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  1. So I was writing this huge-a** post for a 1x1 RP and I had made my own perfect post. Then when I submitted it, it was saying something about losing the token, or whatever.

    Then I tried to look for auto-save, but I couldn't find it TT_TT

    I mean, it is kinda my fault for not saving it properly, but at the same time, I wanted all that stuff back! I just wanna know how to use it and I can't find it, despite the FAQ saying it's at the bottom left-hand corner. D:
  2. [​IMG]

    There you go! When you go back to the thread and view the box you were typing in (be it the quick reply or the advanced box) it should be right there if there is a save.

    Sometimes you get unlucky and there is no save though. D: random flukes..
  3. Periodically, something that you are writing will save, while you type it.
    You'll find the autosaved text at the bottom left.
  4. I beat Kitti by a minute! *SNICKERS!* XD
  5. Mine is... cuter!
    And lacks scribbles. :p
  6. Oh, I have never seen that before? :/

    Is it visible only on a certain browser? (LOL sorry if that may seem to be a stupid question. I'm not the most computer literate, me.)
    And it stores auto-saved material even after a page refresh?