Australia to Ressurect Gladiatoral Combat

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    Under the name of Unified Weapons Master, an Australian startup expects to ressurect the two-thousand year old bloodsport in the same vein that the UFC brought to the forefront MMA.

    “For us it’s about honoring, preserving, and reigniting interest in weapons-based martial arts — arts that have sort of slowly drifted off of people’s radar since the invention of gunpowder and projectile weapons,” explains UWM co-founder and CEO David Pysden. “Since then, there’s been no forum in which to see weapons-based marital arts practiced, and we want to change that.”


    “Our objective,” he says, “is to promote a new global combat sport with weapons. So the unified in Unified Weapons Master is about bringing all the different weapons arts from all around the world together in a single competition. There’s roughly 300 distinct martial arts practiced around the world, and of those styles, 96 of them are either entirely weapons-based, or have a significant amount of weapons-based training in their curriculum. What we want to do is bring all of those styles together in a competition, much like UFC did with mixed martial arts.”

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  2. That Armor looks like something out of sci-fi.
    I think their solution might actually be over-doing it. To me, the best solution would be to make weapons that have similar shape and weight as a real weapon, but don't hurt as much when you hit them (which they make). Then armor building should be a lot easier.
  3. Romanes Eunt Domus!

    This actually seems really cool.
  4. It's not real gladiatorial combat unless they're fighting to the death. :stop:

    But yeah, sounds neat. I like watching UFC stuff, and if this lives up to the concept of being the UFC for weapon combat, then I'm totally down for it.
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  5. I'd love watching this. Totally not biased by being a lover of Roman culture or anything, no-siree.
    Bit of an issue here: Even if you blunt a blade, you still have blunt force trauma to take into account. If you lighten the weight load of the weapons, they won't be effective weapons and they'll have lost the point: To portray realistic gladiatorial combat. I'm all for making the armour as high a quality as is humanly possible regardless to avoid serious injury or death. If that means they don't have to blunt or lighten the weapon loads, all the better.
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  6. I'd watch the shit out of this. Additional points if they add in lions.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Woo! The future is coming! But damnit, where's my flying car!?
  8. I LOVE IT!

    It's a shame we lost the arts of handheld weapons. O__O It'd be badass to meet people and find out they were proficient in mace swinging or some shit like that.
  9. I'm proficient in mace swinging iykwim

  10. If it's about bringing back the martial and athletic skill, then having modern and lightweight and flexible armour will be a hell of a lot more dynamic than trying to use historical reproductions that are heavy and cumbersome.
  11. Oh shit. They finally get that far in development? Those armor sets are awesome. My friend does medieaval swordfighting and the art has seen a massive resurgence the past 5 years.
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