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  1. I have 2 available RP and one available character to RP with which I would really like to do.
    #1. A Change In Times is about a man named Enzo who had been taken by dragons as a child and then raised with a baby dragon named Ryozon. The two parents dragons send the two away and Enzo tries to teach people that Dragons don't have to be killed. But it doesn't go as planned and suddenly Enzo & Ryozon are on the run and need help. A bounty on Enzo's head is suddenly put up and like all dragons, there is a reward for Ryo to be brought in. Both are to be brought in. Dead or Alive.
    I'm not really sure about a proper plot yet but we can work something out I guess xD
    #2. Change Me, My Alpha is about a girl named Rain who had been bitten by a werewolf as a child, but the wolf was killed. She went through her first change and because she was so young and having no alpha to help her, she's been stuck as a wolf for 10 years. I am looking for an alpha for Rain, a few years older than her, as I don't want any teen alphas. He finds her, takes her into his pack and helps her with fitting back into the human world. Because she can't go back to her parents' place because she's supposed to be dead, she has no where to stay, so he lets her stay at his place. We could work other stuff out as well, obviously :) I am actually thinking of working out a proper, decent plot with my partner for this RP. So! I am willing to change the plot & make a new one. SPOT TAKEN
    #3. Just The Way It Is Now is about a world where 87% of natural wild animals are extinct and are taken over my experiments/artificial life forms. There are so many chemicals in the air that animals who didn't have a strong immune system died. Cars and other auto-mobiles, as well as a lot of electronics do not work. The world is sectioned into different districts (Science District, Royal and Rich Districts, Poor Districts & other which haven't been worked out just yet). It centres around a young man of 18 called Rye, who's best and only friend is a 100% all natural wolf named Crow. They are constantly in hiding and stealing to survive. But Crow gets captured and taken to the Science District and he is determined to save his friend from the experiments he will be forced to endure.

    There we go :) If you're interested in any, feel free to PM me or post here.
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