Author's Realm [Massive Group RP]

Is this too detailed? I worked hard, but maybe it was too hard...

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I have a story in mind, please bear with me as I explain myself.
This thread will be constantly updating, so any new additions will be Bolded, Italic, and Pink! When more new changes are made, the "old" changes will be put back to normal, that way the thread doesn't almost completely turn pink.
Also, for another cool page based on this roleplay, here's this!
GROUP RP AD - Bestiary for Author's Realm

March 22, 2019
It started with the device, a simple helmet called Kefáli (Greek for head), that would take you to The Grid. The Grid was an entirely different world with it's own rules and it's own cities. It is said that the creator of The Grid had originally intended for it to be a post apocalyptic Earth, but the result ended in something that was roughly the size of Saturn and set in an era of medieval buildings and technology. The Grid was a sphere much like Earth, known as Svijet, but with enough code running through it to rival that of the A.I that would not be implemented into society until roughly 50 years later. It was like a survival game, with an added twist meant just for those who had a creative mind. The Grid allowed anyone who joined the chance to bring their characters to life, whatever they may be. Science Fiction, High Fantasy, Slice of Life, any genre of character will do! You could find others and duke it out with their characters, build an entire civilization, or form teams with other players and professional alliances with other teams! Customize-able clothing and apparel, as well as the ability to give your characters new looks, is one thing that never gets old. It doesn't stop there, find and battle the animals of Svijet from the meek to the vicious, or tame them and add them to your repertoire. As well as that, if you are able to tame a fearsome dragon, then you can fly your way across Svijet! Don't like building just to have your hard work destroyed by griefers? That's okay, you don't have to build to survive in The Grid if you don't want to; instead, you can buy a place to call your own with The Grid's unique monetary system. With a variety of jobs around Svijet's NPC towns and villages, you can do what you want and get paid for it. The possibilities are practically endless!
There are three sets of rules. Bear with me, there are a lot... Roar.
1. Characters you create cannot have the ability to create other characters, but certain minions can be created upon scanning by The Grid. If a minion is deemed un-summon-able by The Grid, an item named Pile of Ash will appear in it's place.

2. Characters you create cannot have the ability to leave The Grid unless coded onto a portable device and uploaded elsewhere.

3. Unless pre-determined via coding, characters you create will be given stats and limits in order to avoid unfair play. This includes magical limits that can kill said character for an appropriate span of time.

4. Items must be provided by The Grid or coded into your character's matrix. This includes additional appendages, such as a metal limb or a hidden weapon.

5. Unless an ability or magic would prevent death, regeneration time of champions depends on stats, The Grid, and the champion's matrix. There is a maximum of 30 seconds to revive said champion before deterioration renders their code unable to be revived, which will begin regeneration process. Champions cannot leave the regeneration process until the timer reaches 00:00:00. The Regeneration process depends on the champion's level and Class.

6. Structures set in place by The Grid cannot be destroyed by either players nor characters unless marked (a broken shield will mark if an object is breakable or not). Some characters may not be strong enough to break other characters' structures, which will cause a red shield, but if said character can work long and hard enough to be able to break said object, then the red shield will become broken and said structure shall break upon the next hit.

7. The Grid's atmospheric ceiling is set at 801.5 km/498 mi. No character, player, nor creation can exceed this limit. Oxygen is lost at 550 km/342 mi outside of any unsealed structure made by characters, players, or The Grid itself.

8. The Grid collects information of the player in order to calculate their stats in The Grid. The stats are equal to or relatively close to the physical, mental, and social health of the player.

9. A player cannot boost or change their stats inside the Grid as characters can, but outside changes can affect the stats of the player (Learning can increase intelligence, working out can increase Strength, etc.)

10. Magic and abilities are allowed, but nothing that may break the previous rules of The Grid, and they are not usable by the player.
1. Person must have a job or some way to support themselves and pay for Kefáli, as well as a living space in order to power on and use Kefáli.

2. Persons using Kefáli are unable to move, and thus it is recommended that said persons find an area in which they will not come under any harm, such as a bed or a chair or a couch.

3. Persons using Kefáli will be immediately alerted to any outside disturbances via symbols corresponding with said events (A door will mark that someone has entered the building you are in or is attempting to get your attention, a flame will mark that there is something burning, etc.

4. If any serious or life-threatening harm comes to a player's body while in The Grid, Kefáli will immediately boot said player from the server until an appropriate time where they may return, though they will be automatically logged out after an hour of inactivity as normal.

5. Kefáli is directly linked as an extension of the body's nervous system, so as well as players being able to really feel things happening in the game, Kefáli will also alert the player to their bodily needs. If a player needs to use the restroom in the real world, a message stating so will appear in their line of site, and the same goes for hunger, body temperature, etc.

6. The real world is set in modern day Earth, and the player must be directly related to your profile or your IRL person. Ex.: Necropolis would be Necropolis in the real world, but that would be confusing since I also have a character named Necropolis, so I'm using my real name. You are not in any way obliged to share your IRL name, but keep age and body type as close to the real thing as you feel comfortable with.

7. Player cannot have any powers in the real world, and since The Grid is directly affected by real world stats, a player cannot have any powers in The Grid.
1. No bullying or confronting other players unless any of the previous rules are broken.

2. No smut unless taken to PM or fading to black. I intend this to be a MASSIVE group RP, which means that I want this to be open to everyone rather than just a select few.

3. Character sheets (that I will provide) are required for players, but CS for Characters are optional.

4. No harassing other members with questions or scenes that they do not feel like answering to. I do ask that the harassed member come to me first before reporting to the staff so that I may give the harasser a polite warning, but they are free to go straight to the staff. If said harasser ignores my own warning and continues to harass another member, then I will remove the harasser from the group. They are free to re-join, but if they continue to do so after joining again, I invite the harassed member to come forward and report the harasser to the staff or admin themselves.

5. Members who participate have to be able to take some kind of initiative and make their own choices in the story. There is no main story-line, this is meant to be an ongoing story where the player and their character can do anything and be anything, so there are no specific roles that need to be filled. If you have something to add to the story like a sudden new enemy or a rival from the real world, then by all means add them, and you can even interact with other players throughout the game.
If you read all of the rules, thank you! I would love feedback on the rules, and I would be happy to explain further to clear up any confusion you may have. As well, I highly encourage those that have suggestions to come forward.
The setting in the real world can be wherever you want it to be, but I've been wondering about how cool it would be to have players who could meet in real life, so I was thinking about them living in a town.
The Grid... a massive expanse of land and sea with an area roughly 12.5 billion miles squared, with it's own unique biography and weather system. Svijet has all the same geographic features as Earth, with a few key differences.
  • Crystal Fields - Large expanses of crystals that can be harvested in use of jewelry, reagents, etc. Deeper down under these Crystal Fields are usually caves, which hold the much rarer magical crystals, of which there are three. The Klévo (Greek for Steal)crystals that have the ability to steal magic from the air and spells, the Taízo (Greek for Feed)crystals that have the ability to give off magic and store magic given to them, and the Inuictaque (Latin for Untameable)crystals, which house extremely volatile and uncontrollable magic. The Crystal Fields also house some magical creatures, but they are often described as uninhabitable.
  • Pillairs - The Pillairs are naturally made towers, usually made of magically infused unbreakable stone, that stretch close to between 5 and 10 stories tall, though the tallest Pillair is found in the center of the capital of Man and almost touches The Grid's ceiling. They are often found randomly throughout the world, though some can be found quite close together in groups of Pillairs called Magi-Towers. Characters are usually allowed to use these Pillairs and Magi-Towers to improve their magic, as the air around even one of these Pillairs is enough to fuel an unimaginable amount of Klévo crystals to their point of saturation, and is found to be able to improve the core magical capacity that magic users can achieve.
  • Mirror Jungles - Mirror Jungles are magically enchanted forests that are able to make a mirror of any player, character, or NPC that enters that is aptly called a Mirroar. Elves are often found making their homes here, and they are found to treat these Mirroars as equals, given the fact that these Mirroars can act independently from the original. Once someone leaves these Mirror Jungles, the Mirroar is able to live for another 24 hours before fading away and being reabsorbed into the magical air of Mirror Jungles, unless the player, character, or NPC returns. Mirroars are mainly meant for those who have abilities rather than magic, as everything about the Mirroar is an exact copy of the original, so they can use and improve upon their abilities. It should be warned that not all Mirroars are friendly towards the original, and if a Mirroar manages to kill a character or player, they become able to leave the Mirror Jungles permanently.
Those are the main bodies, but there are also weather patterns that are unique to Svijet.
  • Stone Storms - Usually made by giant stone golems in the mountains, the power of these Stone Giants clashing to the death is enough to create a literal storm of heavy rain, multiple large flashes of lightning, and deafening thunder. Sometimes the Stone giants travel to other mountain ranges, which also creates a mobile Stone Storm. Also, what makes these Stone Storms incredibly dangerous is that the Stone Giant (or Giants) that create them count as structures created by the grid and are therefore indestructible to all but themselves and other Stone Giants. It is even recommended that the player and their characters avoid Stone Storms altogether, though there is something special about the heart of a Stone Giant that causes NPCs to loot the fallen bodies of Stone Giants, though there is in-game controversy to this practice among the NPCs themselves due to the fact that Stone Giants have become a rare sighting. Nevertheless, if a player or character can manage to find the gold necessary to purchase a SGH, (Stone Giant Heart) then they can summon a Stone Storm at their location that will teleport them to any mountain range of their choosing, of which there are 27 across The Grid.
  • Leech Clouds - Not an actual weather pattern, but significant enough to be counted as one. Leech clouds are large clouds of millions of Mana-Leeches, which are usually found feeding off of Pillairs as they travel, and are known to be a blight to Mirror Jungles. Mana-Leeches are small wasp-like insects (roughly the size of a deer tick, look it up) that only travel in Leech Clouds, and though one Mana-Leech is not enough to drain a single ounce of magic, millions of them can completely incapacitate any mage if not handled properly. Mana-Leeches are extremely dangerous to any character, as they begin stealing life-force once there is no more magic left. Luckily, an in-game item that can be bought or found called Leechaway can repel these deadly Leech Clouds and the Mana-Leeches that form them. Of course, they do burn quite easily, and make a tangy sweet snack if cooked without burning.
  • Thunders - Also not a real weather pattern, Thunders are large swarms of migrating dragons, and their combined wing-beats can be heard from miles around like the sound of thunder. There are often events formed around these Thunders, and though they can definitely be incredibly dangerous, the dragons found in a Thunder are often very peaceful and can even be coaxed into landing with the right technique. It is in this way that dragon tamers usually earn their mount, though the dragons very in size and some are simply released soon after they land. It has only happened on a few occasions, but if the leader of the Thunder lands, all the other dragons will follow suit and land as well, forming a Blanket rather than a Thunder. It is also found that while the dragons do have a somewhat animal-like intelligence, some have the intelligence and memory to rival that of a real world elephant, though they all can be taught to equal that of a human given time and training.

Here's the newest map, which is much better in my opinion, and it is even split into different nations with all their own towns, capitals, and docks.
There are only humans in the real world, though there are a total of 9 races of humanoids in Svijet...
It is known that the gods were created by a vast entity known only as Sōzō (Creation in Japanese.) He created 5 gods, whose names were; God Lux (Light in Latin), God Dāku (Dark in Jap), Goddess Mageía (Magic in Greek), Goddess Seikatsu (Life in Jap), and God Katálixi (Ending in Greek). Sōzō also created Svijet and left the other gods to inhabit the planet and create other lesser lifeforms. Lux created the sun and colors of The Grid, while Dāku created the night and filled caves and areas that the light could not touch with his presence. Mageía created all manners of spells and tomes and artifacts, and she also gave The Grid the gift of magic, the power of Aether simplified to suit those who were mortal. Seikatsu created all the creatures of Svijet and gave all the plants life of their own, and though Katálixi was the god of death and endings, he was also the god of rebirth and the maker of cycles and seasons. They also combined their powers to make even better things, and they all shared in their love of helping Seikatsu inhabit the land. This all changed, however, when Seikatsu betrayed them and created something that could rival their own intelligence.

Humans - Humans, under the Kingdom of Man, are the original race of Svijet that all other humanoid races are derived from. They are usually considered weak and stupid, but humans are also known to be full of surprises and strong emotions. Most humans are loyal to a fault, and though there are a wide variety of different creatures, cultures, and kinds of humans, they are also known to be the only race to ferociously study religion and/or science. Humans are also the most adaptive species, able to survive in most any climate as long as there is food and water readily available. Since they are the oldest humanoid race, humans are also the only ones to have forgotten history and lore. The humans are ruled by their king, an immortal human known only as The First Man, who has the secret of immortality stored safely in his mind. Seikatsu was locked away in a void prison for creating the First Humans, but as she made their souls indestructible by the other gods, they tried to improve upon the humans instead with their own creations, thus the reason that the king is the only First Man left.

Elves - Elves are the second oldest humanoid race, and they were made after Mageia exposed a group of humans to intense levels of Ether, a magical energy only usable by the gods and Sōzō. The Elves also came in many different kinds, from wood to dark elves, though they were all gifted in the mortal equivalent of Ether. Unlike the humans, who had only a select few men and women who were gifted enough to use magic, all Elves could tap into a kind of magic that was reserved for them by the time they reach adulthood. Also, unlike humans, Elves cannot grow old and die due to the intense magic always flowing through them, but Elves have no afterlife and their life-force disappears once they are killed. Different Elves have different specialties, blessings by the other gods. The Elves are ruled by their high counsel, made by three representatives of each of the different species of Elves.

Dwarves - Dwarves were humans broken down and made from scratch by Dāku to inhabit his dark places, and they are the heartiest of all the humanoid races and of almost all living things. As such, the Dwarves are very stubborn and defiant of most things, even if they do get their way in the end. Dwarves love to disagree with anything and everything, but all Dwarves can agree when they say that their place is in the mountains and caves of Svijet. They are great artisans and shapers of metals, and both their trinkets and tools are renowned across Svijet for their elegance and beauty. The Dwarves have no magic, but are immune to it as well, making them extremely powerful foes against elves. The Dwarves have no ruler, though they still look up to certain other Dwarves as authority figures in their mining colonies.

Undead - The Undead sparked a bit of grief between the gods, as they are already dead, so they technically do not count as being alive, and they were also made by Dāku. Still, they fit the category of humanoid, and were given their own place among the 9 races. The Undead can never truly die, though their bodies can be destroyed. The Undead are unique in the respect that there is no specific kind of Undead being, and they take from most of the other races to make their own. This means that anything that was once dead or dying can be considered Undead, which also encompassed animals of the wild for a time, before that was considered immoral and fixed. The Undead are devout followers of their ruler, the Vampire King, who is the only Undead creature that can reincarnate as another person. There can only be one vampire in the world at a time outside of characters made by players, so it is quite easy to tell who the Vampire King is.

Humanized Animals/Animoids- Animoids were also a bit of a hot topic between the gods, though this was more like questioning their purpose and usefulness rather than questioning their fairness in the world. Animoids were made by Lux, though it was admitted that Lux only got the idea from Seikatsu before they locked her away in her dimension vault. Despite this, the Animoids were made with minimal hard feelings, and they have thrived in every aspect of The Grid due to their variety. Animoids are just what their longer name implies, animals that can behave exactly like a humanoid, meaning that they can do things that a normal animal can while still passing as said animal at first glance. There are Animoids of all kinds to be found anywhere and everywhere, from dog and cat animoids to shark and bird animoids, as well as lizard and insect animoids. Animoids also mainly enjoy the company of humans, given as how they are the youngest humanoid race. Most Animoids are nomads and have no ruler, though they respect and obey all rulers of all races.

Fiends - Fiends are another bunching race like the Undead that include everything from Orcs and Goblins to Trolls and Ogres, and they are made by Katálixi mainly to harass all of the other humanoid races, including the Undead. As such, Fiends are infamous to almost every society, but some fiends can be reasoned with and some even abandon their nature to destroy for a life of purpose. Many trolls and ogres who have overcome their destructive habits can be found helping farmers till their fields and hauling resources, and orcs make for very good blacksmiths and soldiers. Goblins are somewhat stupid, however, and they are indeed often seen with primeval stone tools and accidentally starting themselves on fire, only to do it again the next day. Fiends do not have a ruler either, but they often obey a pack or clan leader.

Automatons - Automatons are very basic golems made of anything from wood, clay, metal, stone, etc. Automatons were originally a combined effort of all the gods, as they were incredibly complicated for some unknown reason, but it was not a god that got credit for the creation of golems in the end. Elves made wooden and clay golems to assist them in protecting the forests and their inhabitants, Dwarves made stone golems out of the excessive stone gained from mining, and Humans made metal golems to aid in defense of cities and caravans. The gods took these first golems and gave them intelligence fit of a living being and the need to create other golems like themselves, within reason of course. Automatons do not have a leader, but live as complete equals with one another. Automatons are the only race incapable of any emotions whatsoever.

Mirroars - Mirroars are a specialty race all on their own, made completely of magic and made by Mageía. Mirroars are of course special because they can become a copy of any one person of any race for a whole day. This was another race that caused very much controversy among the gods, as it gave the Mirroars too much power. This was evidenced by the fact that a Mirroar copied Katálixi when he approached to kill it. The god of Endings almost died that day, an impossible thing that would have completely ended many aspects of the world and sent Svijet spiraling into chaos. The Mirroars obey the Elven High Counsel, as the Elves are the main race that Mirroars are accustomed to.

Demons - Demons are just what they sound like, demons, and they were the last humanoid race to be created. Katálixi created them, and it created a rivalry between the gods that continues to this day. The demons are creatures of pure evil, meant to wipe out other races, and they don't do a bad job at it either. There are many different kinds of demons, and to list them all would be an impossible task. The demons all obey their queen, an immortal brood-mother named Akuma. Without her, the demon race of Svijet would shrivel away within days, though the task is an impossible one, as she is in the very depths of the lava fields deep below the surface guarded by both her children and her brood-mates, along with anyone whose minds she's managed to enslave.
In Svijet, there are 12 different continents, each with their own history and kingdoms that sometimes mingle with one another in a messy world history.
Nichev is the easiest country to describe, as it doesn’t have much history known to man. Nichev is mainly made up of the mountain range known as the Shirpial Mountains or Shirpial’s Teeth, and makes an almost perfect drop into the sea on one side of the mountain range while the other is where it ends and the mountain dips into the neighboring countries of Komylia and Pororocia, giving fresh mountain water to the forests and grasslands below. As you can guess, Nichev is the home of the dwarves, who make their homes on and in the Shirpial Mountains. They mainly keep to themselves and mine enough room for them to live in. Unlike many other books and stories where dwarves make large halls and enormous constructs to compensate for their small size, the dwarves of Svijet mine and make whatever they need to be comfortable and nothing more. The reason for this is that the dwarves are always at peace with rock and soil, and consider it a crime to ravish the land in search of jewels and metals. As such, finding a large dwarven city or overly large house other than the capital, which is built out from the mountain rather than into it, is highly unlikely. As well, the dwarves of Nichev have found ways to live in disguise with the mountain itself, and finding a dwarf home is near impossible without a trained eye. Other than that, there is not much about Nichev worth telling. It is dry and cold at the caps, and mainly grey volcanic rock make up its skin. Where there is water, there are often only small shrubs and grass rather than any real trees.

Capital City – Goromoth, The “Floating Stones” City
At first glance, the large stone city of Goromoth appears to be nothing more than an outcropping of rocks from the mountain itself. Upon closer inspection, however, one can find that this is merely the design of the city itself and most dwarves tend to stay in their homes during the light hours of the day. Goromoth is much easier to see at night, as torches are lit and advanced technologies (To the age Svijet is in, a contraption made mostly of gears is advanced.) come to life as dwarves begin to leave their homes and mingle with others to discuss dwarfish things. Moving floors and pulleys are common in Goromoth as the city is suspended in the air above the ground. It is said that Goromoth was built this way because a giant that the city was named after used to terrorize the once small city and crush the buildings under his feet. The people were afraid of the giant, and the giant was lonely with nobody to talk to, so one day the giant came up with the idea to raise the city off the ground and rebuild it high enough into the mountains so that he could speak to the dwarves without crushing them. The dwarves rejoiced at the newfound friendship with the giant, and renamed the city after him so the dwarves of Goromoth would remember him long after he died. Whatever the case, Goromoth is so high off the ground that even a dragon would avoid flying up the treacherous cliffs to reach it, and most other species that see Goromoth are either taken to secret tunnels that are forgotten about later thanks to special runes or are forced to look from the ground without ever setting foot in the city itself. Most dwarves visit the capital city of Goromoth at least once before they die to pay homage to Dāku, as well is the idol of Goromoth if they so choose.
There are 3 grades overall, with 12 total classes, and champion level cannot exceed past the level capacity of the current class. In order to upgrade a champion's class, a certain amount of in game currency is usually required, and they have to be at their class' level cap. In order to advance to another grade, a special item is required that are usually only dropped from Elite Monsters.
There are 5 Classes in the Basic Grade.
F Class - This is the most basic of classes, nearly impossible to create because of how little effort is required to create it. Level 10 is the level cap for F class, and 100 G is required to upgrade to D class.
D Class - This class is usually the minimum class that people can achieve when they go in unprepared. Level 20 is the level cap for D class, and 500 G is required to upgrade to C class.
C Class - C class is generally the bare basic, the place where about 83% of the people playing land their characters. Level 30 is the level cap for C class, and 1000 G is required to upgrade to B class.
B Class - This class is often for those who have a good idea of the character that they want to create Level 40 is the level cap for B class, and 10 P is required to upgrade to A class.
A Class - The A class is the final class of the Basic Grade, and it is where the champions who the player felt were already real usually end up. Level 50 is the level cap for A class, and rather than gold, a special item dropped by Elite Monsters is required to advance to the next class and Grade.
Star Grade is coveted by most who play the game, as there are not only many benefits to the Star Grade, but there is also a tournament set apart from the Basic Grade Tournament that gives much better rewards and cash prizes. It is rare, but not unheard of, for a brand new level 1 champion to be in the Star Grade. There are 3 classes in the Star Grade.
1 Star Class - 1 Star is generally the most base Star Class, though it still nearly doubles in the stats of A Class in the Basic Grade. Level 60 is the level cap for 1 Star, and 100 P is required to upgrade to 2 Star Class.
2 Star Class - 2 Star is the middle ground of the Star Classes, and it is usually the class that most people have trouble getting up to even if they start out in 1 Star. Level 70 is the level cap for 2 Star, and 500 P is required to upgrade to 3 Star Class.
3 Star Class - The final level of the Star Grade. In comparison to A Class, it's like giving a spark to a raging bonfire. Because 3 Star is so hard to get to and so powerful, you can create a second champion if you reach this point, and a third if you get that champion to 3 Star, though there are few that actually know to create a second champion. Level 80 is the level cap for 3 Star, and there is a ludicrously rare item that can be received that can upgrade your character to the final Grade.
The insanely powerful Chaos Grade is something that most players can only dream of upgrading their champions to. In comparison to Star Grade, Chaos Grade is the only grade to have a designated guild, and being accepted to this guild is a sign that you have truly become one of the most powerful players in all of Svijet. There are 4 Classes in Chaos Grade.
Berserker Class - Berserker Class is the lowest of the Chaos Grade but perhaps one of the most powerful. Just being in Berserker class gives a 50% increase to attack damage and attack speed, as well as a 25% chance to do a critical in any attack and have critical attack damage doubled, at the expense of a loss of 25% of total defense and movement speed. Level 85 is the level cap for Berserker Class, and it takes 10 D to upgrade to Warrior Class.
Warrior Class - Warrior class is the best class in terms of defense, which is ideal for champions who take the role of Tank units. Champions in the Warrior Class get a 10% increase to damage and critical chance, but a a 75% increase to defense and block chance, as well as a 15% increase to dodge chance. The main downside is that there is a 50% reduction to movement speed and only heavy or medium armor is allowed to be worn. Level 90 is the level cap for Warrior Class, and 100 D is required to upgrade to Conqueror Class.
Conqueror Class - Conqueror Class is undoubtedly the most devious class in the sense that it is undoubtedly the fastest of the classes. It straight up doubles movement speed and gives an increase to dodge chance equal to level, so a level 70 player would have a 70% dodge chance. Sadly, to make up for this, everything else suffers a 25% reduction, including max health. Level 95 is the level cap for Conqueror class, and unlike most other classes, a special artifact is required to upgrade to Sovereign Class, though the artifact has yet to be discovered.
Sovereign Class - Sovereign class is undoubtedly the most overpowered class in the game, thus it's inability to be achieved. It gives a boost to all champion stats equal to level, so a level 70 champion would have a 70% increase to everything, including health and magic or power. The level cap is 99 rather than 100, since a 100% increase on everything would make the champion unbeatable. There is nothing past Sovereign class, congratulations, you are the most overpowered and unbeatable champion in the game.
In Svijet, there are a wide variety of jobs, but there's also a unique monetary system that requires mention.
Open for suggestions on this one...
What do you do in real life to make money? Then that's what your job is. Honestly, I don't know about real world jobs, I know that $7.50 is pretty close to minimum wage but that's about it. Do some research, decide what job your player will have. Just a heads up, the Kefáli costs $750 dollars, give or take, and is not VR compatible.
There are a wide variety of jobs in Svijet found mainly in villages or cities.
  • Soldier - Pays well and is good if you like making money quick, but the work is hard and boring, and there is no sympathy and always a chance to be sent to fight whether you want to or not. On average, your typical novice soldier makes around 1 G a day.
  • Blacksmith - Makes a decent wage per day, but the real money comes from when you sell a weapon or armor, or a shipment of weapons and/or armor. There are jewelry smiths, weapons and armor smiths, and then there are money smiths. Jewelry smiths make less but sell their items for high prices that make up for it, W&A smiths make average pay and get good money for selling their items, while money smiths make a nice chunk of change but must give all of their created coins to the Treasuries. Jewelry - 250 S a day, W&A - 750 S a day, Money - 2.5 G a day.
  • Farmer - Makes what they need to live and sells the excess, only those who are either very poor or wish for peace and a connection to the soil are farmers. Farmers don't get payed, and they rarely have money to spare.
  • Lumberjacks - Lumberjacks are the most versatile of the workforce, as they are strong enough to do any job efficiently and have the spare time to do it. Lumberjacks get around 500 S per day with additional jobs on the side that pay extra.
  • Miners - Miners do just what it sounds like they do, mine things! They make up the main bulk of the workforce, and they supply everything from stone to iron to gold and silver. Miners are also often hired for more than they normally do when there is a shortage, such as Platinum and Tungsten. Miners make money based on how large their payload to for that day, with a bare minimum of 100 S.
  • Builders - You need builders to build things, and you can never have enough builders no matter where you go in the grid or what race you talk to. Other than miners, builders make up the other hand of the workforce. Whether it's tables or chairs that need fixing or building or a new chapel, the builders will have your back. You need to have a good amount of strength to do this job all day, and unlike Lumberjacks, builders get 500 S an hour.
  • Cartographers - While Svijet is already ludicrously big, there is always the urge to explore the vast seas and find other lands and races never seen before. As such, Cartographers are given money and boats in exchange for long and often treacherous voyages across the unexplored and unforgiving seas. Sadly enough, Cartographers are few and far apart due to the fact that most never return from their trips at sea, and those who do return often tell of nothing more than small and insignificant isles or fisherman's tales of giant never-ending storms and giant terrifying sea monsters.
There are more jobs, but I can't think of any as of now, so I'm still open to suggestions!
In the real world, all money is exactly the same (I personally use U.S currency.)

There are 5 stages of money in Svijet...

  • Silverra - Silverra is the most basic and common money type of all the currency in Svijet, and despite what the name says, Silverra is actually made up of large iron coins that are square with rounded edges. This makes them quite hard to steal, as iron is quite heavy when carried in large amounts. Also, strangely enough, a single coin of Silverra is still called a Silver despite being made of iron. (1000 S=1 ?)
  • Gold - Gold is mainly used for decoration of temples because of it's value despite being quite low on the spectrum. It is also the heaviest tier of money, and can actually weigh you down if enough is carried, like Silverra. 1,000 Gold also makes up the next tier. (1,000,000 S=1,000=1 ?)
  • Platinum - Platinum is the most valuable coin of them all, though they are also a hard metal so having platinum armor is considered to be a sign of royalty. If a soldier or other NPC is found wearing platinum armor, than it is usually a sign that their ruler is powerful and wealthy or that this particular unit has performed a noteworthy and honorable deed. Unlike Silver and Gold, only 500 Platinum is required to advance to the next tier. (500,000,000 S=500,000 G=500 P= 1 ?)
  • Diamond - Diamond is the second highest form of currency, and is a metal card with a blue tint rather than the actual diamond gem. Usually diamond is only for those who are unbelievably wealthy or given to those who do incredibly lucrative work. 250 Diamond cards make up the incredibly rare and most valuable currency tier of all. While Diamond is hard to get, the next tier is nigh impossible. (125,000,000,000 S=125,000,000 G=125,000 P=250 D=1 ?)
  • Solar - Solar is actually the most controversial currency, as it is insanely valuable and made out of a magically enchanted metal that is a black hue rather than the color of light. There is no other currency that Solar can make up, as it is the most coveted of all currency. There is only 100 Solar in the entire world, and if it is destroyed or does not move for at least 5 years, it will magically appear somewhere else in the world. It is also controversial as to what makes Solar the most valuable, given as how there is no purpose for it other than currency, though nobody has a high enough intelligence level to realize it's true potential...
This Character Sheet (CS)is required, though items with * after them are not.
Name (Real or Profile):
Starting Kingdom:
Appearance (Anime or Plain Description):

For reference, here is mine.
Name (Real or Profile): Braden
Gender: Male
Personality: Hyper, talkative, friendly. If you make me mad, I'll be not so friendly with you, simple as that.
Weight*: 190 lbs. Average (I haven't weighed in a while.)
Height*: 6 foot 1 inch, 6"1
Build*: Average build, leaning more towards lanky. Not too muscular, but long legs and muscular thighs and calves.
History*: Grew up in a small town somewhere in Idaho, and that's all that I care to share.
Quote*: "Why be stupid, when you can be ME? 'Cuz I'm ugLY!"
Appearance (Anime or Plain Description):
Closest I can find to what I look like without going into real people. Only difference is that I have glasses.
Items*: My glasses
This one is totally optional, but just in case you want to make one you're wondering what it looks like...
Specialties (Magic or Abilities):
Appearance (Anime or Plain Description):

To give yet another example, here is mine! Just know that I won't be using this one, it's just for show.
Name: Michael Mokarov
Nickname*: Just Michael or Makarov, but he doesn't like his third nickname, which is Mike or Mikey.
Species: Vampire
Age*: 273 years old
Gender: Male
Personality: Reclusive, Stubborn, and most definately Prideful. He's powerful and he knows it.
6 foot 5 inches, 6"5
Build*: Tall and slender, deceptively lanky with hidden strength.
History*: Michael is a more modern pure-blood (born instead of turned) vampire, so he is used to change. Recently, his life has been turned upside down by the arrival of a strange human girl, and though he was wary of her at first and thought often about throwing her out of his manor, he decided to let her stay and their relationship quickly turned to one of love and trust rather than curiosity and worry. As a pure-blood, Michael inherited powers from his parents, as well as an artifact that allowed the creation of a storm to protect his vampiric underlings during the day.
Quote*: "Why would any vampire want to feed on blood when there are so many better things out there to eat? Have you even tried bacon? You haven't lived until you've had a mouthful of slow-cooked stew with steak and potatoes!"
Items*: Orb of Shadows - Creates clouds that protect other vampires from the sun, as well as providing a nice bit of shade on a cool day. As a pure-blood, Michael is also immune to the sun, but still prefers the night-time as the time to be awake.
Specialties (Magic or Abilities): Hand of War - Michael has the ability to drive others around him to attack each other if he bids them to do so. It is a truly devious power, and can cause folks to turn on each other.
Strengths: Night vision, Immunity to Sunlight and Holiness, and Smooth-talking
Weaknesses: Easily insulted and disgusted, not good at hiding, and talkative (he's loud too.)
Fears*: Pain of his new lover and... cats...
Limits: Those who are too smart or know that he's clouding their judgement are immune to his powers, which would include any player or character in The Grid.
Grade & Class: Basic Grade, B Class
Appearance (Real, Anime, or Plain Description):
I forgot to add this! If you have anything that you think that I should change or have questions about, feel free to message me here or in a private message![/SPOILER]
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I've made more changes, feel free to look over the new materials!
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Dude this is really interesting, I like it! I'll definitely watching this whenever I can, it's a really unique concept! :D
Dude this is really interesting, I like it! I'll definitely watching this whenever I can, it's a really unique concept! :D
Thank you, I'm so glad to hear it! I'll be adding on more soon, and I hope that I'll be able to get the preview done by tomorrow or Monday.
Another update!
  • I've added a map, though I haven't decided how it's being split yet...
  • I changed the name of Furries to something a little more original, Animoids.
  • Also changed the currency to something that's a bit more filashy, Silverra rather than Silvers.
Also, the Preview is almost done, and I should have it posted by some time tonight! \(>3<)/

I tried to finish it, but there was just too much, and I'm not exactly a fast typer. In any case, I will try to finish it before I go to bed tonight.\

I am worthless... Well, at least I made it to 8,000 words. I've only got a bit more to go, so... expect it soon, I guess...
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Hey! Is this still open?
You've grabbed my interest, however I'll need to continue reading a lot of stuff tomorrow.

So far so good though, great idea!
Thank you! I've been trying so hard on the Preview itself that I don't have any more updates for this one! >.>
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Just want to register my interest for this one in case it goes off. :)

Edit: Typo
Oh I like it! I got a lot left to read, and I'll do it when I'm not sick.
But so far It great!
Thank you both! I hope it's able to live up to your standards!
More changes!
  • Rewrote the titles of character. A character is now a Champion
  • A new map, with it's own borders and everything! I just need to upload it... >///<
Coming Up Next:
  • Geography for each country, as well as kingdoms within power
  • Preview (I can give it my full attention now that school is out of the way!)
  • Kingdom Basics (Rulers, info about species that live there, and a general summary of the kingdoms as a whole.)
  • Minor fixes throughout all text in terms of the world name and such.
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I'm back with more updates! They are still underway and there's more to be done with them, but I'm glad that I could do this much for you guys/gals!
  • Country Setting & Kingdom Capitols Tab, located between Races & Jobs and Money
  • The Grid --> Svijet | I have fixed the name of the world in some areas, though it should be realized that to people outside of the Kefáli device, this game world is still just known as The Grid.
  • A new rule that has come to mind! It's not a big rule, but an important one for sure, so it can be found under Overall Rules.
  • Rewrote the description of Silverra to something more appropriate.
Coming Up Soon!
  • More to the Kingdoms tab, as there will eventually be all 12.
  • The Preview was wiped on my computer so I had to start over from scratch, so it'll still be this or the next update until the preview is finished.
Also, to those of you who are still interested, you can post your player character and your champion now if you want. I think that the thread is pretty close to done, so you won't have to add much on except the kingdoms once they're finished.
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Glad I got to this before it got sent to the RP graveyard! *-*

Sadly, I have been slacking big time in the writing department, so there are no new updates for now. You know what they say though; good things come to those who wait! It is not good for my self-esteem to let this big of a project die out, so even if this RP idea completely loses it's following, I'll just keep posting updates until I finally finish!

I'm interested!
That's great to hear! Though, I hope you aren't expecting a large group to take part in. While I like to think that the project was initially smiled upon, I doubt that many of the people that were interested before no longer are. Still, feel free to make a character sheet or just wait for more updates!
Another Brand new sparkly update to keep me from falling into despair because my idea was sent to archives!
  • Introduced Grades and Classes tab, go look for more info!
... Sorry, it's late, and that's all I've got for now. Come back later to check for new updates!
That was close, I would have been distraught if I had missed my deadline. @~@

Sadly no new updates yet, I've been reeeeeally busy lately trying to be an adult. It sucks, but I've been looking over my work and I realized something. So, I've decided to reach out to whoever is still reading and checking this thread in the form of two or three assistant roles! So far, I've gotten this...

Assistant Advertiser: Get the word out to as many people and as many websites as you can. I've been trying, but I'm starting to slack and I'll need help. ;3;
Assistant Writer & Spellchecker: "Two heads are better than one!" If you become my Assistant Writer, I'll need your help writing my stuff. That means that I'll be giving you early access to my Preview (Currently on hold because of life.) and allowing you to try your hand at making a history for some of the other kingdoms! Both will be via Google Docs, though we can discuss further through Conversations or
Coder: Using fancy things called BB Code (Come to this link to see what fellow Iwakuvians have written about BB Code: BB Codes | ) you can help me make this Interest Check super pretty! As you can see, I'm good at making drop-boxes to take up as little space as possible, but I'm not very good at making my writing pop, you know?

I hope that whoever is still watching can give me the help I need, but if not, just know that I'm sorry for making you wait and I'm still trying to keep up with this and my other RPs as well as successfully transfer to adulthood. Bye again for now! ;^^