Autumn Appreciation

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    What is your favorite aspect of autumn?
    The leaves changing colors, the air turning colder, the holidays? Or something else entirely?
  2. Oddly enough, I think my favorite thing about Autumn is simply the smell of it. Not just the foods that are typically made during this time of the year, but everything outdoors as well.

    Halloween is pretty damn awesome, too.
  3. I have a love hate relationship with Autumn. The days get shorter and the rainy season starts. There is something cozy about a dark stormy night, but there a certain lack of doing anything outdoor without smelling like a wet dog when you get in. There's also all the holidays with all their food, which I love, but I need to get out of grocery retail. It's cold outside, which I dislike, but I still like digging out the autumn wardrobe.
  4. My most favourite part of Autumn is that it's the beginning of everything dying. By everything, I mean the plant life. During these colder days, I can expect to feel healthier and happier. :D

    In addition to that, I just like the cold. I'm a Frost Giant, I want it to be cold forever. Sunshine and heat are just yucky... And the rain. Rainy weather is a favourite weather of mine.
  5. I enjoy the colder weather, that very brief time between summer and winter when it's the perfect temperature. It's all rainy and wonderful~

    For like, a week :[

    Cause Canada sucks and snows really early (has already seen snow)
  6. I like very little about autumn, it rains too much, it's grey all the time, it gets cold. But I like that the leaves changes color, it's beautiful (at least when the sun decides to shine for a change) Also I like that it is Halloween, that's the only real good thing with autumn xD All the decorations and all the funny scary stuff :9
  7. I love just about everything about autumn. It's a great time of year... particularly in the south. Why, it feels nice enough to sit outside and appreciate nature again.

    Plus, the fact tha the temperatures are getting cooler is also a plus, because winter is my favorite season!
  8. I...*Twitch* the drop in temperature. Only slightly. Very slightly.
  9. I think that I like the colourful leaves of Autumn the best, as even when they wither and die, they are so beautiful. Not to mention that if you put a leaf into a big book, you can preserve it for long, and look at it even years later. Oh and I forgot about the buckeye trees, which always manage to brighten my day if I find one of their shiny... fruits? I have no idea what the proper word is.
  10. No need for heat, no need for AC.
  11. I love Autumn because of all the beautiful colors and the (possibly)romantic walks through a forested path you could take... I am sorry. I am too much of a hopeless romantic. xD.