member of the SWAT Team. Yolanda herself would go to Vocational School for Auto Mechanics and is now working as a Mechanical Technician for the North American branch of Mitsubishi Motors Inc. Her younger sister Sarah would follow in their Mother's Footsteps and get a Bachelor's Degree in Cosmetology and start working at her Mother's Hair Salon, hoping to one day become owner of the shop. Her youngest brother Brandon is currently attending a prestigious University in hopes of getting a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering.

    Present: Yolanda loved what she did for a living, especially working with Mitsubishi. Her Family is everything to her. Not only is she now a Mother-to-be herself, but she is a Loving Aunt. Hisashi has switched to the Reserves, wanting to settle down and raise a Family and is now happily married with two kids. Tracy too has settled down and is also happily married, except with three kids. Bryan is currently engaged and is planning on getting married soon. Yolanda herself is engaged as well, but is getting the rare occurrence of becoming a Wife and Mother at the same time, which is a first for her Family. Both her Younger Siblings, Sarah and Brandon are also currently in relationships, but have yet to consider marriage and settling down, with Sarah still feeling that she is currently too young and Brandon still being in School. While choosing Hisashi and his Sister-in-law Gwen to be the godparents, Tracy also seems to be happy that she gets to take care of Yolanda throughout her pregnancy, such as giving her medical advice and being the one that Yolanda sees during her prenatal check-ups. However, up until recently, Yolanda's relationship with her Fiancée Drake has taken quite an healthy term because he seems to be jealous of his unborn baby, which makes no sense to Yolanda because its his child that she is carrying. After one night that he hit her, she would call Bryan the following day to tell him about what happened, Drake would end up getting arrested (and badly beaten) by Bryan himself, shocking the rest of the Kwon Family. Bryan would get stuck with a desk job because of the beating, but most of his SWAT Teammates would defend his actions because it was indeed personal. At the urging of her siblings, Yolanda has decided to take a vacation and leave town for a little bit.

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  4. Sounds great... Just let me know when you want to start writing! I'm pretty easy when it comes to the type of RP... Fantasy, Modern, Sci Fi, whatever... There's almost always romance of some sort when I RP in something, lol, but I suppose if I have to, I can keep it to a minimum... xD

    Let me know what you feel like writing, and we can get going...
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