Aurora's Gift (OOC)

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  1. ~The Story~

    February sixteenth, 2016 was the day, the day humanity changed. In an event that science could not explain, the sky was covered in a neon green aurora. The aurora was seen in all places of the world, just as visible as if it was sunny. However unusual the event was it did not seem to have any particular effect, or so it was first thought.

    A week after the aurora's appearance this opinion was cast aside. As across the globe people with "powers" emerged. These powers were diverse as were the ones who held them. The only thing that they all had in common was that they couldn't control their powers at first. There were people who burned down their houses, ones who caused floods in their neighborhoods, etc etc. But it was only the first day that this happened, afterwards their powers weakened considerably, but they could control them.

    If they survived the onslaught afterwards, at least. In most places the government took action against the super humans, it was a bloodbath. Anyone even suspected to be one of these "abominations" were murdered. As the super human population lessened however, western countries called for a more peaceful solution.

    Containment facilities began sprouting all over after this decision was made. And now any person found out to be a superhuman in western countries were plucked from their homes and sent to one. You are soon to be one of those.

    Wherever you lived before is not what matters, your new home is what matters. Facility CA-I3. It sits in the northern part of California, and practically in the middle of nowhere. Contact with the outside world is prohibited, this is your new world. Welcome home.

    { Character Sheet }

    Appearance (Decision to put a picture is up to you):
    Description of powers:
    Personality (Optional):
    Backstory (Optional):

    1. Iwaku's rules must be followed
    2. No overly powerful characters, remember, you were strongest when you first got your powers, and you have very little practice with them, progression is key.
    3. No godmodding, power playing, Mary sues, the stuff you'd expect.
    4. If you have a heated (sex) scene with another character, put it in a spoiler or private messages please.
    5. Try not to post one liners, exceptions of course will come up.
    6. Try to be nice to each other in the OOC.
    7. And have fun.
  2. Mind if I make a character who was already in the institute and has been there since the very beginning? A small town doesn't really fit the character I have in mind. Also, how long has passed since the aurora?

  3. Sure, you can do that, It means I should probably make a character sheet by now. A month has passed since the Aurora.
  4. I think I might reserve a spot for this one >.>
  5. Neat, I suppose I better make myself a character already. (Character sheet has been added)
  6. Neat. I'll throw together a CS while I wait for this 17GB update just so I can laugh at how dead Destiny is now.
  7. Im making a CS
  8. The way the ability is written makes it sound a bit OP, so let me assure you: The people in her backstory were killed by nitrogen poisoning - where gaseous nitrogen dissolves in the blood at high pressure. While fine on its own, if the blood is decompressed too quickly, the nitrogen will turn into gas bubbles and kill you very quickly. This can be treated by slow decompression, so provided someone knows that this could happen, you probably won't die from being in her presence. This condition actually occurs in deep-sea diving, yet people are still allowed to dive in the ocean, so it's nowhere near as dangerous as it sounds.

    Name: Known only by her ability name: Fortress
    Gender: Female

    Description of powers: Fortress
    Fortress is the ability to freely control the pressure of atmospheric nitrogen. She cannot manipulate nitrogen that is locked up in other molecules, only the gaseous N2 molecule. To be specific, she can control the pressure of any nitrogen within 2 meters of herself, though this radius is slowly expanding by about 5cm per week. Availability of nitrogen does not seem to be a limiting factor, and in observations of Fortress in action, extra nitrogen seems to be created from nothing to suit her needs, and nitrogen will also disappear into nothingness if pressure is reduced.

    Personality (Optional):
    Fortress is a rather mysterious character. Her actions are rarely representative of her inner thought processes, which even psychics have a hard time deciphering. She acts overly nice to everyone, to a patronising extent, though is actually quite cynical and loves to point out people's flaws. She classes as a sociopath, and, perhaps related to this, is also quite intelligent. She used to find the real world very boring, and as such has a strong attachment to anime and manga, though thanks to her development of abilities, she's been able to engage with the world again recently. She has a "high and mighty" attitude which has only been boosted by her ability. Unfortunately, this attitude makes it very difficult for her to work with other people, just as other people can find it difficult to work with her, so she has difficulty bringing out the best of her abilities, even though she knows how to do it.

    Backstory (Optional):
    Most of Fortress's history is shrouded in mist, and it seems even the organisation that runs the facility isn't aware of it. Her documented history began one month prior to the current day, on the night of the Aurora. Fortress was the very first person to develop an ability, and as such, the very first person whose ability ran out of control. For several days before she learned to control it, people she walked past in the street had a tendency to die after about an hour, seemingly from nitrogen poisoning. It took about a week for people to notice the correlation between her presence and the deaths, but by then she had learned what her ability was and how to control it, and attempting to destroy her proved to be futile. Instead, they captured her and built a facility to contain her, which was then filled with other inmates. Fortress already had a reputation even among ability users, and the inmates quickly learned to stay at least 3 meters away from her at all times, just in case her ability ran out of control again and started killing those close to her.
  9. Been itching to use compression of nitrogen as an ability for ages, finally got an opportunity to do so :D Looking forward to this a lot.
  10. Ugh, now if only I could think of a power, ;-; having trouble with it. Uhm, any suggestion to sort of help me with thinking of one?

    (I'm excited for this as well)
  11. Is Fortress accepted?

    As for abilities, do you have any kind of theme you want it to stick to or is it "anything goes"? For example, when I develop abilities, I prefer to stick to themes of abilities that sound scientific, abilities that have no obvious offensive use, or abilities that embody an aspect of Christian mythology (such as a character based on the Seven Seals from Revelations)
  12. Oh dear, I forgot. Yeah she's accepted, sorry bout that.

    I don't really have a certain theme in mind, suppose I should think of one though. Thank you, hope to have mine up soon.
  13. Name: Kaos (real name: Kyle West)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance :

    Description of powers:

    Transformation: Kaos can transform his body into different things he can imagine. The bigger the change, the more energy it requires. he also can create things but this requires alot of energy and the farther he moves away from it (every foot) the more energy it cost to keep it in existence. Also if he does not dispel while keeping contact with it. He loses alot of energy and could possible faint.

    Personality (Optional): Kyle loves Anime and video games. What he enjoys the most is the random and crazyness which fills the two mediums. As such he tries to life with that level of excitement. He is very loud and trying his best try really hard at everything. This tends to get on everyone's nerves because he gets a little obsessive and does not stop. Another think which pisses others off is that he loves pranks and cracking jokes. Despite is love a fun and desire to be the main star, He is not afraid to let someone take the lime light. As long as he can have fun along the way.

    Backstory (Optional): Kyle Went to school and did geeky things like any other typical geek until the day of the Aurora. Then he his body started mimicking his imagination. He could not controlled it and he accidentally killed one of his classmates who bullied him by drilling a hole through his heart. after that he ran away never to be seen as he hid from the mobs. However he could not hid forever and was eventually caught and sent to the facility with all the other superpower people.
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  14. Few questions:
    1. Could you make your font a little larger? I think on phone it looks OK but on PC, that setting is horrible to have to read.
    2. Can Kaos transform individual parts of his body, such as an arm, or does he have to transform himself entirely?
    3. Can Kaos transform into non-biological things? Given him drilling through some guy, I assume so, but good to check anyway.
  15. 1. Done

    2. Right now he can only transform body parts. he cannot do a complete transformation until he learns to control his ability more

    3. Yes He can do non-biological things.

  16. Name:
    Katelyn Penny, or simply Kate



    Appearance (Decision to put a picture is up to you):

    Katelyn is a slender, eighteen year old girl. Her body is unremarkable, and she is happy in the fact that one could not tell she was female just by looking at it. Across her nose and ending at both her cheek bones are dark freckles. She has short, unkempt green hair, that is beginning to dull.

    Description of powers: Sensational Pressure
    Sensational Pressure is the control of people's (including her own) senses. This could range from making herself smell good, to making someone's vision go annoyingly blurry. But that is the worst she could do, she can not make someone go fully blind, or shut down any of their other senses. But she is the one to go to if you miss watching films, or listening to music, provided she actually knows what the film, or song is.

    Personality (Optional):
    Katelyn is a reserved and quiet girl, people make her nervous. And so she is usually absorbed in her own little world, and is hard to reach. However this of course can not last, and when she is forced to interact with people she uses her power to hide her flaws. Her scent is flowered, her face forced to be more appealing, and her hair becomes more vibrant. The facade has helped her to be more confident, but she stays a nervous wreck when she is required to show her true self.

    Background (Optional):
    This is to be discovered in the roleplay, by interacting with Kate.
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  17. Accepted, welcome aboard.
  18. Soo.. How many people do you guys think we should accept in this?
  19. Sensory manipulation. Nice.

    I reckon 5 characters minimum, 8 or 9 max?
  20. Name: Siobhan O'Connell
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Standing 5 foot 10 inches she is tall, willowy and well endowed. She has coppery red curly hair that seems to always get in the way. It is to her waist in length and she usually hides behind it. When you see her face you can tell she is Irish in origin, she is extremely pale but with no freckles. Her eyes are a large and luminous blue-green. They have long thick black lashes and are tilted at the outside corners much like a cat's eyes. Her nose is small and what one would call button like. Her mouth is a generous cupid's bow with a full bottom lip. And as with all fair skinned people its easy to tell when she is blushing.
    Description of powers: Telepathy and Empathy
    Personality: Very quiet and reserved, hates large crowds, introverted, seems rather melancholy at most times
    Backstory: Before "The Incident" Siobhan was very outgoing and was majoring in Violin at Julliard. She was on a first date when she suddenly started hearing his thoughts, which to say the least were not repeatable. They were at a "fancy" restaurant and as she looked around in disgust, after hearing her date's thoughts, she was over loaded by the full room. She stumbled out and got into a cab and tried desperately to ignore the driver. She caught snatches of conversation from people they were passing as the cab took her home. She was woken out of a deep sleep that same night by a wave of terror and flashes of a vicious creature that looked like something out of a horror movie. Her dorm-mate woke up with a strangled shriek and padded out to the kitchen. Siobhan realized she could read her dorm-mate's thoughts and emotions of the scary movie she had gone to see. Ironically the powers improved her playing when she could focus on just one person, which seemed to exhaust her at first. With that exhaustion came the stamina to narrow the powers. Being overwhelmed is still easy with more than a few people around or if someone is feeling something very acutely.
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