August Monthly Challenge - New spin on your RPs



You know that RP you're in, or the one you were in. Yes you know the one, that one that you were so fired up for you were fit to burst, but things didn't turn out like you planned. Well now its time to fix that, no other players here to ruin your perfect ending, your own alt reality.

Not sure how many of you know this but I do a lot of one on one chat RPs, usually on skype or in the RP box. A lot of the time they're alt reality or scenes that didn't make it into forum RPs that me and my partner wanted to try out. Well now its your turn. Take an RP, any RP, and write your own ending for it or your own alt version of it, even if you can only type a basic synopsis. Remember its all for fun and the winner get a badge!

Rules are simple: Write a post here or in your blog and post a link here, no explicit content without warnings/spoiler tags and try for at least 3 paragraphs but less is alright too.

So what you waiting for, you know you've got ideas!