RESOURCE Authenticity and Generic Roleplaying Tips With Lloyd and Matt Easton

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  1. Some time ago I discovered this channel and found the videos on it quite interesting. As it turns out, the chap running it is also interested in roleplaying and has a few videos dedicated to historical authenticity as well as generic roleplaying tips. Perhaps a few of them could be useful to you. Please consider that some of the videos may have opinionated views in them which are not necessarily to be discussed here, as I fear that it would lead off-topic. They merely offer information to take into consideration.

    Yes, I know these are a lot. Believe me when I say that they are handpicked.

    EDIT: Now with Matt Easton!

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  2. Awesome stuffs! Subscribed! Thank you, Wolk. :)
  3. I will add some videos of Matt Easton of Scholagladiatoria when I find particularly interesting ones from now on. The following one I have already added:

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  4. There is so much gold here ... Thank you so much for sharing @Wolk !