AURAN WOLF PACK: *A New Beginning*

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  1. Rules:

    1. no god modelling or power playing
    2. no mary/gray sue
    3. don't kill anybody's wolves unless you ask for permission from the other player
    4. Romance is fine just keep it in PG 13
    5. don't curse if needed keep it Minimum only
    7. join any time
    8. NPC characters can be killed.


    The huge city full of all kinds of human beings from different part of the world, and the forests of the Alaskan wilderness of the peaceful lives of animals and members of other souls of the Alaskan animal Kingdom of life. the forest is the place where the animals and humans that died from many years of their time of the world.


    Auran's pack ruled over the Alaskan wilderness with an iron paw, for many generations of their lives. Now the responsibility of ruling over the Alaskan wilderness that was passed down to Julia and Cornelius's daughter named Valentinia. Who is now the protector of all the secrets of her very own pack from any villains or intruders of her land. Now there was an uproar from below of the Auran's Pack strong hold. The sounds were totally unnatural to the leader and she heard yelps and howls from couple of the packs below then their would be deathly silent with no other sounds except for the man made mechanical sounds and not even a sound of nature covered it only tumbling trees and the mechanical sound.What will happen now to all the surviving packs in the Alaskan wilderness in the end of time.

    Important info:

    all the alphas has powers and abilities all their lives ever since they were born, and it is element abilities that comes with the Pack and their families.

    Character Skelly:


    My characters:

    Name: Valentinia
    Rank: Alpha female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: loyal, responsible, insecure, playful and very sweet
    Pack: Auran pack( light Pack)

    Name: Renee
    Gender: female
    Rank: Alphess

    Demonic form:[​IMG]
    Mate: open
    Personality: sweet, shy, serious, and very aggressive at times.
    Pack: Soul Pack(abandon by her members)
    other: she changes into a demonic wolf wen angered badly.

    Name: Ziar Reaper
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Alpha male
    Mate: open
    Personality: sly, trickster, hyper, serious, and gets really aggressive, plus protective.
    Pack: Mortem Pack
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