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  1. While I am practicing now and again to improve my personal grasp on the visual medium, my skill lies in literary presentation of ideas.
    To that end I would like to request a single piece, simply because of the imagery it invokes in my head and the inevitable differences that the imaginations of others will present.
    The subject is described here, specifically that ultimate culmination into what I can only describe as a sort of "neo grim reaper".
    Meant to be both beautiful and terrifying, one may need to go over other entries in the blog to get a full grasp of the subject though it can be summarized more simply as a blackened skeleton with white skull shrouded in shadows that are seemingly alive.
    However, I stress that such a description is very bare and a tad misleading.

    Not looking for a fancy depiction, certainly not some hours-long process spent to make some masterpiece even though we all know that would be the ultimate representation outside of animation or reality itself.
    Just a full-body or upper-body detail that can potentially be used in the eventual "handbook" that will some day come about when the Logos entire is fully realized, or in the case of the latter in RP posts if ever I find myself of a need.
    Citing appropriate credits of course.

    On that note, if any other concepts within the blog seem interesting enough that one would like to put pen to paper feel free.
    This one would be eternally grateful.
  2. I can do this for you, if you'd like?
  3. Certainly, though it's up to you of course.
    I'm just happy that the creation seems to have piqued some creative interest.