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Similar to that website that tells you what famous author you may or may not write like, this tells you if you write like a man or a woman.

My result? All my rp posts are male, but my blog posts (not on this site) vary sort of equally between male and female.
I got predominantly female for posts and blog with tiny percentages of male in both. The paper on the algorithm behind it is interesting, too. :3
mostly male, but for shorter posts, the result becomes mostly female O_o;
Huh. Apparently, I write fiction like a female, but my non-fiction writing and my blog post writing are all undeniably male.
I slapped together a few posts of Rilikan from Quest from Drymera (to get over 500 words) and got a result of Female, but I think it was a fairly close race--
Female Score: 1052
Male Score: 779

And then I did the same thing with posts of Karyn from Quests and got a result of Male, with an even closer race--
Female Score: 646
Male Score: 764

So I think maybe it depends on which character I'm writing, and maybe I'm in-between?

I noticed something weird, though: It counts articles, something you HAVE TO USE in order to be grammatically correct, as masculine, and even stranger, it counts "a" but not "an", which is pretty much the exact same word but with agreement rules. So apparently females don't use articles and androgynous writers use lots of words that start with vowels.
All of the posts I put up point towards male but I noticed something silly, if you use "she" it counts it as a feminine word. So if you have a female character interacting with females you're bound to be more of a "female" writing style
Female Score: 892
Male Score: 1111

Using my most recent post in The7.

My char is a sadistic, mentally-disturbed femme fatale....

I'm honestly not surprised.
Got male for everything I post, generally with a difference of 300 points between genders.
I haven't taken this yet but I expect that my results will be the most MANLY OF MANLIES.

Punch in Ampu's last post as a blog entry:

Words: 24
(NOTE: The genie works best on texts of more than 500 words.)

Female Score: 44
Male Score: 15
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: female!

xD, Most of my posts are too short to ensure the best results, but from the RP posts that I've submitted, the scores tend to be really close (only a 75 point difference at most). However, it keeps on telling me I write like a man ;_;. *Forces self to use if and she and other femenine words more*
Acqua, try what I did and paste several of your posts into the same box to add up to 500+ words. I found a simple online word-counter with ease on google...
Okay, good tip@Xin; I posted a really long rant of mine from a blog post (along with my other non-poetry/whatever-oz blog posts) and they came out female.
What is an Author?


But enough talk, HERE IS MY SCORE:

Female Score: 479
Male Score: 927

Using my intro post to the Marvel RP.
Mostly male! <3
One female though...
Female Score: 1545
Male Score: 812
Word Count: 839

Lust never experienced humanity. She was created by God when God created the heavens. Unlike most of the angels, however, she was created to embody one of the emotions of God, thus the name Orexis, or desire. She found Lucifer to be the most appealing of the angels and followed him everywhere, attempting to please him as well as God, though Lucifer spared next to no attention to her. She didn't mind though; she was patient from the beginning and was always waiting for him anyways. In addition, they were both ageless, so she could spend eternity chasing him. Or so she thought. Lucifer knew Orexis' personality: though patient, she always acted upon her desires. However, her greatest flaw was being naive to a fault. Utilizing this weakness to exploit her strength, he asked her to murder an angel that was in the way of his plans to overthrow heaven, though he didn't tell her this. Though confused by his request, Orexis went ahead to carry out his orders, believing that it was for the betterment of heaven. It was a lesser angel that Lucifer asked Orexis to kill, an angel with very little power. Already having mastered her ability to shapeshift, she turned into an armor scaled serpent and crushed the life out of the angel. As Orexis threw the body down to earth, she thought she saw another angel, but ignored it. Her work was done upon Lucifer's orders. She had nothing to worry about. She didn't know that Lucifer would lead the Rebellion though. When the Rebellion came, Orexis was completely confused as to why angels warred against each other. Orexis sought out Lucifer, not wanting to join in the fight, but an angel hit her from behind, stunning her. To this day, Orexis has no idea which angel did it, but the angel grabbed the stunned Orexis' hair from behind, lifted her up, and ripped out her eyes. Orexis screamed in pain, not comprehending what kind of evil creature would do this to her. The angel hit Orexis again, nearly knocking her out. Blind and in such extreme pain so that she couldn't move, Orexis could do nothing but writhe in agony as the angel cauterized her eye sockets with a flaming cross so her eyes would never regenerate. Then, the angel sewed her eyelids shut, a humiliation to Orexis as she treasured the beautiful body that God had given her. The angel left Orexis in this state, never to see again. Orexis screamed for Lucifer to help her, but he didn't come. She wept a tearless mourning over herself until she was cast out of heaven for helping Lucifer. Unable to see, she wandered the earth singing laments of heaven lost. However, if she felt another intelligent being's presence, she would instantly shapeshift into a small animal and seem to disappear. It was in this way that she came to be known as a ghost of a rape victim. However, the Fallen knew better and sought her out. It took a long time, but they found her and managed to recruit her. They taught Orexis to use her other senses to "see" and she developed a high reaction speed to her other senses. However, she still lamented for heaven in her heart of hearts. She no longer desired after Lucifer, but one of Lucifer's lieutenants, Leviathan, who desired her, renamed her Orexis Fervidus (Passionate Desire) because she could turn the heads of men and male Fallen with her sheer beauty, though his minions called her Lust, which stuck. He undid the sewing of her eyelids and, once the thread holes healed, inserted glass eyes that connected with her magic into her eye sockets. Though she still couldn't see out of them for the cauterization, Lust now had the ability to turn anyone she chose to look at directly with the glass eyes into a burning inferno, a fitting ability for her name. However, Lust couldn't control her abilities and started to burn everyone she looked at with her eyes. So Leviathan gave Lust a black with red trim blindfold for her to use, as well as a matching collar. Lust completed missions for Leviathan, the only one who could really control her anymore asides from Lucifer and Azazel. Utilizing her shapeshifting ability to become beautiful towards humans, Lust's typical mission was to seduce human men and gather information from them on the Chosen Angels. However, she fell for a Chosen Angel's trap and as he drew his sword on Lust, she saw an opportunity to get back into heaven. She surrendered and demanded to be taken to the person in charge of the Chosen Angels. Lust explained her side of the story and tried to deal to at least become a human after this war was over with, if not get back into heaven with her sight restored. Lust now works for the Chosen as a spy, feeding them information whenever possible.

Female Keywords:
[with] 9 x 52 = 468
[if] 2 x 47 = 94
[not] 10 x 27 = 270
[where] 0 x 18 = 0
[be] 3 x 17 = 51
[when] 2 x 17 = 34
[your] 0 x 17 = 0
[her] 40 x 9 = 360
[we] 0 x 8 = 0
[should] 0 x 7 = 0
[she] 31 x 6 = 186
[and] 17 x 4 = 68
[me] 0 x 4 = 0
[myself] 0 x 4 = 0
[hers] 0 x 3 = 0
[was] 14 x 1 = 14

Male Keywords:
[around] 0 x 42 = 0
[what] 1 x 35 = 35
[more] 0 x 34 = 0
[are] 0 x 28 = 0
[as] 11 x 23 = 253
[who] 2 x 19 = 38
[below] 0 x 8 = 0
[is] 0 x 8 = 0
[these] 0 x 8 = 0
[the] 36 x 7 = 252
[a] 17 x 6 = 102
[at] 3 x 6 = 18
[it] 6 x 6 = 36
[many] 0 x 6 = 0
[said] 0 x 5 = 0
[above] 0 x 4 = 0
[to] 39 x 2 = 78

If you take out the "she"s and "her"s, the score becomes:
Female Score: 999
Male Score: 812
Word Count: 768

But according to some research, females tend to use less pronouns than men.
Apparently, the Gender Genie assumes I have ovaries.

My first story that I wrote about two men falling in love said I was male..
Female Score: 1765
Male Score: 1899

But my second story with two men falling in love said I was female! XD

Female Score: 4487
Male Score: 3378

A short forum post
Actually what happened is that I made it that guests can't make topics in this board, but I changed that now.
Described me as male.

Female Score: 27
Male Score: 49

But then a short bio on hell girl described me as female XD

Female Score: 189
Male Score: 72

I guess I am an androgynous writer! XD