Aurorae Lake: Advanced Wolf RP

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Come to the land where the sky comes alive every night with fantastic displays of light and color.

These aurorae reflect off of the massive body of water below, giving the lake its name. Four wolf packs reside along the lake in territories well defined by vastly different mini-environments. One pack is run like a military, and one of conquest and glory. One pack exists solely to do what is right and help those who are in need. The other two packs are only here to survive and flourish, but frequent skirmishes between the military and the do-gooder pack have left them no choice but to align themselves one way or another. Tensions are high among all the packs because of this and a two-year-long drought, and all fear there may be an all out war if the waters do not come this year.

  • Four packs to choose from, three alpha positions are open!
  • Four different territories to choose from:
    -- The Marshlands
    -- Dancing Lights Forest
    -- East Shore of Aurorae Lake
    -- West Shore of Aurorae Lake
  • Moderate to Advanced-Literate but without the attitude!
  • There's also a Strict-Realism section where you can role-play your character true to their animal nature, using only body language and other natural means to communicate!

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