Australia has some BAMFs

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  1. I disagree with BAMFness, but at least we deviated from Russia... Stupid vodka stealing peasants... Can't even give credit to the Pols that made it...
  2. I as well disagree with the BAMFness, as well as state that the article said he was born and raised in Ireland.
  3. Australia was founded by immigrants....
  4. So was Canada, South Africa, and the United States...By default, if you include Aussies they are all the rejects that the British didn't want...And it goes to show we are more fepic than the British.
  5. technically Australia was founded by prisoners.

    What I meatn was is that he was born and raised in Ireland. He even moved back. If I live in Germany for a few years and come back to America I would not be considered german.
  6. Forced immigration is still immigration; but I agree that he was not australian.
  7. Foolish Fool! He is more Aussie than you'll ever be, Steve.
  8. suck a thousand dicks. the man was an Aussie.
    its like saying that every immigrant to come to america is not american.

    dont insult a national "bloke"

  9. I'm not insulting a national if he returned to Ireland in his twilight years.


    (That's my brother's name)
  10. Isn't Australia having BAMFs pretty much a given?

    Nature is at one of its highest difficulties there, is it not?